Rabbi Files for Protective Order on Judge Towbin-Singer and Lawyers

Rabbi Files for Protective Order

on Judge Towbin-Singer and Lawyers

By 247 News

In Broward District Court Major Civil Division is case CACE21014028.

It is Rabbi Sollog v. Judge Towbin-Singer and the biggest lawfirm in Florida Cole, Scott & Kiisanne.

Sollog v Judge Singer
Sollog v Judge Singer

Rabbi Sollog is suing Nationwide for $50 Billion in another case where Judge Singer presides.

Rabbi Sollog had a heart attack and his lawyers put letters into his case where Judge Singer presides.

The letters are clear, Rabbi Sollog needs a heart operation so his lawyers say he is unable to do hearings.

Yet, over and over Judge Singer is ORDERING HEARINGS and ignoring the letters of Rabbi Sollog’s doctors letters.

Rabbi Sollog sued Judge Singer in international court for what is clearly ATTEPTED MURDER by the whacko judge who ordered the Rabbi to call a female lawyer in the case MR instead of the MS she prefers.

The Rabbi won huge judgments on the Judge, the Lawfirms of Hinshaw & Culbertson and Cole, Scott & Kisanne as well as their lawyers Ronald Kammer and Sanaz Alempour as well as their clients which include Nationwide Insurance.

In total there are three international judgments on Judge Singer in the case, and the Rabbi is seeking to enforce the international judgments on Judge Singer and company in this Broward Court Case.

Now Rabbi Sollog has filed for a protective order on Judge Towbin-Singer who is ignoring international court orders that she stay away from Rabbi Sollog and stop trying to kill him.

The fact is, the doctors of Rabbi Sollog say NO HEARINGS until the Rabbi gets a heart operation he cannot do any hearings.

Yet Ronald Kammmer and Sanaz Alempour have filed motions for hearings that Judge Singer ORDERED on Rabbi Sollog and he has already won international judgments on all the parties involved for intentional infliction of great emotional duress with intent to cause great physical harm if not death, and now another Broward Judge Martin Bidwill gets to decide the Protective Order, should these lawyers and Judge be ordered to stay away from Rabbi Sollog and stop trying to kill him.

Included in the Motion of the Protective Order is to stop BSO from doing any investigation on Rabbi Sollog from any complaints started by Judge Singer or the Lawyers he has judgments on. He has also asked the court to order a BSO Deputy in the Broward Courthouse who tried to contact Rabbi Sollog after his case on Judge Singer was filed. Was Judge Singer using her power on the bench to harass Rabbi Sollog with Sheriff Deputies? That’s the claim made by Rabbi Sollog.

Sollog Protective Order


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