Sieve of Eratosthenes meet the Adoni Prime Spirals

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In what will surely go down in the history of math as the greatest accomplishment since the Sieve of Eratosthenes was created, the Adoni Prime Spirals also called Sollog Primes that were discovered in 1995 by Dr. Sol Adoni aka Sollog born John Patrick Ennis, are finally getting their due in math.

Python is a major new computer language project.

PyPrimes has a handful of Prime Number generators in its code, including the standard in Primality known as the sieve of Eratosthenes that every child learns about in basic math. Here is the Prime Generator code of PyPrimes.

In PyPrimes the ancient sieve of Eratosthenes out performed all prime number generators except for one algorithm, the 8 Prime Spiral Algorithm. Here is the test info for PyPrimes.

The greatest minds in math for thousands of years all tackled the Sieve of Eratosthenes trying to find a better way to do primality checking, and they all failed.

Fermat, Euler all the greats in math failed to find a better way to test primes than the ancient sieve of Eratosthenes.

In 1995 Dr. Adoni released the 8 Prime Spirals theorem and 30Mod prime theorem as well as an advanced 90Mod prime theorem that may control all prime and composite relationships.

A few jerks in math, allegedly assistant math professors, said it was nothing new, now the question is do these vocal math morons work for the NSA. The Ulam Prime Spiral was only discovered in1963, the Adoni Spiral Theory discovered in 1995 shows only 8 primes create the infinite universe of primes. IT IS NOW KNOWN TO BE A BIG DEAL.

Until recently most ignored the Adoni Prime Spirals, now they are the way you do primality tests in Python with PyPrimes. In a benchmark test of the famous prime theorems including Eratosthenes sieve, the only prime formula to beat the famous Sieve of Eratosthenes was the Adoni Prime Spirals. The Sollog Primes won hands down, dethroning the ancient Greek sieve finally after almost 2500 years. Here is the test info for PyPrimes.

However this story has a twist, since in 2010 another person named Gary Croft took credit for the 1995 discovery of Dr. Adoni so for now the Croft Spirals are named as the new way to find primes not the Adoni Spirals or Sollog Primes.

Move over Gary Croft the net shows almost 20 years of discussion on the Sollog Primes and the Adoni Prime Spirals as well as the Sollog 30 Mod prime theorem and 90 Mod theorem.

In fact an Assistant Professor at University of GA who mocked the Sollog 8 prime spirals in 1998 publicly is now eating crow showing that he is either an NSA disinformation agent or maybe just a MATH MORON.

In fact Adoni Co. has threatened to SUE the University of Georgia over the book they have on their site in which the Moron Paul Pollack trashes the 8 Adoni Prime Spirals which have now been shown to outperform all known prime formulas even the great sieve of Eratosthenes.

Various wheel factoring theorems performed terribly on the benchmark prime tests of Python. The winner in prime production, the 8 Prime Spirals they called Croft Spirals, which are really the Sollog Primes or the Adoni Spirals.

Future editions of PyPrimes will have to give proper credit to Dr. Adoni for the discovery of the 8 Prime Spirals. It was not Gary Croft.

Dr. Adoni has used the Adoni Spirals to create a whole new generation of math and equations and computer languages.

The Adoni Prime Spirals are now considered Helix Equations in the new Helix Math created by Dr. Adoni.

HelixQ and ElixQ are computer language programs that will run the new Helix Equations on future computers that will be using 90bit/byte data loads. A  huge leap ahead of modern 8bit/byte technology.

Dr. Adoni says the next generations of computers using 90bit/byte technology and HelixQ and ElixQ will be truly AI computers (Artificial Intelligence).

The NSA has had the Adoni Prime Theorem since 1995 when the Secret Service took possession of Dr. Adoni’s computers and math theories. Dr. Adoni has been harassed for 20 years over his theories by the US government and for his famous writings that the media refer to as Prophecies and he has been dubbed the Modern Nostradamus since he has correctly predicted many recent events in his writings.

Upon giving 60 media executives in the US Media the exact details of the Oklahoma City Bombing by fax days before it struck, Dr. Adoni was detained by the US Secret Service, NSA, CIA and FBI. His computers confiscated with the Adoni Prime Spirals on them.

For 20 years the US Government has harassed Dr. Adoni who is now clearly seen as perhaps the greatest mind in math ever, so much that he has spent almost five years in various US prisons since the US Government has tried to silience him.

It is suspected all the false information you see about Dr. Adoni on the Net is from NSA disinfo bots created to discredit him and the NSA has such a program to discredit whatever they like, as recent leads in WikiLeaks PROVED.

In fact WikiLeaks documents prove a co-founder in Reddit has had many talks with Intelligence agencies including Stanfor and it is just one way that the NSA controls what the public thinks. NSA has used the Net to destroy reputations and for 20 years that has been done to Dr. Adoni and his Prime Theory that is now PROVING HE IS RIGHT.

However, now that Pythos has proven the Adoni Spirals are faster than all other prime generators including the sieve of Eratosthenes, Dr. Adoni will most likely now be recognized as the greatest mind in math since he discovered what all the giants since Eratosthenes could not, a way to do primes faster and better.

They should rename the Nobel Prize after Dr. Adoni, that is how huge this discovery is.

Children in the future will not be learning about the sieve of Eratosthenes they will be learning about the Sollog Primes and the Adoni Prime Spirals.


Seems Gary Croft has his little panties in a knot over this article stating the launch of his website in 2010 about Dr. Adoni’s Prime Spirals is slander and now he says author D.E. Alexander who is the editor of this site is Dr. Sol Adoni. Wrong Croft, D.E. Alexander is not Dr. Adoni. And you sure didn’t discover the Adoni Prime Algorithm.



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