gets $1 Trillion from Crypto Group gets $1 Trillion

from Crypto Group might be a couple of days old, but it has created the largest war chest in Cinema History.

Over $1 Trillion in crypto was exchanged for interests in the Indie Film & Music startup that floated a $3 Billion buck NFT pre-defi coin on Opensea the #1 NFT Marketplace which was sold out to big investor wallets in hours. Now the coin trades at 100 times the original price of $3.10 a token, there’s a billion of them, and the cheapest listing is $310 now.

Now Indies has announced a few crypto funds with huge investments have partnered with them, to give them the largest wallet in the world and certainly Cinema.

What will do with a TRILLION in wealth?

Their chief of PR told us, they will of course do their core mission which is fund all the Indie Artists now not allowed to even submit films to Netflix and Hulu. It will also fund charities like feeding and housing the homeless.

The main crypto they took, is an artist crypto that is free to users, that pays artists fat royalties everytime the public interacts with their art. The coin is not on exchanges and doesn’t need to be, they are their own exchange. Basically any user no matter how poor can earn $300 or so a day in less than an hour interacting with the network. This interaction creates the coin and the user gets their $300 a day, the artists they interact with get $300 and the network gets $300.

A balanced symbiotic relationship between users, artists and the platform.

Sounds genius right?

We think so.

Already famous artists have mega million dollar NFTS in the coins store. It would take decades for a user to earn millions in fracti, but artists can earn it quickly, or wealthy people can just acquire the coins via their own exchange, they take all the popular coins and have a bank to wire funds to in the Cayman Islands if you like fiat.

While ETH is the dominant NFT coin for crap art projects, fracti is now doing billions in deals with investors who are choosing to do instant transactions with no fees on the fracti network.

Now fracti  will be the carrot used by to entice filmmakers and musicians onto their platform for new releases.

Those creators can use fracti  now to buy mega million assets like famous domain names and of court real art by museum artists and lots of famous NFT projects.

fracti  and Indies, seems like a perfect marriage to us.

Imagine, fracti has the wealth now to buy up every streaming service in the world.

Netflix value only $150 Billion

Hulu only $15 Billion

Disney and Google watch out.

Crypto is now positioned to take over the entertainment world.

Meaning crypto will be mainstream very soon.

In fact the PR director of Indies says this Super Bowl is a famous line to indicate TIME in the future.

Crypto before this famous super bowl and Crypto after this Super Bowl.

Seems  crypto exchanges will be in the Super Game ads.

The NFL will feature it’s own NFT crypto project.

The NBA has a crypto NFT project.

Celebrities like Bieber, Snoop, Fallon and Paris all have famous NFT art projects in their wallets.

Then you have Visa owning a punk which might debut on the Super Bowl.

Now we have a Indie Film & Music platform launching with a trillion in crypto to buy up all the great film and music projects from up and coming artists.

How long before a major studio or artist takes fracti from Indies to debut a new studio film or album?

Already in the fracti store are lots of art and films and music as well as games from Indie Artists and major NFT projects.

SimuVerses by Adoni Studio

NFTS by 8bits Studio

Rare Museum NFT Limited Edition Art Tokens by Museum Modern Art

NFT Art and Real Art by the highest selling artist in history SOLLOG

Crypto Gods NFTS

Gods & Demons NFTS

Art by iNympho an early female crypto Goddess

Crypto Goddesses

Crypto Demons

Crypto Heroes

Lizard Kings

The store has cult classics too in

Films (Best of Death Gallery)

Books (Prophecies of Sollog)

Music by banned artist Rex Luciferius

What an interesting age this is…



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