Rabbi Sollog has HEART ATTACK on Day he Warned

Rabbi Sollog has HEART ATTACK

on Day he Warned

By 247 News

Rabbi Sollog warned on Twitter and in his Court Case suing a Judge that he would have a Heart Attack on August 2nd 2021.

Today is August 2nd 2021 and SOLLOG is indeed in a hospital for a heart attack.

SOLLOG suffered a major heart attack last November and a case he is involved with suing Nationwide Insurance was stopped over his health condition.

The Rabbi sued the Judge in the case and lawyers for saying he was not in a hospital and the incompetent judge believed the scumbag lawyers saying the Rabbi was faking it and ordered him to a hearing while he was in fact in a cardiac care unit.

Sollog obtained a huge judgement in International Court on the Judge and lawyers and now he has two cases bringing the judgments into US court to enforce on the largest law firm in Florida and the Judge.

The Judge started to press Sollog to do hearings in his Nationwide case and refused to disqualify herself even though the Rabbi is suing her in Federal Court and State court to enforce the huge judgements he has on her.

Despite Sollog asking for all hearings to be canceled until after he has heart surgery the evil judge ordered Sollog to appear or his case would be thrown out. In response Sollog put a warning his health was so bad, he would have a heart attack today, if the judge and lawyers didn’t stop and leave him alone until after he has heart surgery.

Sure enough today is the day Sollog said he would have a heart attack and now he is in a hospital for a new heart attack, all due to an evil Judge Michele Towbin-Singer and the demon lawyers as Sollog calls them in his motions to remove them, Ronald Kammer and Sanaz Alempour are the demons that the Rabbi says is trying to kill him.

Rabbi Sollog has huge following due to his prophecies over the past 26 years that accurately predicted.


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