WSJ Reporter Kelly Crow

Insults Famous Rabbi

By D.E. Alexander

Chief Editor 247 News


Kelly Crow is a lowly art critic at the WSJ. Little does she know the person she was attacking in her toxic tweet above is a world famous Rabbi who is the most valuable artist in history.

For correcting her about a Tweet that Beeple is now in a mueum, Sollog tweeted

So for pointing out Beeple is in fact in many museums and so is Sollog, she having a typical bitch PMS day blasts him.

Now famous of the Might One who is SOLLOG are bashing her.

Wait until her editor verifies there’s a NATIONAL SECURITY BAN on any USA Media mentioning SOLLOG.


Shut up biatch you’re not worthy to even menion SOLLOG’s Name.

PS I asked Ms. Crow to respond, but of course she won’t she’s a dumb ass Twit or Twitter Twat, absolutely clueless.




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