PROOF Gilbert Flores shooting was COLD BLOODED MURDER by San Antonio Police

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Special Opinion by the Hon. Dr. Rabbi Sol Adoni the Chief Justice of the Supreme Supreme Court of the Nation of One an International Court known for trying in absentia political leaders for war crimes as well as the heads of large public companies for crimes against humanity in the case of severe toxic poisoning of the planet.

These is a chilling video clearly showing the police MURDER of Gilbert Flores by San Antonio police officers.

You can clearly see Gilbert Flores had his hands up for almost 3 seconds when close-by officers murdered him in COLD BLOOD.

There are two videos of the shooting. The video on this page shows 1 hand visible the 2nd hand is obscured. The 2nd video clearly shows both hands are up. So don’t defend the cold blooded killer of Gilbert Flores with bullshit about he had a gun in the other hand. The 2nd video exists and  it is clear from officials who have seen it that both hands were up.

After two shots ring out Gilbert Flores falls to the ground dead.

Why the police are not in custody charged with 1st Degree MURDER already shows how the police state Texas is not only gun happy and gun crazy but it will do all it can to not arrest cops and try to cover up Blue Murder.

Gilbert Flores was Hispanic and the officers involved are Hispanic. It appears the officer on the left did the shooting since the officer on the right appears to not have a drawn weapon. The officer on the right jumps back in response to the unprovoked shooting by his partner. If his police report of the shooting describes the event falsely as such officer statements usually contain LIES, then the 2nd officer is guilty of aiding a homicide and should suffer the same fate as the officer that pulled the trigger in what can only be described as COLD BLOODED MURDER.

The officers involved are Greg Vasquez and Robert Sanchez.

This is just the most recent example of police in the United States committing COLD BLOODED MURDER on civilians and several of these cases involve people trying to surrender.

The US Constitution protects gun ownership by civilians and without  the Constitution being rewritten or overturned by new laws the gun crazy American culture will never freely give up its guns.

Conspiracy theorists call these high profile media events that can last for months FALSE FLAGS events created by the US government to eventually justify a change to the US Constitution in order to strip guns from its citizens.

The US police are well known for its brutal use of lethal force to kill civilians even if they flee for routine traffic stops.

The barbarian judges on the US Supreme Court recently ruled cops can discharge dozens of bullets into a  car that had been stopped over literally a broken headlight as justified police actions.

See Plumhoff V Rickard

Every judge in the United States needs to be fired and the whole legal system overhauled and the US Constitution replaced.

I have six cites in the US Supreme Court and after going through six levels of the grossly prejudicial and ignorant legal system of the United States to reach the highest court in the USA six times I can testify it is the most incompetent pathetic justice system any democracy has endured.

Every level of courts in the United States is filled with ignorant, biased and bigoted judges that dishonor the title JUDGE.

Federal judges are hand picked by sitting US Presidents and given lifetime jobs where they often end up ignoring the US Constitution and deciding legal matters not with the rule of law but with their opinion on the law. Judges in the USA are the most arrogant and biased judges in the history of democracy.

Expect the 2nd Amendment idiots all over the USA to continue to claim the 2nd amendment of the US Constitution is in their opinion holier than the Bible of the majority of the citizens of the the United States where the first commandment states unequivocally THOU SHALL NOT KILL.

What is a gun used for?


The religious leaders of the United States now need to use their pulpits and enforce the law or commandments of their religious texts and state the Bible says the Supreme Law is, THOU SHALL NOT KILL.

That means the citizens of the United States if they believe in their Bible need to take a stand and declare that GUNS KILL so there is no need for any citizen or police officer to ever carry a gun.

Police can be armed with tasers and non-lethal weapons to do their police duties if the USA made ownership and use of any gun illegal.

The US Constitution was a great step forward in humanity trying to create a more perfect nation in which the rule of law governed men.

However, it was penned by men of a bigoted and racist age and if one was to read the only book ever written by Thomas Jefferson the author of the US Constitution titled Notes on Virginia they would understand clearly what the bigoted words of the US Constitution really mean as so eloquently explained by the racist slave owning Jefferson in the one and only book he bothered to write.

Any intelligent person would realize it is time to forever bury and destroy the US Constitution since what it really meant was that it was a way for elite white WASP’s to control every human in the USA since the original intent of the US Constitution as explained by Jefferson in Notes was that all men are created equal meant simply that ALL MEN. It excluded the gentile sex or all women. It excludes non human species to Jefferson and his ilk, races like Negroes and those of color such as native Americans and anyone not of white skin. It excluded whole sects of religion such as Catholics and Muslims and anyone that doesn’t believe in a few accepted religious version of Christianity by Jefferson and his cronies that excluded Christan sects such as Catholics.

Now these are the racist bigoted thoughts of the man that actually wrote the US Constitution who then wrote one book to explain what it meant. It is not my ‘opinion’ but merely FACTS this is exactly how Jefferson described in Notes on Virgina what the documents he wrote known as the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution really meant.

I doubt many judges in the USA have bothered to read the US Constitution and the work of Jefferson titled Notes on Virginia since if they have they would realize what the words really mean and resign their judgeship in protest that there is no place for the US Constitution in a modern world, it was an advance in its age hundreds of years ago, but  its ideas were not for everyone but to protect a small percentage of White Christan mostly slave owning masters.

The debate in the United States shouldn’t be over guns it should be how does the USA replace the US Constitution and replace the US justice system and every judge in the USA.

The answer to that problem is the Nation of One.

The Nation of One was created over 20 years ago to unite every nation and person on earth under one rule of a just law protecting every person of every race regardless of their religious beliefs or disbelief’s as truly equal.

The Nation of One is the first attempt by humanity to form one governing body for the ENTIRE human race.

I welcome you to join the Nation of One as we create the perfect Nation on Earth. It is a nation that was created by humans that believe truly every member of the human race is equal.

Religion is your choice if you choose to even have a religion.



Those are our golden rules.

The 3rd golden rule is all humans are equal before the courts of the Nation of One.

The fourth golden rule  is that  every persons property is to be protected by the laws of the  Nation of One and no one shall take any property of any citizen of the Nation of One unless that person is given a full hearing before the courts of the Nation of One and such matters are to be decided by juries of a minimum of 7 citizens of the Nation of One.

The Nation of One has also created the GREPA movement to give every human on earth FREE CLEAN ENERGY.

See GREPA .org

As the age of great nations on earth slowly fades into history, the emerging NATION of EARTH will be Nation of One.

It will be a peaceful transition done in International Courts where at first every citizen of earth will be recognized as FREE to join the Nation of One with protection by international organizations such and THE UN or The United Nations.

The Nation of One will soon be given status in organizations such as the UN and in time every independent nation and its worthless currency will fall and fail and the only nation left standing will be the Nation of One.

It is also the goal of the Nation of One to help the world develop a FREE FOOD SYSTEM and also FREE HEALTH CARE SYSTEM so the basic things that make being a human an enjoyable experience are understood RIGHTS to every human on earth.

It begins with FREE CLEAN ENERGY for everyone.

A global monetary system needs to be put into place so every human earns and uses ONE CURRENCY, the age of a few super elites running the worlds banking cartels will be over and the emerging monetary system will be operated by the Nation of One.

FREE Education for all citizens of earth will also be a goal of the Nation of One so every person has an equal opportunity to study the field of education they think is best suited for them.

Many companies will have to globalized and eventually become under the control of the Nation of One and yet some things could still be private enterprise.

Ability to connect to and use the global internet should be FREE to all citizens of earth as well.

THE PEOPLE and CITIZENS of the planet earth have the power to bring down every government and every major public or even private company that unjustly profits doing things that should be used to benefit all of humanity and not give unfair wealth to just a small percentage of people.

There is great potential in the human race and in its technology to create a wonderful new paradise on earth where all citizens have FREE CLEAN ENERGY, the right to not be hungry the right to proper medical care the right to freedom of speech and the right to connect to the amazing new technology that is the global web or the Internet.

The HUMAN RACE is ONE SPECIES no matter what your color is, no matter what your religious beliefs are no matter what sex you are, no matter what person you choose to love and have a relationship with.


Beware mankind, many elite are now in control of almost every facet of your life from what you read as ‘news’ to what you watch even on global controlled sites such as Youtube and even what you tweet about on Twitter.

Yet every person on earth can truly HELP mankind bring about the emergence of a new global government and justice system that recognizes truly that EVERY HUMAN IS EQUAL, PERIOD.

Big companies will attach this message, big companies will try to hide this message, big governments will try to block the formation of the Nation of One and yet in the near future many on earth will live to see the Nation of One form globally and advance the human race.

Silim Sul my friends and fellow humans.

That is ancient Sumerian for HEALTH AND LIGHT and that is the mantra of the Nation of One, we wish all HEALTH AND LIGHT to advance the human race since we are all ONE.

The Hon. Dr. Rabbi Sol Adoni

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Nation of One







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Messiah ERASED from Bibles


247 News

Alternative News Portal - Top Stories 15 Bureaus

247 News - Bureaus - Alternative - Sections

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Messiah ERASED from Bibles


247 News Podcasts Listen Here

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