Orlando Gay Club Shooting Omar Mateen ISIS Terrorism

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50 Dead

Orlando Gay Club Shooting

Omar Mateen ISIS Terrorism


By D.E. AlexanderChief Editor 247 News


Hello, is there anybody out there?

Sollog Prophecies keep having major hits and 99.9% of humanity is TOO STUPID to see the truth in his Prophecies and do something to save their asses. So if you have read our previous articles on SOLLOG and still don’t get it, you are a brain dead twit and need to just slit your wrists maggot.

50 are now dead from a confirmed ISIS Terrorism shooting in a US Gay Club. During the shooting the shooter Omar Mateen called 911 and pledged support to ISIS.

Yet the bullshit mainstream media is trying to paint the ISIS supporter as ‘mentally ill’ and the crack head in the White House is only talking about the 2nd Amendment and making gun laws tougher. Wake the fuck up this was a REAL TERRORISM EVENT.

Shit even the date was 911 all the way, it hit on 6/11 that’s 9/11 upside down you brain dead TWIT.

Now since we’re the only major news site that writes about how all this fucked up EVIL is happening where SOLLOG warned years ago on a few major evil energy ley lines that form THE PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD, we’re the only site that points to these events and say just read SOLLOG‘s Prophecies and you see all the details in them.

Pentagram of Blood
Pentagram of Blood


The SOLLOG DIRTY NUKE PROPHECY written when the US Secret Service falsely arrested him and detained him was written in 2005 by SOLLOG from a prison cell and he warned that 3 major US Cities would be targets of TERRORISM and guess what you sleeping zombie, ORLANDO is one of the 3 cities Sollog named.

Now WAKE THE FUCK UP ZOMBIE you are in the end times for humanity, you got a few years to do what SOLLOG says to save your pathetic human ass from being TERMINATED.

99.9% of Humanity will soon be DEAD and the few that survive DO WHAT THE FUCK SOLLOG SAYS and they move to SAFE ZONES. So you low IQ Zombie TWIT, if you think that is bullshit, DIE BITCH.

Oh, ORLANDO is on the PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD the Satanic Pentagram where all this shit in the USA happens and that PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD was warned of by SOLLOG over 20 years ago you SLEEPING ZOMBIE.

At the end of 2015 SOLLOG released his TERRORISM PROPHECY and now events are hitting exactly as he warned us all not long ago.

Yet your dim witted ZOMBIE MIND is DEAD and you can’t see the GREATEST PROPHET in History is walking the earth and giving us all EXACT DETAILS OF THE FUTURE.

NOW WAKE THE FUCK UP and spread the SOLLOG WARNINGS all over Social Media.

If you don’t, then JUST KILL YOURSELF since you are a worthless piece of shit that needs to just off themselves.


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