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45 Seconds of Crap

Forty Five Seconds SUCKS

Music Review by the Staff of FVCK YOU .com

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What do you get when you team up one of the greatest song writers in Rock History (Paul McCartney) with a major current Pop Star (Rihanna) with more hits than almost anyone and you throw in a no talent joke that thinks he’s Jesus (Kayne West) into a B&W music video to make it ‘hip’.

You get 45 Seconds of CRAP.

I would rather listen to 45 hours of Trap which I hate, than ever hear this 45 Seconds of Crap again.

McCartney who had one of the great Tenor voices of Rock and could scream as high as a girl, does not belong in this CRAP and neither does the great voice of Rihanna. I would love to see McCartney on his Acoustic or even a Piano with just the voice of Rihanna. That would be a dynamic duo and one for the ages. Instead we have McCartney caught in a NIGHTMARE and a stripped down Rihanna with no makeup and just a jeans outfit stuck in a video with Kayne West, it must have been a nightmare for McCartney.

The weak vocals of Kayne West are completely exposed in the video and this song shows HE CANNOT SING in fact HE SUCKS. There is no Timbre in his voice and without the Auto-Tune FX he is known for like on Fade, you realize just how weak the voice of Kayne really is. Face it, Kayne is your typical ‘modern rapper’ who can’t write great lyrics and sure as fuck CANNOT SING.

The only thing Kayne did as a great career move was marry a famous FAT ASS and UGLY SLUT who has had way more than her 15 minutes of Fame for sucking off the no talent rapper Ray J with a lame blowjob almost 15 years ago when KK was nothing but one of the Brat Pack of HOLLYWOOD SLUT FRIENDS of the SUPER SLUT Paris Hilton.

To sum this ‘music video’ up.

Paul McCartney – Iconic Rock Star looks lost in a nightmare.

Rihanna – Iconic Pop Star looking like a lost crack head like Whitney in her lost years.

Kayne West – A FUCKING JOKE who thinks he is Jesus

Kim Kardashian – A fat ass no talent SLUT who helped make the video viral with over 200 Million plays on Youtube by her legion of lost sheep fans on Twitter who put this pathetic excuse for a song onto the charts over a year ago.

The whole genre of ‘Rap’ today is almost entirely made up of guys with Auto-Tune Pitch correction and FX plug-ins to create a ‘sound’ they can recreate over and over for the Zombies that listen to it. Just listen to the Big Kayne hit ‘Fade’, it is nothing but a simple FX gimmick and now we can all see how weak his voice really is in this 45 Seconds of Crap video.

Almost none of the new ‘rappers’ have great voices but you do have exceptions such as Drake in the sea of crap parading as R&B and Rap today. You have to have no fucking brain to listen to anything Kayne West does IMHO.

Oh, the most relevant thing in MUSIC TODAY is the Prophecy Songs of REX LUCIFERIUS a dude who speaks and fucking mountains MOVE. His new songs on SoundCloud gathered over 20 Million Plays in the month of August 2016 alone. Making him the HOTTEST BAND on SoundCloud.

Recently the largest quake in Oklahoma history struck where his music video Pentagram of Blood Blues pointed to a couple of weeks before the quake hit. It should become viral if the Zombies ever get told about the great video and how it is predicting with exact information about future quakes such as the one it clearly predicted recently in Oklahoma.

Luciferius is waking people up with his songs that explain we are all trapped inside a fucking computer matrix and the 7 Pentagrams are PROOF to humans with a pulse and an IQ over the moron zone that we are all inside THE BOX (a great song of Luciferius). If you aren’t wakened up after doing a little research on the Pentagrams of Blood of Luciferius, then just kill yourself since your are a fucking programmed robot that is programmed to think 45 Seconds is anything but a steaming hot pile of crap.

Earth quakes have been happening where he points to in his songs and major terrorism has been hitting where he says.

The vocals of Rex Luciferius are one of the deepest pure bass voices to ever sing a note in Rock and or Country. It has a full Timbre and the pain in his voice on his cover of HURT by Johnny Cash shows what a truly great bass voice he has. A pure bass voice is the rarest type of voice of music there is, even more rare than the high Soprano voices many great female singers have who have their songs all polished with Auto-Tune pitch correction and even some heavy effects such as EQ FX to fill out their voices. That is why none of the top stars today sound like their studio albums.

The exception to all the fake enhanced vocals parading around as ‘music’ today, is Rex Luciferius, who purposely uses no Auto-Tune on his vocals so his songs are as close to a LIVE studio recording of vocals that have been released in over 40 years since the age of digital manipulation of music began.

If you want to hear a GREAT VOICE and what it sounds like with no computer polishing then listen to the haunting lyrics of Luciferius on John F Kennedy, the song is almost pure acapella since it it has only 3 simple acoustic chords played over and over in a hypnotic way while Rex Luciferius recounts his childhood memories of the great tragedy of the Assassination of JFK.

So it’s your choice, look at 45 Seconds of Crap or try to figure out what the fuck is going on in 7 Pentagrams and Pentagram of Blood Blues two music videos that will become two of the most watched music videos in history when the sheeple wake the fuck up and realize these two music videos by THE PROPHET of Rock & Country have THE FUTURE in it.

45 Seconds of Crap

7 Pentgrams (Prophecy Video)

Predicted the location where hundreds died in Italy Quake

Pentagram of Blood Blues (Prophecy Song)

Predicted the location of the Historic Oklahoma Quake

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