TOP 10 MISTAKES Companies Make on Adwords

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Companies Make on Adwords

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Book Review by 247 News





Book Review and Author Interview by 247 News

There are several videos on YouTube with almost identical information to each other about THE TOP 10 Common Mistakes small business owners make trying to use AdWords.

Due to an agreement we have with the fascinating author of this Book the truly AMAZING Dr. Sol Adoni, we agreed to not reveal the TOP 10 MISTAKES directly but if you read this article we do discuss some of the problems all companies now face with Google AdWords Marketing. So read between the lines.

Dr. Sol Adoni calls the marketing people touting the free information in YouTube videos the wanna be gurus who usually have no real clients doing what they claim works and who push people to their web sites to sell their consulting services and systems which produce disastrous results for almost any local company trying to do what the wanna be gurus claims works.

These fake gurus new to the world of Internet Marketing such as  Tai Lopez  and Billy Gene Marketing cull their ideas from books written over the decades by real marketing gurus such as Dr. Sol Adoni who wrote some of the earliest books on Domain Name Investing as well as IM Internet Marketing which includes SEM Search Engine Marketing and SEO Sesrch Engine Optimization and later IM techniques such as PPC Pay Per Click Marketing and now SMM Social Media Marketing.

The things everyone else is saying in the same old copycat videos and even top videos by snake oil salesmen such as Tai Lopez while given in different orders are pretty much in agreement as to what the Top 10 Mistakes are, yet in this book there’s only 1 of the TOP 10 MISTAKES every one else is pushing that are  present in the TOP 10 MISTAKES list in PAGE ONE GOOGLE the book written by Dr. Sol Adoni the Founder of 1 MEDIA a huge Internet Media company with over 300 Business and Local Search Portals that manage clients money buying PPC Ads for clients who use their portals to get new business customers at rates often over ten times better than everyone else is obtaining. A truly remarkable claim which we have verified by speaking to clients of Dr. Sol Adoni and 1 MEDIA.

The only Top 10 Mistake Dr. Sol Adoni agrees with in his book that is listed by everyone else as being one of the big mistakes is the use of BROAD MATCH keywords, which can kill response ratios. Yet as Dr. Sol Adoni explains in his book, if used correctly by a large company they can reveal the real major long tail keyword combos that lead to very high response ratios.

So while Broad Match keywords eat up PPC budgets making Google one of the biggest companies in the world today, these click magnet keywords can give a large company the information on what other words people really use to search for the initial industry keyword bought by companies.

Dr. Sol Adoni trashes Google in PAGE ONE GOOGLE for how Google intentionally  abuses Broad Match keywords for several reasons and he says Google has intentionally programmed their AdWords campaign setup to STEAL MONEY from small buyers of AdWords in many ways.

The alleged fraud of Google in AdWords accounts operated by small local companies according to Dr. Sol Adoni is how Google intentionally steers local business owners and entry level PPC managers to Broad Match keywords instead of Exact or Phrase Match keywords which work best for smaller PPC budgets.

While Broad Match keywords used by a large national or global company with a huge PPC marketing budget can gather important marketing information they yield almost no results for smaller local companies.

Another major FRAUD being committed by Google according to Dr. Sol Adoni is Google steering new local PPC buyers to the Google Partners Network which is rampant with PPC Click Fraud according to Dr. Sol Adoni.

Google uses Patners and Broad Match keywords to give local companies the false illusion of hundreds and thousands of local users searching for products and services in a small area when the reality is that in most areas that a local company can actually service the numbers of people searching are a tiny fraction of what Google claims is available. Without Broad Match keywords and Partner impressions the numbers of real search network impressions that Google has for local companies is tiny.

Many will read PAGE ONE GOOGLE and start to understand why so many people consider Google THE GREAT EVIL COMPANY . Just Google the terms Google with Evil. LOL

Google has control now of almost 90% of all search traffic in the USA and they intentionally use FRAUD to milk local companies trying to do PPC marketing on their own or who hire entry level PPC managers says Dr. Sol Adoni.

We’ve agreed to not reveal the Top 10 Mistakes in this review, as mentioned above, in exchange for an exclusive interview with the author Dr. Sol Adoni a man many worship as THE DOMAIN LORD. His disciples use his strategy for investing in keyword Domain Name assets and developing them as major IP assets.

Over 2 decades ago Dr. Sol Adoni began accumulating his huge portfolio of industry keyword domain names. Then he began to develop over 300 of them for local professionals such as lawyers, doctors and the automotive industry all of which he has vast experience in due to developing early PC Management Systems for all those industries in the 1980’s.

Not long ago his Network dominated every Search Engine for Organic SEO for the industry keywords he developed business portals for and  then as smart phones took over the world Dr. Sol Adoni switched marketing gears to target PPC ads for his clients instead of Organic SEO for one reason, they get the highest response ratios for businesses trying to cash in on the new gold Rush which Dr. Adoni says is using Internet Marketing to brand new companies in both new and old industries as well as for local companies in obtaining new clients for whatever it is they do. On smart phones which is now the dominant device people use to search on, first and often second view is only PPC ads followed with maps in third or fourth view position. That fact made Organic SEO irrelevant for most small local companies since most of the response now goes to companies in the PPC ad or map listings. Organic SEO has almost become obsolete for small local companies claims Dr. Sol Adoni .

PPC buyers on EMD (Exact Match Domains) Portals have a huge advantage over Companies buying keyword clicks on Search Portals such as Google and Bing. They get lower CPC (Cost Per Click) rates due to the higher CTR (Click Through Ratios) such EMD websites routinely generate.

The reason is simple, an EMD is what most people search for on Google not a Company name or Brand unless they are already brand aware, then they look for deals for the brand they use. So local companies benefit by having super fast responsive landing pages on industry portals. Most small companies sending traffic to their own websites often have old designs that are not responsive to smart phone and tablet users and often they are well over the 2 second death zone described by Dr. Sol Adoni.

The modern internet is dominated by big tech companies that have pages that all open in under 1 second. So when users used to the speed of popular big sites such as Google, Facebook and Twitter click PPC ads going to small companies most users don’t wait long enough for local sites to even open, so they never see the companies site. We were shown local site after local site by Dr. Sol Adoni that were buying PPC ads and all of them had super slow page open times over 3 seconds which is when over 50% of new users have left. Many opened over 6 seconds and some took over 10 seconds.

The slow speed of small companies is caused by local companies using cheap inexpensive shared hosting usually on hosting networks such as GoDaddy. Shared hosting was created for personal web sites not business sites where SPEED is King says Dr. Sol Adoni.

So find one of sites that do speed tests of web sites, if your page opens over 2 seconds you have lost 25% of new user traffic. After 5 seconds you lost over 90% of new users.

Almost every small company and some larger ones all have major SPEED problems says  Dr. Sol Adoni. The few that don’t are usually using old HTML coding which isn’t mobile friendly. So speed with modern responsive design is the Paramount thing almost all companies have problems with. (Read between the lines)

Companies have spent TRILLIONS of dollars over the past 100 years creating Brand awareness. It is why Advertising and Marketing exists and is a mega Billion Dollar industry today around the world. Yet new customers daily look for what they need by searching for Industry KEYWORDS not Brand or Company names on Google.

The development of the now 300+ Business and Local Search Portals in  the 1 MEDIA Network was originally through the Adoni Network and they are now operated under the 1 MEDIA Network Brand.

Several companies obtain clients for the 1 MEDIA Network including PAGE ONE and 1 Marketing. that both have Internet Marketing Gurus personally trained by Dr. Sol Adoni to use his proven techniques.

While Dr. Sol Adoni owns many industry keywords in his Domain Name Trust with no prefixes, he is the KING or DOMAIN LORD as his disciples call him of 1 Domains. These are some of his 1 Brands.

1 Mechanics

1 Contractors

1 Legal

1 Homes

1 Doctor

He also branded the 1 SEARCH Network which includes.

1 New York City

1 Los Angeles

1 Chicago

1 Las Vegas

1 London

Dr. Sol Adoni claims his development of local search and local news portals resulted in Google intentionally harming his 300+ Brand names by suppressing search results to the point you can’t find his brand names on Google now in Organic results. That allegation is why he is suing Google in an International Court for intentionally targeting his 300+ brand name portal network through search results suppression. Imagine not seeing brands such as Coca Cola or Pepsi when you Google them. So Dr. Sol Adoni has a very strong case against Google that could cost the Search Engine monopoly Billions of dollars if he prevails.

A search of other search engines such as Bing reveals the top portals in his PPC Marketing Empire of 1 Brands are almost all #1 or #2 on Bing. They are his BRAND NAMES and many have thousands of pages of great content created for the Industries he targets for his clients and have operated for many years. Most of them have huge Social Media foot prints as well, another area of the Internet dominated by Dr. Sol Adoni’s empire of Portals.

Yet you can barely find them organically on Google today.

Dr. Sol Adoni claimed to us that his  Network which has purchased millions in PPC ads for clients over the years is intentionally suppressed in natural Organic SERPS today by Google for several reasons including his deveopment of the 1 SEARCH Network.

So while not totally delisting his sites on Google they do in fact intentionally suppress his Brands sites as we verified trying to find some of his top brands. You can find thousands of pages listed if you know how to search Google for a specific website, but none are now in Organic SERPS for his brand names.

Dr. Adoni claims even his famous name is being targeted by Google with false libelous information calling his amazing ability to forecast the volatile moves of Bitcoin better than any other Crypto Guru a scam. The public forecasts of Bitcoin value moves is well documented and not a scam. He clearly understands Crypto values better than anyone else.

Dr. Sol Adoni actually has his own Crypto Coin now through his Crypto Trust and it is unlike Bitcoin being taken by many local merchants in beta test markets he has tested. His crypto coin is BIZBytes.

Clients of 1 MEDIA of course still dominate Google since he moved his client marketing from Organic SEO to PPC ads almost 7 years ago to help his clients with high response content that stops search traffic on Google. The use of smart phones was why this move was done since on a smart phone PPC ads are now all you see on popular business search terms for 1 if not the first 2 page views. His clients verified to us response ratios from 35% to over 75% with one industry getting over 90% response ratios. This is a truly AMAZING FACT that makes him the king of Internet Marketing today.

Keep in mind normal response ratios average less than 3% today in Internet Marketing so the claims of Dr. Sol Adoni being over ten times better were validated by us by speaking to his clients in many industries from Lawyers and Doctors to Mechanics and even Florists.

When Dr. Sol Adoni started to develop his local search portals that give users verified business search results besides aggregating content from hundreds of small local news companies like local newspapers and TV stations in markets all over the world, Google started to suppress results on his entire network he claims.

That issue has Dr. Sol Adoni now suing Google for being not only a search engine Monopoly but for harming his Network for potentially TRILLIONS of dollars in damages by trying to harm his company that competes with Google in local search markets. That is the value of future companies claims Dr. Sol Adoni that on the precipice of taking over how business is done in the world. The dominant crypto currency and marketing network will be worth TRILLIONS and that is what Dr. Sol Adoni claims Google is trying to prevent him from accomplishing.

Google is clearly a monopoly as any company with almost 90% market share is.

Intentional harm to companies trying to compete with a monopoly is an actionable offense.

Will Dr. Sol Adoni win his case in international court?

Time will tell.

If you are or are thinking of using Google for PPC Marketing the best investment you will make is in reading what Dr. Sol Adoni has written in PAGE ONE GOOGLE.





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