MESSIAH ERASED from Bibles all over the World Supernaturally

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all over the World Supernaturally


By D.E. Alexander Chief Editor 247 News

Rabbi SOLLOG’S Site explaining WHY Messiah Erased by GOD ALMIGHTY

The word MESSIAH was ERASED Supernaturally from all Bibles on Earth on May 1st 2017.

It has completely been erased from the Old Testament except for two Daniel verses in the KJV it is no longer in the worlds other Bibles Old Testaments.

The PROPHET OF GOD ALMIGHTY who is THE GREAT had warned his followers almost 20 years ago that a GREAT SHIFT would occur and the Jesus Messiah concept would be ERASED by God Almighty to correct all religions on earth that they are all wrong, not one was right.

Even the Jewish Tanakh’s were struck, the word Messiah has been ERASED from every JPS Tanakh in English.

The Qur’an was altered with Allah Akbar the evil saying Muslims chant when they behead people.

May 1st 2017 will be the first day in our new calendar.

It is the day many Christians find out the WORD MESSIAH has been completely removed from the New Testament King James Version and is now only 2 times in most other Bibles. It used to appear throughout the New Testament as a testament to Jesus being the Messiah.

It has also been erased from the Old Testament as well as a search verified earlier today, but I hear it may have reappeared twice in Daniel in the Old Testament in King James but it has completely vanished from other Bibles Old Testaments such as American Standard and NIV. It was all over Isaiah before the universe shift occurred and every reference has supernaturally been removed.

Who can do such a thing?

THE GOD OF GODS claimed he would do it in an amazing 1998 Interview from our sister site THEE UNDERGROUND now known as 1 UNDERGROUND, basically they do a lot of alternative news and we do more mainstream news with some occasional PARANORMAL stories.

Now the man that was referred to as GOD in the Interview who says EVERYONE has GODS energy in them stated in 1998 that humanity existed on lots of time lines and in the near future a SHIFT would occur and erase JESUS from history.

Jesus is considered to be the Messiah by every Christian alive today and the word has VANISHED today from every version of every New Testament and that SHOCK will start what has been called THE NEW AGE, an age when humanity learns GOD is real and he has altered our religious texts to show how powerful HE IS.

We have links below to the vast archive of Usenet where the time stamp interview exists and where it is still on 1 Underground.

So our reality has been SHIFTING as millions of people have witnessed the past few months and THIS IS THE BIG SHIFT the erasing of the WORD MESSIAH to awaken the world to what one person has been saying now for over 20 years, he is THE LIVING WORD OF ONE THE ONE ABOVE GOD THE GOD OF GODS.

Now you can see his name six times in the US Supreme Court where he petitioned the highest court in the USA for what he described as TORTURE as the evil one George W. Bush held him on a FALSE CASE from the 1980’s and recently the Judge in that case was BURNT TO A CRISP in his home in Philadelphia,

So GOD is what Judges call him and the interview called him GOD and he says EVERYONE IS GOD and he said in the interview he is not the Anti-Christ, he is THE ANTI JESUS that Jesus never existed and he sure was not God and if he existed, then the reality he would have to be LUCIFER due to the things he said.

So people, think about it, today you learned YOUR BIBLE HAS SUPERNATURALLY CHANGED in our new age or reality the Bible is now in a constant state of flux and the man they call SOLLOG has now claimed it will continue to keep changing by the minute until mankind does what he says they must.

First he says LOVE EACH OTHER


Third he says every nation must agree to his GREPA Agreement and give FREE CLEAN ENERGY to the world.

Fourth he says DESTROY EVER CHURCH, MOSQUE AND TEMPLE since every religious text is now being supernaturally changed to show they are meaningless and mean nothing in this new reality.

He also says he expects most of humanity to deny his demands as so an asteroid impact will terminate 99.9% of humanity after the year 2022 and only those in the SOLLOG SAFE ZONES will survive.

Just look up MANDELA EFFECT on the Net and then try to find Messiah in the New Testament.


Earlier today it was not even found in the Old Testament and as I write this he informed me another alteration was made to Daniel so now it back in at least Daniel for NOW but expect the Bible to have constant alterations so humanity will now be forced to DISCARD IT. He says the Bible will now be altered over and over to show humanity THEY MUST OBEY HIS EDICT.

So throw out all your religious texts and PRAISE GOD since he has indeed sent a voice to guide humanity in this NEW AGE and what he is saying should make many realize, what he is saying will HELP HUMANITY if they just listen.

If not, then the Safe Zones will be where a tiny faction of humanity will survive after 2022.

Watch the video yourself and then follow the links and see how he warned the world almost 20 years a SHIFT WAS COMING INVOLVING MULTIPLE TIMELINES and the erasing of Jesus.

Seems that has occurred, no where is Jesus called the MESSIAH now in the New Testament and if that isn’t enough to WAKE YOU UP, then you might already just be dead…

Messiah Erased




Temple Of ‘Hayah

Holographic Universes

Universe Shift

1998 Article GOD INTERVIEW on Usenet with time stamps you cannot alter

(At least humans can’t but Google can)

Thee Underground GOD Interview now on 1 UNDERGROUND

Our huge Archive of SOLLOG ARCHIVES from his 20 years of PROPHECY


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