Rabbi Reports Bad Doctor to DEA on Twitter

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Rabbi Reports Bad Doctor to DEA on Twitter

By 247 News

For over a month a Rabbit who is disabled with end stage cardiac disease has been blasting hospitals and the government over how his end stage cardiac disease is keeping the medical industry from treating his cracked teeth.

Now he has publicly reported Dr Kenneth Kaplan a DEA Opioid prescriber to the DEA for altering his medical files after the Rabbi started to sue him.

Here is Dr Kaplan’s medical license which should be suspended soon for altering a patients medical files illegally as retaliation for being sued.

The Rabbi has been disabled for years due to damage to over 50% of his spine

Recently he’s chronicled how the medical system is abusing him over cracked teeth.

He’s in a catch 22.

A dentist can’t extract his teeth due to his disability from his heart, end stage cardiac disease only 20% heart function. Only an oral surgeon can do it, and it took over a month to find a surgeon that takes the Rabbi’s government insurance. Now the doctor he’s suing has to medically clear the rabbi.

He recorded hospital staff abusing him because he’s disabled and on Medicaid, the abuse was video recorded in an ER.

That’s insurance for poor people.

So the system has attacked the Rabbi literally when he sought treatment in one hospital.

Then another hospital abused him for hours ignoring his pleas for his heart meds which they ignored. We got the video here.

We did articles on all of these stories since he recorded video showing the abuse.

Seems Medicaid patients get abused by hospitals regularly

Now a doctor was caught altering his medical files after the doctor was informed he was being sued for not sending a medical clearance for the rabbi to have oral surgery

The medical files state the doctor had cleared the Rabbi to have his chipped teeth removed.

Yet the doctor never sent the release keeping the Rabbi in pain.

When the Rabbi sued, the doctor started to alter the Rabbi’s medical records that involve controlled opioids under DEA supervision.

Now the Rabbi is reporting the doctor on Twitter to the DEA since the altering of his records involved information about pain pills governed by the DEA.

Medical software has built in safeguards that create big flags on medical records if they are altered.

So when the doctor got notice the Rabbi was suing him, the doctor altered the Rabbi records in regards to his pain meds covered by the DEA.

Now the DEA has been publicly alerted to the false information the doctor put into medical files once he was sued, since it involves info about Oxy drugs which the DEA governs.

For over a month the system abused the Rabbi refusing to treat cracked teeth on a person with end stage heart disease.

The pain manifested in many hospital admissions of the Rabbi who now has unstable angina due to all the pain from his cracked teeth and new spine injuries from an assault on him he video recorded by a hospital staff member.

Now he caught a Doctor altering DEA related medical records over being sued for negligence by the Rabbi.

Part of why the system has taken so long to extract cracked teeth, is the government insurance the Rabbi has doesn’t cover Oral surgery. Another government plan the Rabbi has does that.

So the incompetence of the doctor sending the Rabbi to doctors not in his plan caused the long delay in getting the Rabbi treatment.

The Rabbi sued for the doctors ignorance and immediately the doctor altered medical records covered by the DEA.

Falsifying info in a medical record is a crime the doctor can be charged with.

Will the DEA charge Dr. Kaplan?

The government did nothing about the Rabbi being attacked in an ER by staff of a hospital.

They did nothing about a hospital denying heart meds to a cardiac patient.

The system is broken.

Now we can all watch and see if the DEA charges the doctor over criminal alteration of the Rabbi’s medical records.






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