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Math Genius CORRECTS New Math ERROR


By Staff of 247 News


A Math GENIUS who revealed the Prime Algorithm years ago rewriting almost 3000 years of math history by revealing an ALGORITHM for Prime Numbers that every great mathematician couldn’t figure out has now put forth a CORRECTION to NEW MATH.

What is NEW MATH?

If you have a child learning basic math, you probably realized what you were taught is no longer working with NEW MATH. Acronym’s such as BODMAS and PEDMAS are now routinely taught to young students before Algebra and these conventions are simply wrong says the GREAT GENIUS Dr. Sol Adoni a man who has a wall full of doctorates in math, physics and astro-physics as well as theology, ancient languages and computer science.

He is the founder of the AI Think Tank HelixQ and also the Dean Emeritus of Universitius.

In the past few years a math expression has been causing heated debate all over the net from Math Groups on Facebook and other forums related to math.

Dr. Sol Adoni has put forth a PROOF for the expression showing it is  not Ambiguous which many elite mathematicians have claimed by showing modern math conventions such as BODMAS and PEDMAS are simply wrong since they do not REMOVE BRACKETS or Parentheses before moving on in the accepted flow of operator progression or order of operations.

The modern conventions both state you SIMPLIFY Brackets INSIDE and do not remove them, Dr. Sol Adoni says that creates bad math and wrong answers and even calculators on sites such as Google and on most physical calculators as well as the Excel Spreadsheet are now being programmed to GIVE THE WRONG ANSWER.

The expression that is often called the VIRAL MATH PROBLEM is often resolved to 9 by many humans not schooled in higher math and physics, but many with a higher understanding of math usually say it should be 1 or at most the expression is not defined or AMBIGUOUS if they are say a Math Professor.

When it was given to Dr. Sol Adoni he said at first in his video on the expression that academic mathematicians would say is AMBIGUOUS but 1 is the best answer. Usually they acknowledge that BODMAS and PEDMAS would give 9.

So how did Dr. Sol Adoni PROOF the expression to PROVE once and for all it is 1?

Easy he put forth a PROOF showing 1 is the only answer you can PROOF without adding to the expression and he exposed an ERROR in modern NEW MATH Theory that considers the conventions of BODMAS and PEDMAS as absolute and they are simply wrong and in conflict with the FIRST RULE of ALGEBRA which states Parentheses are simplified then REMOVED, the error in both BODMAS and PEDMAS is stating simplify only inside the Parentheses and that leads to a wrong answer of 9.

The expression is simple enough as is the PROOF that has now exposed NEW MATH is wrong.


Those that argue 9 do not remove the parentheses so it cannot be PROOFED.

Those who argue 1 until Dr. Sol Adoni never put forth a simple PROOF showing 1 was indeed the correct answer since it can be PROOFED.

What is the proof?

Creating an X equation.

6/x=1 or 6/x=9

We know the x  is 2(1+2).

Dr. Sol Adoni says in NO UNIVERSE is 2(1+2) able to give 9 in 6/x=9.

2(1+2)=6 so in the proof 6/x the x becomes 6 and that resolves with 1.

If you research the FIRST LAW of Algebra you see it states SIMPLIFY and REMOVE Parentheses, that extra step is not used in New Math creating the error.

The first video of Dr. Sol Adoni explains how 1 is the best answer but the expression is Ambiguous.

Minutes after he posted his first video on the expression saying it is ambiguous, he then issued a 2nd Video showing his incorrect statement of it being Ambiguous and he put forth a PROOF using the first law of Algebra to reconcile the expression without adding new brackets or operators to PROVE the only answer is the result of 1.

So how long will it take text book companies to add this footnote to BODMAS and PEDMAS?

Who knows, but if a student does not learn how to properly REMOVE BRACKETS they will not be able to do more complex math properly.

So Dr. Sol Adoni has added to his impressive record of correcting false concepts in math.

First he destroyed Prime Number theory by showing an algorithm for Primes decades ago. For millennia it was taught Primes are considered random but there may be an algorithm for them, well there is and it is Adoni Prime Spiral Theory or 30Mod Prime Theory.

Then he corrected the first great law in physics Titius-Bodes and his correction is now used by NASA to find exoplanets.

The NSA is said to be using his Prime Algorithm to created special relationships in numbers they release for encryption through NiST.

The USGS is said to be using his EOE Theory in earthquake forecasting for the largest earthquakes on earth.

EOE Theory also puts forth the theory that life is abundant in the Universe since Elliptical Orbits which is how all planets and moons move often creates live cores which results in plate tectonics and quake phenomena that moves tectonic plates that are aligned to Apogee and Perigee solstice positions.

It’s a fact that 95% of Great Quakes (8.5+) on Earth have occurred on the lines of only 3 Triangles on Earth which means we now know with 95% accuracy exactly where the most powerful quakes will occur. That is thanks to Dr. Sol Adoni and his EOE Theory.

Like it or not, NEW MATH has not reconciled with classical Algebra for over 50 years and now that the error has been exposed by Dr. Sol Adoni with a PROOF of this simple expression academia will have to adopt his correction.




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