Ned Scott and Dan Larimer of STEEM accused of THEFT and FRAUD

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Ned Scott and Dan Larimer of STEEM

accused of THEFT and FRAUD

International Judge Accuses Founders of STEEM of FRAUD and THEFT

Ned Scott accused of THEFT and FRAUD by Judge

Dan Larimer Accoused of THEFT and FRAUD by Judge

Look at Log you see Dan’s account

Stealing Billions

The creators of the popular crypto currency coin known as STEEM that operate have both been accused of THEFT and FRAUD by the Hon. Dr. Rabbi Sollog Immanuel Adonai-Adoni. (See his posts on STEEMIT above links).

It appears after Dr. Adoni who has been negative from 40 days on all crypto coins claiming when Bitcoin was near $20,000 USD that the NSA Coin (Dr. Adoni claims the coin is from an NSA Project which he wrote a book about 4 years ago CIA Project Bitcoin) that the worthless coin would soon plummet at first to $10,000 and recently he has said it will now crash to only $5,000.

Dr. Adoni nailed the two dips in the value of Bitcoin to 10K range and he also nailed the historic rise of Ripple before he then said it would crash due to fake news they used.

This week Dr. Adoni who is known as THE PROPHET of Crypto for his long history of perfectly timed market calls due to his algorithms was praising the ideals of STEEM as a possible new major crypto coin.

Dr. Adoni started to use the site this week see post articles about the plethora of books and music he has created in his life and when he noticed other new accounts being fast tracked to popularity on STEEM by a team of bots he traced to the owners accounts of Ned Scott and Dan Larimer, Dr. Adoni wrote a scathing post about the FRAUD of STEEM on the site and started to question them in their public threads where Dan and Ned are usually beating each other with down votes.

Well after Dr. Adoni accused them of RIGGING STEEM and STEEMIT through the power of their centralized founders accounts, they both turned loose their power on Dr. Adoni and made his account useless stealing over 135 BILLION POINTS on the platform making his Steem account useles and destroyed in the process of that theft the STEEM coin forever. Investors will learn of this event and never touch STEEM again.

The theft of 135 BILLION POINTS by Ned and Dan proves exactly what Dr. Adoni was publicly accusing the two of, running a crooked game where they chose who would make money whole the masses make nothing.

Dr. Adoni says the coins of both STEEM now run exclusively by Ned Scott and EOS a new project in which Dan Larimer is CTO will now both CRASH AND BURN in value, they are both worthless coins since their owners are now PROVEN THIEVES.

So while Bitcoin crashes, and Ripple explodes and USDT (Tethers) is caught up in a huge scam involving the owners of Bitfinex add another problem to the fragile crypto market that now faces two coins being operated by executives accused of FRAUD and THEFT by an international judge who is estimated to be worth over 5 BILLION DOLLARS for his empire of tech companies and also crypto companies.

If you are wasting your time on the STEEMIT Platform it is now clear from today’s events the game is rigged at STEEMIT where the super bots of Dan and Ned control the site.

They can make you are destroy you.

They destroyed Dr. Adoni’s account today and now it looks like he will destroy both companies as he is threatening to sue them for FRAUD and THEFT.

Here is a screen shot of Dr. Adoni’s account showing a -121 BILLION Balance when he had 14 Billion hard earned points. That is the final nail in the coffin of STEEM proof the project is nothing but a scam run by two little brats who use their power to destroy any account they want. Look at the image -121 BILLION Points.


Dump both EOS and STEEM while you can and learn your lesson, know your CEO’s before you invest time and money into any crypto project.

Bitcoin is now imploding due to the same thing, Dr. Adoni claims it is an NSA project as he proved he claims in his book CIA PROJECT BITCOIN and that is why no one has ever met the founder of Bitcoin.

Well the two founders of STEEM had a nasty public row not long ago, Dan left to form EOS and now Ned and Dan spat publicly in STEEMIT post threads.

Enter Dr. Adoni to question them about their army of bots building new accounts to make money while others are doomed to oblivion and they both turned their bot armies on him and destroyed his account stealing 135 BILLION POINTS with the click of a couple of buttons.

That proves what Dr. Adoni has been claiming STEEM is not decentralized and worthless as a crypto currency.

When investors learn what Dan and Ned did to Dr. Adoni they will indeed flee the coin and it will become worthless so exit now while you can.



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