Indonesia Tsunami & Quake Predicted in Music Video

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Indonesia Tsunami & Quake Predicted in Music Video

Exact Date & Location where Thousands DIED

Given in Chilling Music Video 2 Years Ago



They call him THE PROPHET and his music videos have been predicting exact details of future events. See below for our previous articles about other mass death events his music videos have predicted.

On September 26th 2016 TWO YEARS and TWO DAYS to the exact date of the KILLER QUAKE that just hit in Indonesia THE PROPHET released the music video TRIANGLE OF FIRE.

The video has a map that uses only 3 lines to show where 95% of the worlds largest quakes the past 100 years have struck. While the USGS and Seismology world still talk about the Ring of Fire, the FACT IS a TRIANGLE OF FIRE is actually in control of the worlds largest quakes.


Great Quakes Map Triangle of Fire Dr. Sol Adoni
Great Quakes Map Triangle of Fire Dr. Sol Adoni


The singer’s theory on quakes was released years ago in a Book titled like his song Triangle of Fire and it is a revolutionary work known as EOE Theory, that’s Elliptical Orbit Effect Theory. His theory explains that life is every where in the universe since Elliptical Orbits are constant in the Universe and the Effect of an Elliptical Orbit is it creates often a live core that manifests in extreme heat creating plate tectonics throughout the Universe. Any Planet with thermal heat from a live core brought to life by EOE can produce simple life forms with many liquids besides water such as methane. So his theory states simple life forms are abundant everywhere in the Universe where you have heat from a live core caused by EOE Theory and liquids such as water and methane. The USGS is now using his EOE Theory in the new science of Earthquake Prediction.

He has also theorized the Prime Algorithm that revolutionized  Prime Number Theory showing every prime number greater than 5 is on one of only 8 Prime Spirals through infinity. It is said the NSA uses his Prime Algorithm Theory to backdoor modern encryption by releasing numbers his Theory finds through NiST.

He updated and corrected the famous law in physics Titius-Bodes now called PDF or Planetary Distance Formula to explain everything in our solar system with one equation and now NASA uses it to detect new planets in other solar systems.

The words in the video are clear, the singer is THE PROPHET and many will soon die when and where his words say.

So TWO YEARS AND TWO DAYS from it’s release on YouTube thousands are now DEAD on one of the three lines featured in the music video.

One image of a map in the video has a big red dot near where the epicenter of this latest KILLER QUAKE STRUCK. (See Map above)

The past two years we have done numerous articles about another music video of the PROPHET titled  PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD that has an image of a Pentagram on a map and sure enough mass death event after event have struck THE PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD LINES in the music video.


It appears the most famous voice in the history of music is now walking the earth calling himself THE PROPHET and his music is in fact showing where MASS DEATH EVENTS will occur.

His music is proving to the world PROPHECY IS REAL.

The bad news is, THE PROPHET says 99.9% of humanity is about to die on January 20th 2023 from a large asteroid strike.



THE PROPHET has issued prophecies since the dawn of the commercial net 1995 under his religious name SOLLOG.


THE PROPHET is a famous academic who has given humanity many new theories in math and physics under his name SOL ADONI (Short for SOLLOG IMMANUEL ADONAI-ADONI).


Just watch the video for yourself and look at the date it was released as YouTube shows on September 26th 2016 that’s TWO YEARS AND TWO DAYS to the exact date of the recent Indonesia Quake that struck on September 28th 2018.

Now a few days later the death toll is rising and authorities fear THOUSANDS ARE NOW DEAD.

Here is PROOF this story is 100% TRUE.



The same area had a volcanic eruption a few days after the quake and Tsunami struck the area. The song clearly says:

The ground shakes when I say (Earthquake)

The mountains smoke when I say (Volcano)


Below is a previous article about THE PROPHET


Music Video Pentagram of Blood

Predicted Las Vegas Shooting Massacre

Quakes and Hurricanes

Rex Luciferius (SOLLOG) proves he is a PROPHET




You can watch PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD BLUES a music video on YouTube posted in the Summer of 2016 tht shows a map of the USA over and over with 5 lines on the map forming a PENTAGRAM over North America and you can listen to the words of the song saying these lines are where mass murders, earthquakes and hurricanes will strike over and over.

The past 5 weeks has seen the worst mass shooting in US history strike the Pentagram of Blood the Las Vegas Shooting Massacre. The Mexico City quakes struck and the map has MEXICO CITY QUAKES ON IT and then we have hurricanes Harvey and Irma leveling 8 cities on the PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD LINES!

History will record the past few weeks as a point in time when a REAL LIFE PROPHET showed the world the power of his words! In fact Rex the lead singer of Rex Luciferius is now being called by his legion of fans THE PROPHET AND THE PROPHET OF ROCK AND COUNTRY BLUES.

Cross Roads the break through album for the band Rex Luciferius was released in the summer of 2016, PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD BLUES was one of the songs released on SoundCloud by Rex Luciferius.  The release scored over 30 million plays in 2016 and  gave the band 3 hits that reached #1 on SoundCloud. In total last summer Rex Luciferius put an amazing 25 songs into the top 10 of SoundCloud in 5 Genres of music.

Last year we reported on how 13 major loss of life events in the USA struck on the PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD within 100 days of the release of the song.

Rex Luciferius is destined to become the most famous band in history, not for the greatness of their music, even though the booming deep bass voice of Rex already has many fans, but for the band showing the world PROPHECY MUSIC, that one fact makes Rex Luciferius totally unique. So hundreds of years and even thousands of years from now when bands like the Beatles and Rolling Stones are long forgotten, the world will remember when Rex Luciferius appeared and showed the world the power of his words…


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