fracti Crypto Network acquires 50% of SimuVerses NFT Game Project


fracti Crypto Network acquires 50%

of SimuVerses NFT Game Project

By 247 News Net

fracti the FREE CRYPTO Network has been on a spending spree, today they acquired the VR Gaming Project SimuVerses recently launched as a NFT Game Play Token Project offering unlimited VR Game play for a game still in development.

The project is in a collaboration with HelixQ Think Tank a company that has been talking about the future computer chips that will use 10 dimensional computer projecessors theorized by the Great Genius Dr. Sol Adoni a man with 13 Doctorates known mostly fo rhis ability to put exact details of future events in his famous Prophecies as the Great SOLLOG.

Inside sources claim the deal was for 50% of the 4 Million unlimited game play tokens listed on Opensea at 1 Eth, the price is now 2.5 ETH so the acquistion has given fracti a 150% profit in one day.

Will people fork over $10,000 for an unlimited VR Game Token?

fracti told us it doesn’t matter if the tokens sell or not, the first generation of the Ancient Greece Game is so good it will easily bring in $50 a month from players looking to be immersed into the next level of VR Gaming, it is that good.

The video promo shows a whole new level of 3D immersion for walking around Ancient Greece that simply doesn’t exist yet in VR Gaming. It’s said to be very Bandwidth intenssive, so playes will need huge bandwidth from the SimuVerses to play in the game as well as heavy loads on super computers to play the game. So the acquistion was more about getting a 50% share of monthly VR player fees for this NFT Gaming Universe project.

In the future, when super computers have 10 dimensional processors, the VR will be so realistic, fracti says it will simulate real life, you won’t be able to tell the difference.

SimuVerses under development include immersive games for

Ancient Greece

Ancient Rome

Middle Ages

Wild West

Other Verses (Game Universes) are on the drawing board reps for SimuVerses told us.




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