Music Video Predicted Hurricane Michael

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Music Video Predicted Hurricane Michael

Pentagram of Blood Music Video Strikes Again

The Music Video that Predicts Where Hurricanes Strike

Strike up another AMAZING HIT for the Prophecy Music Video Pentagram of Blood Blues of REX LUCIFERIUS.

Hurricane Michael just made landfall in the Florida Panhandle and the music video of REX LUCIFERIUS and the PROPHECIES OF SOLLOG (SOLLOG is the name of REX LUCIFERIUS) both predicted the area now being leveled by Hurricane Michael was given in the music video of REX LUCIFERIUS and the Prophecy of SOLLOG known as the 31 Disasters Prophecy.

Below is the map from the Pentagram of Blood Blues music video, the five lines in red and the locations in red were in the music video, the black dots and black words were added by us to show four major hurricanes have now hit the lines on the music video map. Look at the date in the music video and this link goes to the exact area in the music video the map appears without the new black dots we added below to show where four hurricanes have now struck. The song clearly states future hurricanes will strike the five lines in the map.

Hurricane Harvey struck Corpus Christi TX, Hurricane Irma struck both St. Petersburg and Tampa, all three cities were named by SOLLOG in his 31 Disasters Prophecy. This year hurricane Florence struck the Haiti to Canada line that enters the USA near Wilmington SC where Florence struck and Hurricane Michael struck the Florida Panhandle area just east of Pensacola FL where the Haiti to Portland line on the map enters the Florida Panhandle. So all four hurricanes the past two years to level areas in the USA were given on the map in the video, just look at the black dots we added to the map that was in the famous music video. They are DIRECT HITS for SOLLOG.

REX LUCIFERIUS is proving he is indeed a modern day PROPHET and that is why his legion of fans call him THE PROPHET.


Pentagram of Blood Map
Pentagram of Blood Map


In the future the most famous musician will be REX LUCIFERIUS aka SOLLOG aka Dr. Sol Adoni.

The reason is simple, you watch his music videos released in 2016 and the maps in his music videos show exact locations where mass deaths have been occurring for the past couple of years.

Imagine a musician who is considered a REAL LIFE PROPHET. That is what is now happening around the world as the chosen are awakened to the fact there is a REAL PROPHET walking the earth who says 99.9% of humanity will be killed on January 20th 2023 when a major ASTEROID STRIKE hits the earth.

In a few generations musicians like the Beatles and whoever will be forgotten as music tastes change, but fans of PROPHECY will remember the amazing music videos of REX LUCIFERIUS and the famous Prophecies of SOLLOG that gave exact details of future events.

The only question is, if the ASTEROID hits as Rex aka SOLLOG is warning 99.9% of humanity  will be killed and then as future humans rebuild civilization huddled around camp fires, the few that remain will be creating a LEGEND that eventually will become MYTH.

THE LEGEND OF REX LUCIFERIUS aka SOLLOG will be whom future humans remember as the only music that survives while most of mankind is killed off from an ASTEROID STRIKE.

The man that warned the world in his music and prophecies about an ASTEROID that most ignored will become a LEGEND and as they future generations come, they will learn about Rex Luciferius and SOLLOG and eventually the FACT he was a living PROPHET that saved a fraction of humanity with his music will become a MYTH since humans are not supposed to know THE FUTURE as SOLLOG has proven he does in his amazing career as a modern day PROPHET.

REX LUCIFERIUS first appeared on the Net almost 20 years ago and his music was BANNED by order of the FBI in the United States. The reason, his song VIRGIN MARY SACRIFICES was so exact in predicting the DC Sniper slayings the FBI ordered DJ’s to never play the Prophecy music of REX LUCIFERIUS.

After hitting exact details of 911 and later the great Tsunami of 2004 SOLLOG was falsely accused by the Bush administration of false crimes and imprisoned for almost five years. He has 6 case cites detailing his torture and illegal imprisonment by the US Government.

When SOLLOG emerged from a US Prison in 2008 after Obama had been elected, he continued to write his SOLLOG PROPHECIES until 2015 when SOLLOG stopped writing his infamous prophecies about earthquakes and hurricanes and mass shootings and terrorism that gave exact details for over 20 years from 1995 until 2015.

In 2016 SOLLOG focused on his PROPHECY MUSIC using the name REX LUCIFERIUS. The same name the FBI had banned in 2002 when he predicted the DC Sniper shootings.

The music videos of REX LUCIFERIUS are in fact showing on maps in the videos where ACTS OF GOD are now striking in an accelerated rate as we near January 20th 2023 the date when SOLLOG says an ASTEROID will hit the earth and 99.9% of humanity dies. The survivors are in remote high mountain regions of earth in Canada, South America and Northern China.

When the survivors emerge from a few years of nuclear winter from an ASTEROID STRIKE what will they remember? It is the Prophecies of SOLLOG and the Prophecy Music Videos of REX LUCIFERIUS. Music from groups like the Beatles and others will quickly be forgotten since 99.9% of humanity will be dead.

Below in this article is another article written last year about hurricanes Harvey and Irma striking the areas REX LUCIFERIUS put on a map in his infamous music videos about hurricanes and earthquakes.

SOLLOG has recently warned the world that historic earthquakes will now hit the TRIANGLE OF FIRE another music video of REX LUCIFERIUS that showed the area of Indonesia recently struck with a historic killer quake that created a Tsunami killing thousands of humans by putting a big red dot over the area of Indonesia where so many just died and SOLLOG warned the other day the TRIANGLE OF FIRE will now become very active and destroy many US Cities that are all on the earthquake line he featured in his music video TRIANGLE OF FIRE.

So while skeptics will ignore the SOLLOG ASTEROID WARNING some do heed it and relocated to SAFE ZONES and survive. They will then remember SOLLOG and Rex Luciferius as the reason they chose to move to THE SAFE ZONES and survive the event that kills off 99.9% of humanity.

No one can look at the maps in the music videos and listen to the words and deny SOLLOG aka REX LUCIFERIUS is indeed predicting historic ACTS OF GOD while he sings his magical lyrics in which he declares HE IS THE PROPHET and has come to judge humanity and clean up the mess mankind has created with technology that is destroying the planet.

There are many sites you can read with information about the Pentagram of Blood not only in the USA but how there are 7 such Pentagrams around the world detected by SOLLOG.

See Pentagram of Blood .com

The SOLLOG Prophecies are at


Prophecies Sollog .com

The Prophecy Music of Rex Luciferius is at

Luciferius .com



The academic work of SOLLOG which includes many new laws in physics and math is at his site Sol Adoni .com

Below is an earlier article we did about how the Music Video of Rex Luciferius predicted both Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma.


Prophet of Rock Prophecy Music Video Predicted Hurricane Irma and Harvey



Strike up two more amazing hits for the Pentagram of Blood Prophecy Music Video of REX LUCIFERIUS who is also known as SOLLOG.

The main Prophecy Song of REX LUCIFERIUS is known as the  Pentagram of Blood Blues (Lyrics here) and the Music Video (released in the summer of 2016)

In just 2 weeks 8 Cities in the United States have been leveled by 2 hurricanes and all 8 cities are on what is called the PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD which are 5 lines that cover North America with a Satanic Blood Pentagram created by THE LEGEND OF ROCK AKA THE PROPHET OF ROCK AND COUNTRY BLUES who is known as Rex LUCIFERius and Luciferius is Latin for LUCIFER.


Pentagram of Blood
Pentagram of Blood


The Prophecy Albums of REX LUCIFERIUS titled Prophecy and Cross Roads were released in the summer of 2016 and they now have over 40 Million Plays on SoundCloud.

The albums have gathered 3 #1 Hits on SoundCloud and put an staggering 25 songs into the top 10 of 5 Genres of music on SoundCloud last year.

REX LUCIFERIUS became a living legend in the world of Heavy Metal Rock in 2002 when his song Virgin Mary Sacrifices named the locations where the DC Sniper later struck. DJ’s in the USA that were playing the song were then ordered by the FBI to never play REX LUCIFERIUS songs on airwaves in the USA making him a LIVING LEGEND in the elite echelons of music where everyone in the know knows about REX LUCIFERIUS and his music that predicts future major loss of life events.

REX LUCIFERIUS sings about Natural Disasters and Major Loss of Life events such as Terrorism and Mass Shootings and names the locations where mass death events will strike and then the events he sings about HAPPEN.

The song everyone is talking about is Pentagram of Blood Blues (Lyrics here) and the Music Video (released last summer) shows the lines of the Pentagram of Blood that run through Texas including Corpus Christi, Dallas and Houston, as well as lines in Florida and the Caribbean that run through Cuba, South Florida including Miami and the west coast of Florida including Fort Myers and Tampa Bay, all these cities are a major part of the Pentagram of Blood.

Rex Luciferius is the name of the Band that sings about the famous Prophecies of SOLLOG and Sollog’s famous 31 Disasters Prophecy in 2002 named Corpus Christi being struck by a Hurricane, the same Prophecy named New Orleans an (Katrina) d Atlantic City (Sandy)

Since the Summer of 2016 the Prophecy Music of REX LUCIFERIUS has had over 30 Million Plays on SoundCloud the #1 Streaming Music platform for younger music listeners.

Rex Luciferius Original Songs Sound Cloud

Rex Luciferius Cover Songs Sound Cloud

His songs are being called PROPHECY MUSIC and REX LUCIFERIUS says PROPHECY IS REAL and humans are pawns in a spiritual game of GOOD AND EVIL.

SOLLOG warned 20 years ago that in about 20 years Jesus the Messiah would be erased from our line of history since we live inside a computer simulation now called the Holographic Universe Theory. Check your Bibles, the word MESSIAH no longer exists in most major Bibles it was ERASED on May 1st 2017 Supernaturally as SOLLOG aka LUCIFERIUS warned 20 years ago! See MESSIAH ERASED .COM.

Earthquakes, hurricanes, mass shootings and cop killings have all been occurring where the Prophecy Music of Rex Luciferius warned they would strike way back in June 2016 and after 100 days he had 10 major death events happen where he warned forming a SATANIC PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD.

Even more MASS DEATH EVENTS have occurred lately all connected to the MUSIC OF REX LUCIFERIUS since the Pentagram of Blood is where the mass deaths or mass tragedies struck.

The Warehouse Fire in Oakland killing dozens of people are on the Pentagram of Blood, on the outer lines that enclose the Pentagram. The Ohio State knife attacks are on the Pentagram of Blood and a few more minor cop shootings all struck the Pentagram of Blood.

The major bus crash in California that killed many was on the Pentagram of Blood as well.

So we documented in the Summer of 2016 over 10 Mass death events that hit the Pentagram of Blood or the locations sung of by Rex Luciferius and now many more events have also struck his Pentagram of Blood and that is why the Music of Rex Luciferius is turning his Prophecy Music into the stuff of LEGENDS.


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