South Carolina School Shooting hits Pentagram of Blood

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South Carolina School Shooting hits Pentagram of Blood



Townville SC and Alpine TX School Shootings on Pentagram of Blood


Pentagram of Blood Music Video has another Prophetic Hit

Article on Pentagram of Blood .com


Townville South Carolina recently had a school shooting and it was on the infamous PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD as was another school shooting in the USA a couple of weeks ago in Alpine Texas.

What a summer it has been as we have tracked a historic event in the long history of PROPHECY on this planet. We have seen the meteoric rise of THE PROPHET.

Rex Luciferius released his Pentagram of Blood Music Video at the start of the summer of 2016 and as summer ends, the bodies are piling up as the Music Video has had HIT AFTER HIT.

This is the 2nd School Shooting in weeks where the Music Video warned. The first new school shooting struck a few weeks ago in Alpine Texas near Big Bend, and that was where Rex Luciferius made one of his first major prophetic hits over 20 years ago, just before the Oklahoma City Bombing hit, which was another exact hit for Rex Luciferius.

Back then, Rex Luciferius was using his religious name SOLLOG and that is still the name he uses to WRITE PROPHECIES, but when he sings his Prophecies he uses the name Rex Luciferius.

Rex Luciferius is called THE PROPHET by his legion of fans around the world. His songs have generated over 30 Million Plays on just SoundCloud alone this summer, making his music some of the most play music by any band in the world. Here is the music video about where MASS DEATH and Tragedies will hit the USA and remember the areas he pointed to a couple of months ago with little RED DOTS or DOTS OF BLOOD have now had every major headline for mass death events in the USA since he released the video at the end of June 2016.


The BLOOD DOTS of the Pentagram of Blood in the music video cover the Seattle area (recent Mall Shootings) and Dallas (Cop Killings) and Baton Rouge (Cop Killings) and New York City (recent Terrorism Bombings).

We have been covering the historic school shootings in the USA for almost 20 years, that over and over have struck on the Pentagram of Blood.

While most school shootings are accidents involving kids bringing guns to school who accidentally shoot the gun, there are MASS DEATH SCHOOL SHOOTINGS (3 or more deaths) that have now struck 21 times in 21 years since Sollog aka Rex Luciferius started warning about them way back in 1995 and how they would occur on a few DEATH LINES on a map of the USA.

We will be doing another article soon on the FACT that every one of the mass death school shootings in the USA (3+ fatalities) have connected to the Pentagram of Blood. It proves the events are being 100% MANIPULATED the past 20 years and SOLLOG says it is being done to warn humanity, GET RID OF NUKES and also warn humanity that a major asteroid strike will hit after 2022 killing 99.9% of humanity. The SLAUGHTER OF THE INNOCENT in all these school shootings are THE FINAL SIGN for those that need to WAKE UP and move to the SAFE ZONES.

When you start to track all these tragedies involving young children anyone with a BRAIN concedes the mathematically probability of all these shootings hitting on just a few BLOOD LINES that form the Pentagram of Blood is no coincidence!

The BLACK STARS on the map below, show the new school shooting locations on the famous Pentagram of Blood.

Pentagram of Blood School Shootings
Pentagram of Blood School Shootings


Here is the VIDEO and you can click the Youtube link and see it was uploaded before the events happen


THE PROPHET is a LIVING LEGEND and the documentary LEGEND details how his music was banned in 2002 by order of the FBI for having exact details of the DC Sniper in his song over a year before the DC Sniper started killing lots of people and terrorizing the USA.

At first the FBI pursued THE PROPHET as the main suspect in the DC Sniper shootings and they raided the offices of the Publisher of his Music which by the way is the same publisher of our Alternative News Site.

It is why we are the main media outlet that writes about THE PROPHET and how his PROPHECIES are making history.

THE PROPHET released a great new album a couple of months ago titled CROSS ROADS and it contained a few PROPHECY SONGS on it including PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD, 7 PENTAGRAMS and THE END.

Music videos were release with a MAP that explained the PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD in the USA as well as the 7 Pentagrams where humans have been dying the past couple months in large amounts from Earthquakes (Italy) and major Terrorism in Europe and the Middle East.

As we pointed out above, the map he used in the video over and over has a few big BLOOD DOTS or RED DOTS to show where future mass death events will occur. The Seattle area where the Mass Shootings struck are in the BLOOD DOT on the Music Videos MAP OF THE USA. Dallas where numerous police officers were killed is one of the BLOOD DOTS on THE PROPHETS map in his music video. The Baton Rouge area near New Orleans has another BLOOD DOT where again mass deaths hit the Police department of Baton Rouge and then another BLOOD DOT is over New York City and North Jersey where TERRORISM BOMBINGS hit that area a little over a week ago.

Just watch the video and realize IT POINTED TO 4 AREAS where mass death events have now struck in just 2 months.

THE PROPHET has had over 30 Million Plays of his songs on SoundCloud the past couple of months where his fans listen to FREE from plays that come from the large media network of THE PROPHET which includes many famous alternative media sites such as our that write about Paranormal News events such as we do.

So the power of so many sites that cover Paranormal News is why THE PROPHET has had 3 #1 hits on SoundCloud in three genres of music and he has put over 25 songs onto the TOP 10 charts in 5 Genres of music.

THE PROPHET is easily one of the most listened to musicians in the world and now SoundCloud is no longer counting all the off site embedded plays his Prophecy Songs were generating in their charts since THE PROPHET took over their charts on SoundCloud for most of this summer.

It seems SoundCloud has changed how they do their charts since minor songs with minor plays are now showing up on their Charts and when you look at the newest songs of THE PROPHET that have over 10 times the amount of plays than current chart hits on SoundCloud, you have to ask why is SoundCloud now hiding the obvious fact THE PROPHET is the most listened to musician on SoundCloud in Country, Rock and Blues as well as Metal and Alternative.

A song about THE PROPHET on the new  Prophecy Album is a song called PROPHECY. Another autobiographical song on the Album is THE PROPHET.



SOLLOG is the more famous name that THE PROPHET has used to write his Prophecies for over 20 years. He uses the name REX LUCIFERIUS for his Prophecy Music that contains his Prophecies.

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