Russian Sex Tapes Donald Trump Perverted Sex Acts

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Russian Sex Tapes

Donald Trump Perverted Sex Acts

By D.E. Alexander Chief Editor 247 News

Author of Trump Frauds

Trump Frauds
Trump Frauds


The media has been ‘a buzz’ the past 24 Hours due to an article by ‘Buzz Feed‘ that has the 35 Page ‘Intelligence Report’ in it about what Russia has on Donald Trump that could lead to blackmail of a US President. In other words, Donald Trump and his presidency has been compromised by Russian Intelligence. He is their puppet now.

Seems when Donald Trump was in Russia on numerous occasions he became pals with Russian Intelligence who gave him lots of hacked and intercepted emails and phone calls on Hillary Clinton plus other Democrats and Republicans he didn’t like. The link between Trump and Russian Intelligence is said to have been going on for 8 years in the ‘intelligence report’.

Then the report mentions numerous times all the Trump prostitutes and how the Russians taped some of his ‘perverted sex acts‘ with the whores of Moscow that included ‘Golden Showers’ (urination) and defecation. Then there was the ‘sex party‘ Trump went to.

Some of this has actually been taped the intelligence report claims.

My eyes already hurt just thinking about having to endure watching those gross videos when they are released of a fat old guy (Donald Trump) doing weird sex acts with Russian Prostitutes.

So the man that bragged how he loves to ‘grab the pussy of girls’ since ‘they like it’ due to him being ‘famous’ also likes to do weird perverted sex acts with Slavic whores. Well he was married to a couple of Slav’s and his other wife Marla Maples was a famous Hollywood Slut and his new wife was a nude model so that’s definitely SLUT CLASSIFICATION.

The White House has jokingly been called the Black House under the Obama occupation and now it will be known as the Whore’s House under the Trump occupation if he even gets to take office now.

Exactly what would Donal Trump due IF Russia leaks the perverted sex acts videos of Donald Trump that weren’t taped that long ago before he takes the Oath, would he resign in dignity and admit his gross behavior is beneath the office of the President or would he insist on taking control of the White House and cry like a bitch I didn’t do that, it’s not me, just like he now routinely says he didn’t say he grabbed the pussy of young girls. He said, ‘they let you grab their pussies because you’re famous, they like it you know.’

So the perverted sexual world of Donald Trump is about to come crashing down, but then what did you expect from a man whose grandfather ran whore houses and opium dens in the California Gold Rush era to make the families first fortune.

In a real life ‘The King has no clothes‘ twist to the American Presidency, the saying will be ‘Look the President has on no clothes‘ as he does ‘perverted sex acts’ with the whores of Russia and the morals of the West hit a new all time low, even lower than when Bill Clinton was caught lying about shoving cigars into the vagina of a young intern, Monica Lewinsky.

Some morons might be saying ‘Who Cares’ that Donal Trump fucks lots of whores, the same morons are saying ‘Who Cares, that Russian Intelligence fed him dirt on Hillary and other politicians for almost 10 years’. That means he is a tool for the Russian government to blackmail whenever they want, since he was too stupid to keep his shriveled up little dick in his pants and not chase all the Russian Whores he could bang.

Here is 35 Page Trump Compromised Intelligence Report

Here is the First Whore of the USA, Melania Trump was she was a young Slavic Whore doing nude modeling.




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