Las Vegas Massacre Government Sting Gone Bad

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Las Vegas Massacre 

Government Sting Gone Bad

Where is Jesus?

By D.E. Alexander

Author Greatest Conspiracies

There is no way anyone without help from the staff of Mandalay Bay could lug up to a room dozens of long rifle weapons and thousands of rounds of ammo. Especially a 64 year old senior citizen with no military training.

So security inside Mandalay Bay allowed the cache of weapons to be carried up to the room.

The FBI has botched stings before and they have been involved in finding people who usually are mentally unstable to entrap into terroristic plans they try to foil at the last minute.

Every foiled terrorist attack you have read about such as the shoe bomber, underwear bomber, Seattle New Year’s bomber and the NYC New Year’s Eve bomber all had FBI moles or confidential informants involved and they are always the reason the patsies got motivated in the botched plots the FBI stopped.

The guard shot BEFORE the shooting even started has now disappeared. Jesus Campos had scheduled a round of interviews with big media including Fox’s Sean Hannity and now the net is a buzz with reports he has simply vanished.

The CIA and NSA controlled site Snopes is being pushed by the CIA and NSA controlled site that controls everything which is Google as the source to refute the Fox story, but the fact that the guard disappeared has been common knowledge for days in the small world of elite conspiracy authors where we have proven insiders that drop us tips.

Witnesses at the shooting who stated there were multiple shooters on the ground have been mysteriously dying as well.

Videos of the event show multiple shooters since many videos capture bullet fire from far away and then close up fire is suddenly heard. If it was the reverse, you could argue echo, but you do not hear the weaker echo first. Also, one by one such witness videos showing clearly multiple shootings are being removed by Youtube.

The most plausible theory so far about this event other than of course it hit the infamous PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD, is THAT Paddock may have been an undercover government agent enticing a group of Muslims to buy weapons.

Instead of falling for an arms buy, the group turned the FBI plan into the worse mass shooting in US history.

No one is a professional video poker player as the cover story of Paddock implies. The house has the edge in video poker period, just like slot machines. You do have professional Poker players but you will not find one real professional video poker player, it’s a complete joke to even put the words together, such a fool would be a sucker and broke, which Paddock was not.

The background of Paddock includes jobs for government defense contractors, which is a perfect cover for either a CIA or NSA spook.

So the guard is a loose end who has vanished.

What did he see that the government doesn’t want him to reveal? Is he being brain washed now so when he reappears his story will sync with the time line that changed almost every day.

Why are people dying mysteriously who were vocally claiming multiple shooters on the ground?

The government needs the public to fear so the government can expand the over reach of police powers to continue to turn the USA into one big police state.

Here is a news video from Fox stating the guard shot before the shooting started has vanished.

There is no way a 64 year old retired accountant lugged up to his room dozens of long rifles and thousands of rounds of ammo without help from Mandalay Bay staff. There are over 100 Muslims employed at Mandalay Bay and it could be some were targets of a government Sting and it just went bad.



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