GoDaddy SUED for $100 Billion by Dr. Sol Adoni

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GoDaddy SUED for $100 Billion

by Dr. Sol Adoni

By 247 News


If you own stock in the 12 Billion buck public company GoDaddy get ready for the stock to crash and burn.d

One of the wealthiest domain name owners in the world who owns 1 MEDIA of which we are part of, has posted a public notice that GoDaddy stole one of his domain names 1eMail and he is suing the public company for 100 BILLION US DOLLARS.

1 MEDIA controls hundreds of domains and operates 300+ Business and local search portals most of which use the 1 Prefix as their brand.

We spoke to Dr. Adoni who was involved in a major accident not long ago about how the name was stolen and he says the name was hidden by GoDaddy in his accounts expiring domains interface which he uses to renew monthly his valuable domain name assets.

So if you have 1 eMail .com in your portfolio through a mistake of GoDaddy the name is worthless to you since it has been owned by Dr. Adoni’s domain name trust for years.

If you own stock in GoDaddy you might want to DUMP IT since the news of this lawsuit will destroy any value GoDaddy has and since the company only has a $12 Billion dollar market value the threat of a $100 Billion Dollar lawsuit by one of the most valuable domain name owners in the world will surely destroy the value of GoDaddy’s stock until the matter is settled.

Scott Wagner is the current CEO of GoDaddy which was founded by the elephant shooting Bob Parsons who had to liquidate most of his holdings over public outrage from his safari photos that outraged many people.

 Dr. Adoni is also the founder of BizBytes the $100 Billion Dollar Crypto Project that has a strong merchant base for their crypto and who has been predicting publicly every major drop in the price of Bitcoin.

 Dr. Adoni is also known for his math and physic theories and has authored over 100 books on business, math and science as well as history.

He founded the AI Think Tank HelixQ as well as the Universitius think tank.

 Dr. Adoni also says GoDaddy is violating ICANN Rules about renewing expired domains.

GoDaddy has an 18 day grace period and then according to ICANN a domain name owner has 30 days to redeem an expired name then a 5 day deletion period when the name enters the public domain. GoDaddy illegally puts names into an illegal auction before they are allowed to go back to public domain status and GoDaddy does not give owners a full 30 day redemption period.

The shows the name had an ownership change on June 25th 2018 which was it’s expiration date and not even 48 days ago, so the transfer is 100% illegal says Dr. Adoni.

But the basis of his claims is that GoDaddy hid the name in his account from showing as nearing expiration or expired, so it was not renewed with many other domains in the beginning of June 2018 when it was due.

So either way, GoDaddy illegally hid the name or at best did not follow ICANN RULES as to 30 days redemption periods after grace periods.

DUMP GODADDY says Dr. Adoni news of his lawsuit will cripple the stock.

When Bitcoin was almost $20K Dr. Adoni publicly trashed the crypto coin and within days it crashed to $10K.

The other day Dr. Adoni once again said another crash was to hit Bitcoin and within days the coin lost 25% of it’s value.

Today GoDaddy is at $76.65 on the NYSE and has a market cap of $12 Billion.

Watch the stock crash says Dr. Adoni, GoDaddy can lose their ICANN License over this theft of his asset.

If ICCAN strips GoDaddy of their right to register domain names, the stock would indeed become worthless.

Real simple math here says Dr. Adoni, 18 days grace, 30 Day mandatory ICANN redemption then 5 days to release to public domain. That’s 53 days and it’s only 45 days since the name expired.

So GoDaddy did a shotgun theft of a valuable asset of 1 MEDIA.

Plus the name was offered in an auction and not released to the public domain another violation of ICANN Policy says Dr. Adoni.

GoDaddy has serious problems in running illegal expired domain name auctions and in not releasing names back to public domain, it can easily reverse the recent transfer of the name to a new owner, but is refusing to do so, says  Dr. Adoni.

So now GoDaddy will become worthless as a public stock says Dr. Adoni




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