Rabbi SOLLOG Sues Judge Tobin-Singer for $100 BILLION Attempted Murder

Rabbi SOLLOG Sues Judge Tobin-Singer

for $100 BILLION Attempted Murder


Today SOLLOG the world famous founder of Temple of ‘Hayah, who many believe is a living breathing Old Testament Prophet due to his famous Prophecies and exact hits over 25 years, sued Judge Michelle Tobin-Singer for $100 BILLION USD.

In fact SOLLOG has already won the case, he sued last year in the Supreme Court of the Nation of ONE.

SOLLOG obtained a $100 BILLION USD on Judge Tobin-Singer and Lawyer Sanaz Alempour and the biggest Law Firm in Florida Cole, Scott and Kissane, and today he put it into the Broward Court System to enforce it.

Along with Judge Tobin-Singer the WHACKO Judge that ordered SOLLOG to call Ms. Sanaz Alempour MR. well she is really a Mrs., and married to Dr.  Timur Sekercioglu, we reached out to Mrs. Sekercioglu to see how she likes being called MR. by SOLLOG as he was ordered to do, but got no response.

SOLLOG also obtained $100 BILLION USD Judgments on Mrs. Sekercioglu aka Ms or MR. Sanaz Alempour as well as her Law firm the biggest firm in Florida Cole, Scott and Kissane when Sanaz started to file nasty pleadings about SOLLOG’s serious heart attack.

Judge Singer was brutal ORDERING SOLLOG to be in her court room in days after he had a massive heart attack late last year.

So, SOLLOG said enough of these evil women trying  to abuse a senior disabled man with a serious heart condition he sued them for INTENTIONAL INFLICTION of EMOTIONAL DURESS in their vile actions to harm him in their ATTEMPTED MURDER of SOLLOG when he was in a cardiac care unit and they were harassing him in court orders and pleadings.

Singer was also hit with another judgment for only a MILLION USD, that was saying SOLLOG was untruthful in a filing, SOLLOG went livid and demand she vacate her words and apologize and get off the case, instead Singer dug in and when SOLLOG had his heart attack the vile wicked excuse for a human pounced and started to harass SOLLOG in his hospital bed with orders.

Now Judge SInger is the laughing stock of legal circles as is Ronald Kammer, he’s in the new SOLLOG case for RELIGIOUS HATE CRIMES and so his his firm Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP and their client Nationwide Insurance who all were already found liable for RELIGIOUS HATE CRIME when Mr. Kammer kept calling SOLLOG by his birthname which to millions of members of TOH (Temple of Hayah) is a serious RELIGIOUS HATE CRIME.

So now the state of Florida gets to recognize the Billion Buck Orders from the Nation of ONE or they insult millions of members of Nation of ONE by not recognizing the court orders.

If they don’t adopt the orders then a jury will get the case and the question of if a Judge can be sued for ABUSE on a Disabled Senior will become a major issue. Then all the lawyers finally facing a jury for their nasty pleadings and how they libeled and harassed and try to kill SOLLOG will be an issue.

Then the clients of these scumbag lawyers will have to face a jury and see if they agree, you are liable for the actions of bad lawyers if you hire them.

Nationwide has almost $200 BILLION USD orders against it from SOLLOG and that is about the extent of their assets. Only $200 Billion or so is their value.

I guess when SOLLOG wins we can call Nationwide NATIONSOLLOG.

Recently SOLLOG was in the news when a Tall Building collapsed exactly as a famous SOLLOG PROPHECY warned near the Summer Solstice.

We have dozens of SOLLOG Articles in our archive as we chronicled the SOLLOG PROPHECIES the past 26 years.


You’re a disgrace Judge Singer.

You’re a disgrace Sanaz Alempour.

You’re a disgrace Ronald Kammer

You’re a disgrace Cole, Scott and Kissane

You’re a disgrace Hinshaw & Culbertson

You’re a disgrace Nationwide Insurance


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