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1 eBooks Launches FREE EBOOKS

If you went back in time to the middle 1990’s when the commercial internet was just starting, the #1 Free eBook Portal was 1 eBooks.

That was before Amazon and Jeff Bezos even knew what an ‘eBook’ was.

In the 1990’s and early 2000’s 1 eBooks gave away MILLIONS OF FREE EBOOKS.

Many were high quality PDF files of Classics including ancient authors such as Plato and Julius Caesar in Greek, Latin and English translations.

The Classics Division of Adoni Publishing fueled the Free eBook Portal.

For a while 1 eBooks disappeared due to the domain name being stolen in the Register Fly fiasco that saw thousands of domain name owners lose their domain names due to the Register Fly bankruptcy.

Well, 1 eBooks is now back in control of Adoni Publishing and it has been relaunched with all the great FREE CLASSICS that made the site world famous.

The Chairman of the Board of Adoni Publishing is Dr. Sol Adoni who is very critical of the way eBooks are now controlled by Amazon and he has been over seeing the rebuilding of 1 eBooks and he expects the eBook Portal to once again be a major channel not only for eBooks by New Authors featured on the Portal but a major force in super high quality PDF files of all the great classics.

It’s FREE to join 1 eBooks by just selecting a FREE TITLE and when you check out all you need to do is create a FREE ACCOUNT using an email address and you pick a password. In your FREE ACCOUNT you will find all the FREE eBooks you select with NO LIMITS like Amazon has in their Kindle Unlimited program which Dr. Adoni is very critical of.

Modern authors will also be giving away NEW TITLES for FREE with absolutely no monthly fees like Amazon charges in its KU (Kindle Unlimited) program.

Dr. Adoni who founded the post graduate degree University and think tank known as UNIVERSITIUS says that the whole eReader market is an inferior file structure such as the Kindle and Nook and even iBooks format due to how those files cannot support ancient languages such as Greek and Latin which many Classics were written in. Those formats cannot support well scientific equations nor math formulas.

The Free eBooks featured at 1 eBooks use the Adobe Acrobat high quality PDF file structure that supports ancient language fonts such as Greek, Latin and Hebrew as well as mathematical and scientific equations.

Plus all modern eReader devices including new Kindles, Nooks and iPads support the higher quality PDF files, so you can use your eReader tablets to view the Free eBooks at 1 eBooks.

Here is the main page at 1 eBooks for FREE EBOOKS.

Here are some great titles for FREE

Prophecies of Nostradamus French – English

The Time Machine

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea



Tarzan of the Apes

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Romeo and Juliet

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

A Christmas Carol


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