Rabbi Assaulted by Hospital Staff AGAIN Having Heart Attack

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Shocking Video AGAIN

Rabbi Assaulted by Hospital Staff AGAIN

Having Heart Attack

By Staff of 247 News



Previous Article with Video of Broward Hospital Staff Assaulting Rabbi SOLLOG while having a Heart Attack in ER.


Very few people survive 3 heart attacks but this video is of the famous Rabbi SOLLOG having his 5th Heart Attack and once again he videos the Hospital Staff of a Broward Health Hospital Staff ASSAULTING HIM during the heart attack. This time it happened at Imperial Point Broward Health Hospital in Broward County.

The Rabbi asked to be taken by EMS to Holy Cross ER since his cardiologist is out of Holy Cross, Pompano Beach EMS refused to take him to Holy Cross and they took him to a Broward Health Hosptial whom the Rabbis is suing in International Court and has a mega Billion Dollar Judgment on them already for an assault when he was having a heart attack at another Broward Health Hosptial. The Rabbi told the EMS he was suing the Broward Health Hospital System which is run essentially by the Governors Office of Florida aka Ron DeSantsis.

Below is the earlier article with video of the first assault, and we have the video above of the newest ER assault upon the Rabbi by medical staff at a Broward Health System Hospital which is a sewer hospital that literally beats patients who demand proper medical care.

The clown doctors at Imperial Point Broward Helath running the ER refused to give the Rabbi his Nitro which he is prescribed and to not give him any pain medication to stop the angine cycle which he later got at Holy Cross. He was actually put into the ICU at Holy Cross that day on a Nitro Drip with pain meds, both of which Imperial Point denied him, which is why he left that Hospital.

We have another video of Fort Lauderdale EMS basically laughing at the Rabbi while he is outside the hospital throwing up from a DKA event due to his blood sugar sky rocketing from the angina pain. The Rabbi literally had to call UBER to get to Holy Cross hosptial where he was admitted to the ICU due to having his 5th Hearth Attack. He was put on a nitro drip and given heavy narcotics to stop the pain and treated for the DKA event.

Had the Rabbi followed what the incompetent doctor at Imperial Point suggested, he would have didd. It is criminal medical abuse to not give a cardiac failure patient access to his nitro while in a new cardiac event.

Here is FT Lauderdale EMS Refusing to help a man having his 5th Heart Attack who was not given life saving Nitro by a negligent hosptial staff. DO YOUR JOB EMS, when a hospital is not giving a cardiac patient NITRO transport him to another Hospital.

Holy Cross put him in ICU n a Nitro Drip shortly after this video was made, the EMS team needs to be fired.



Video of Rabbi Sollog being attacked at another Broward Hosptial.

Video of Rabbi Sollog being attacked at HCA Hospital in South Florida.


The fact is Rabbi Sollog suffers from END STAGE CARDIAC DISEASE diagnosed with only 20% blood flow ejection in his heart damaged by a blood clot from a botched routine hospital procedure from Holy Cross Hospital that rsulted in a blood clot forming and destroying 80% of his heart function.

Sollog is the founder of the fastest growing religion in history, over 8 Million people belong to TOH or Temple of Hayah

The reason, Sollog revealed the scientific PROOF OF GOD in 1995 that members believe makes ollog a modern day prophet.

It is called the Creator Formula

Sollog’s site is one of the busiest in the world


He is a listed artist in many museums




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