Five Terrorist Events in 50 Days PROOF OF TIME TRAVEL?

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20 Dead

Mogadishu Beachfront TERRORISM

5th City in 50 Days

Struck where Time Traveler WARNED

By D.E. AlexanderChief Editor 247 News


Hello, is there anybody out there?

20 are now dead from BEACH FRONT TERRORISM in Mogadishu Somalia. AP Article.

SOLLOG‘s infamous TERRORISM PROPHECY named Mogadishu directly and that’s now 5 MAJOR ACTS OF TERRORISM have struck in only 50 days exactly where the SOLLOG Terrorism Prophecy warned!

50 Days ago the first of 5 Major Acts of TERRORISM STRUCK near Los Angeles where the famous SOLLOG warned such an event would soon occur. It was the infamous San Bernardino Terrorism event that has already been forgotten by most in the USA.

Only 9 days before it happened Sollog had warned the world in his Prophecy Video titled TERRORISM PROPHECY which will soon be a viral YouTube video. It could become the most watched video ever on YouTube as more and more people LEARN how it predicted so many future ACTS OF TERRORISM.

Here is the exact spot in the TERRORISM PROPHECY VIDEO where Sollog names African Cities to have major TERRORISM and Mogadishu was named less than 60 days ago in the video as was Cairo and Tripoli and all have now had major new TERRORISM.

See for yourself the date of the Video that is 100% controlled by YouTube and how Mogadishu is named at 3:13 in the video.

Here are the 5 Acts of Terrorism to strike exact locations named by SOLLOG and they events struck with 50 days of each other an amazing FACT that only a moron will deny.

Los Angeles Area Terrorism – San Bernardino

Cairo Night Club Terrorism

London Subway Terrorism

Terrorism near Tripoli Libya

Mogadishu Beach Front Terrorism – This Article

Here is the exact spot in the same TERRORISM PROPHECY VIDEO where Sollog warned the Los Angles Area would have major terrorism 9 DAYS BEFORE it happened!

See the date and the warning here.

Since SOLLOG released his chilling TERRORISM PROPHECY SOLLOG‘s books that explain his TIME TRAVELING techniques have been BANNED on Amazon as the US Government tries to keep the world ignorant of the Sollog Prophecies which are proving to many HE IS A TIME TRAVELER.

So what type of machine does SOLLOG use to SEE THE FUTURE and write his famous prophecies that have amazed his fans around the world now for over 20 years?

SOLLOG doesn’t have a machine, he revealed in his BANNED BOOK on Amazon that humans have the ability to TIME TRAVEL in their minds by doing ancient meditation techniques and he has PROVEN IT IS REAL to many that follow his work.

Recently MATH BOOKS by Sollog have been banned by Amazon as well as his new TIME TRAVEL SERIES by Amazon. Amazon banned Sollog’s new book on Jesus recently as well. Many believe it is the NSA that is forcing Amazon to ban SOLLOG‘s Books on Time Travel and his Math Books that have new math in them that the NSA stole from SOLLOG over 20 years ago to crack all modern encryption.

The FACT IS SOLLOG and his employees and companies he founded and his famous network of websites have been heavily investigated for decades now to find links to SOLLOG and TERRORISTS due to his amazing hit on 911, yet there are no such links.  Since SOLLOG also has warned the world of exact locations where many major earthquakes have struck such as the recent Great Nepal Quake and events such as the Fukushima Disaster and the 2004 Tsunami and hurricanes such as Katrina and Sandy have also occurred where Sollog warned. So SOLLOG has proven in his famous career as the World’s Greatest Psychic that he is indeed a TIME TRAVELER and his warnings with exact information about future events is proving that to the world.

Here is a Amazon forum thread that shows HOW STUPID Humans are as they mock SOLLOG and his books that are banned on Amazon. This is an Amazon Forum filled with MORONS that deny FACTS and support the Amazon BAN on Sollog’s books. The Net Nazi’s at Amazon deleted the first Post that linked to our story on the Amazon BOOK BAN of Sollog.

Can you say FUCK AMAZON and it’s CEO Jeff Bezo’s.

Amazon Morons that support the Amazon Ban on Sollog’s Books.

Some Famous Sollog Prophecy Hits:

Sollog Predicted Paris Terrorism

Sollog Predicted Russian Plane Crash

3 Planes Crash in Asia where Sollog Predicted

Sollog Predicted North Japan Quake and Fukushima

Sollog Predicted 2004 Tsunami

Sollog Predicted Hurricane Katrina

Sollog Predicted 911

Where to Buy Sollog’s Banned Books

Time Travel Series by Sollog


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