Page One the #1 Business Affiliate Program

Page One

The #1 Business Affiliate Program

Make $500 with 1 Tweet

Page One is a great Web Design Company that is also a fantastic Internet Marketing Company.

If you want to Make $500 with 1 Tweet, try their Affiliate Program.

It’s hit and miss, since your results are like a roll of the dice. If you have a huge social media foot print you will make a lot of money. If you aggressively post to Groups in Facebook or busy forums you will make lots of money.

If you expect to post just 1 Tweet to a minor Twitter account, you won’t likely do okay.

Yet it takes just 1 person who clicks your tweet or post to earn you 25% of what could be a very large purchase.

So if you are new to AFFILIATE PROGRAMS, they can make you money, but unless you have a large following in Social Media or a busy Blog it’s WORK, since you spend lots of time trying to find busy groups for business topics or finding forums, etc.

Businesses NEED what they do and for almost 20 years they’ve done our website and our SEO and lots of other IM (Internet Marketing).

They’re very good at what they do and we recommend them.

In our opinion they easily the #1 Business Affiliate Program around.

Mainly due to a few factors.

A. They do excellent work

B. They have a high conversion ratio

C. They have REAL TIME STATS which most Affiliates don’t do

D. They pay via Paypal or Bitcoin

E. They complete most jobs within 48 to 72 hours

If you need a quality responsive Website done within 48 to 72 Hours try Page One.

Make $500 with 1 Tweet