Publisher accuses Amazon of STEALING ROYALTIES

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A famous author and publisher has publicly accused Amazon of STEALING BOOK ROYALTIES from him.

Dr. Sol Adoni is a pioneer in the eBook Industry having founded a large network of hundreds of websites to SELL EBOOKS for his titles and the titles of authors he publishes.

He is now publicly accusing Amazon of STEALING ROYALTIES.

He points out that Amazon has NO OUTSIDE AUDITS of eBooks sales and they refuse to give investors any information about Kindle Sales or Kindle eBook Sales.

He says since he has become publicly critical of Amazon for many reasons recently he has seen an unexplainable decrease in his companies Royalties by up to 99% on some days and over 95% now every day on all titles in catalog of over 100 books on Amazon.

For decades the Publishing Industry was controlled by the Six Sisters of Publishing now called the Big 5 or 6 Publishers. They used outside audits by the Big 8 Accounting firms to show Authors and Agents exactly what royalties were due to them.

In today’s world, eBooks are now the vast majority of all book units sold and Indie Authors as well as all publishers have to give eBook files to Amazon to distribute since they are a true monopoly in the Publishing and eBook Industries.

Amazon doesn’t release any sales information about how many books or eBooks or even Kindle readers they have sold.

So all authors are now in a ‘trust’ position in which they have to use Amazon to sell not only their books since Amazon is the clear seller of books which publishers can account for, but also publishers and now Indie Authors give Amazon their eBook files in a ‘trust’ position and now a famous Publisher and Author is crying FOUL he is being ripped off by Amazon and he can prove his claims he says due to showing how Amazon has targeted him by claiming his books have lost 95% to 99% of their royalties.

The publisher says the only way any Author or Publisher can really KNOW HOW MANY UNITS of eBooks they sell is for them to SELL THEM via their own sites and he is warning Authors and Publishers to use sites such as 1 eBooks to promote their titles and the site only pushes traffic to Authors and Publishers so they can SELL DOWNLOADS to their fans.

While Amazon likes to claim we are still in DAY 1 of the Internet Age, the fact is much has changed in our world in the way Books are now sold and how books are now dominantly sold as eBook files and Amazon is in clear control of the market by having over 90% of the market share for all eBooks sold.

Maybe this is now DAY 2 of the Internet where writers that create the works that billions of people now read on all types of tablets including Kindles and iPads and the new issue is can any Author or Publisher trust a company like Amazon that refuses to release publicly sales figures as to just how much of their 100 Billion Dollars in Gross Sales is connected to Kindles and Kindle eBook files.

The eBook Industry is clearly now a multi-billion dollar a year industry and the question is will Authors and Publishers continue to take the no outside audits allowed stance of Amazon and the no exact sales figures for eBooks much longer?

The simple fact is any Author or Publisher today can easily sell their eBook files and know the real numbers from their websites. Yet few authors and publishing companies have created websites to sell and control their IP property as to their eBook Files.

In this age of ‘self publishing’ and how Amazon has allowed millions of titles to saturate their site, many authors now are searching for ways to sell their work outside of the monopoly that is Amazon.

Amazon has been publicly feuding with major Publishers in recent times such as Hachette.

Amazon has controlled the prices of eBooks in the way they pay royalties to authors and publishers by setting a pricing zone of $2.99 to $9.99 for eBook titles. Authors and publishers that sell below $2.99 and over $9.99 are in fact penalized by Amazon with a 50% reduction in Royalties to Authors and Publishers. A few of the Big 5 Publishing companies have enough power to get their own deals with Amazon to sell over the $9.99 cap that Amazon has in place prohibiting most Authors and Publishers from charging over the $9.99 price point.

A few years ago the DOJ got involved when the larger Publishing companies conspired with Apple to control prices on the iTunes platform and since then the same publishers have all cut private deals with Amazon that allows them to price titles at any level they want and not lose royalties.

Dr. Sol Adoni has been very vocal and critical of Amazon for creating an UNFAIR playing field amongst all Publishers due to the two tier system Amazon now has in place where only a small amount of super large publishing companies can sell above $9.99 and not have royalties cut in half.

Dr. Adoni claims due to his public criticism of Amazon his large catalog of eBooks on Amazon are now targeted by Amazon for FRAUD and he is publicly accusing Amazon of STEALING HIS ROYALTIES.

Dr. Adoni believes when a Jury hears his case, he can prove that his huge drop in Royalties was a punishment by Amazon since it coincided with his public criticism of Amazon.

Amazon has also been BANNING some of his books such as math books and even BANNING a new religious work on the historic life of Jesus as well as BANNING his new fiction series about TIME TRAVEL.

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