Greatest Story Ever Told


Greatest Story Ever Told

By 247 News Net


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Imagine suffering 9 Heart Attacks and surviving

Imagine being attacked by hospital staff during some of them

We have been covering this story for two years and posted videos inside hositals of demonic staff attacking a world famous Rabbi well known for his ability to predict Earth Quakes, Tsunami’s and Hurricanes

Video 1

Video 2

The Rabbi who literally PROVED GOD is real and who created every religion in hisotry to unite now into one path.

TOH or Temple of Hayah is the fasted growing religion in hitory with over 10 Million members since it was founded in 1995.

It is based on one thing, PROOF OF GOD known as the Creator Formula

It uses two sysmbols that are in all religious scriptures connected to famous creation myths

The two sysmbols create the perfect circumference of the earth

No matter what you believ it was created by the same GOD or ENERGY to be united now into the ONE TRUTH

It’s founder has for decades amazed his followers with exact details of future events, he is considered the greatest Prophet in Histoy by his fans.

He has 6 cases in the US  Supreme Court over how he was illegally arrested and falely detained and tortured in US Prsons due to his exact warnings about events like the OK City Bombing, 911, Katrina and TWA 800

Most recently he has been tortued by the US Medical System suffering 9 Heart Attacks and he has given us videos of how he was literally attacked by demonic staff inside US Hospitals trying to kill him by attacking him and denying him his heart medication in hospitals while he is sufering heart attacks.

We have done articles on a demonic judge ignoring his doctors letters stating he is too sick to do hearing and yet the evil demon judge ordered him over and over to obey her.

Like JOB, you will be amazed that a MAN OF GOD was allowed to be so tortured in his life as he brought forth THE TRUTH to Humanity, therer is ONE GOD behind every religion.


Soon to be a Movie from ADONI FILMS

The amazing story of SOLLOG aka Dr. Sol Adoni




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