Rabbi Sollog Tweets to Pope, Potus and FL Gov a DEMON is in Judge Singer

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Rabbi Sollog Tweets to Pope, Potus & FL Gov

a DEMON is in Judge Singer 

By Staff of 247 News


What does the Pope the President of the USA and the Governor of Florida have in common?

All three are Catholics and must believe in DEMONS.

Rabbi Sollog aka the DEMON HUNTER tweeted these 3 Catholics today that a DEMON JUDGE named Judge Towbin Singer is trying to kill him in a Broward Civil Court case where the Rabbi is bringing into Florida a $50 Billion USD Judgment he has on Nationwide Insurance. Sollog also warned the power Catholics about two demon lawyers Ronald Kammer who Sollog has a judgment on for religious hate crimes on him and Sanaz Alempour a lawyer Sollog has a $100 Billion Dollar Judgment on for trying to kill him.

Rabbi Sollog suffered a heart attack in the case he was handling pro se, he has six case cites in SCOTUS and one was on another Judge he called a DEMON, that Judge ended up burning to death in a house fire around a decade ago. Judge DeFino was his name and he stole 5 years of Rabbi Life from him, hence why GOD ALMIGHTY sent an angel of death to end DeFino’s life in flames.

Sollog is famous for his 1997 Prophecy the 902 Prophecy a Prophecy about TERRORISM in New York City in September at the Twin Towers, three years later it hit., In the famous 902 Prophecy he stated the POPE OF SATAN would die on a set date in 1995, sure enough on that day the DEMON that founded the Church of Satan who was known as THE POPE OF SATAN aka Anton LaVey had his heart explode on the very date Rabbi put out publicly.

Rabbi Sollog is the most investigated person in the history of the FBI and the US Media has a blackout on his name, while Asia and Europe routinely reports on the famous Sollog Prophecies.

Some of his hits

911 on the date he said and the towers were attacked as he warned.

The OK City bombing hit the date he said and where he said

The 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami struck the day he warned.

The Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown hit the date he gave.

Diana and JFK Jr. Died on days he said.

In 2007 Rabbi Sollog sued a Lt. Howard of the Philly Prison System for torturing her.

Sollog called her a demon and put her death date into his case on her.

She had a massive stroke and was dead before her face hit the floor on the date Sollog gave.

Sollog has letters from his doctor stating until he has heart surgery he cannot do anything stressful including court hearings.

Yet according to Sollog two lawyers tried to kill him by Motioning for hearings while they knew his doctors letters said a hearing could kill him.

Judge Singer gleefully set hearing dates for Sollog and she was sued in an international court and Sollog got three judgments on her and the lawyers. Now he is in Broward Courts to enforce his judgments and the Jude has gone beserk ordering hearing after hearing while Rabbi Sollog keeps filing motions to disqualify the judge due to all the lawsuits he has on her and also due to her crazy orders like telling Sollog to call a female lawyer in the case MR., even though she is a female married with kids, who prefers the title Ms.

So Rabbi Sollog did what he is world famous for, he wrote a prophecy on the three demons, the judge and two lawyers and the prophecy calls on three arch angels of GOD ALMIGHTY to protect Sollog from the court house demons trying to kill him. he called it THE DEMON PROPHECY.

Sollog says he filed a criminal complaint on the Judge and the two lawyers and the Fort Lauderdale Police Department made the complaint disappear, they decided no one can make a criminal complaint on a Judge, Florida law has a Judicial Immunity rule, a Judge in Florida could literally shoot a litigant in court and have immunity.

So Rabbi Sollog is now calling forth the angels of the most high to protect him.

Rabbi Sollog has a famous NFT Art Project called GODS and DEMONS at GodsDemons.com

His art is the most valuable in the world with his NAME OF GOD painting fetching a record setting ONE BILLION USD from a big crypto fund.

We’re believers SOLLOG bring forth the arch angels and let’s see some DEMONS disappear from the courts as Gabriel, Samael, and Raguel




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