Fractional Art NFTS own the Mona Lisa


Fractional Art NFTS own the Mona Lisa

By Staff of 247 News


NFT Art Tokens are here to stay and the latest ‘flex’ is showing off your digital wallet in your office or home so your guests and clients can play with it, view your taste in art and the value of your wallet.

While rare 1/1 NFTs are now mega million, some NFTS are being issued in very affordable mass editions, so anyone can afford a MUSEUM NFT by Rembrandt or even the Mona Lisa.

A company with a great looking NFT wallet filled with Mueum NFTS is Fractional Art .xyz

Anyone can get a crypto wallet today, and it can be accessed on a smart monitor via a simple wifi connection to the Net

So once you start to buy NFTS from Museums and famous Artists they show up in your digital wallet for anyone to view if they know the address.

Companies or people can remove the anonymous wallet by merely naming it on sites like

You can flix it to your social media where it’s now common for NFT Wallet owners to list to their various wallets like those on the #1 Marketplace OpenSea.

While many younger NFT ethusiasts are flexing with cartoon PFP’s that have crashed in value, Fractional Art believes the future of flexing is by large companies with traditional art from limited Mueum Collections.

As Web 3.0 projects are popping up everywhere, what is in your digital wallet will be your entry into virtual worlds being built where you can belong to clubs of other owners of a particular NFT Art project or online clubs and artists are fast creating virtual touring events where they perform now in virtual reality and don’t even have to tour.

Basically any large edition releaase is affordable to many people, while the rare 1/1 NFTS have sky rocketed to mega millions and only the wealthiest collectors can now own them.

So popular artists and museums are creating large edition NFTS that can range from $400 to $4000 in most cases for popular works of art from Museums and famous artists. So while the rare 1/1 is worth mega millions the more common mass edition works are affordable and show your taste in art and have utility in games and clubs etc.

It’s a virtual world and while a common NFT with a 100,000 or 1 Million might not ever reach millions in value, some are sure to increase in value as primary inexpensive sales are bought out by the 8 Billion humans who are now on the planet.

In the future as online games and immersive simulation universes evolve to your wallet being connected to your virtual home in VR land, what you own in digital art could become the class you are immersed into.




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