First Billion Dollar Painting

First Billion Dollar Painting

Scientific Formula for Proof of God Offered at

Over $1 Billion USD



Sollog’s Name of God work Sold  $1.1 Billion


Sollog Art Exhibit Museum Modern Art


The famous SOLLOG Proof of GOD Painting known as the CREATOR FORMULA was put up for Sale by TOH the Religious Foundation founded by SOLLOG it is the first Painting valued at One Billion USD. View Painting Here

Sollog is credited with developing 8 New Styles of Painting, the most of any artist in history. You can view the Sollog Art Exhibit at the Museum Modern Art at:

Sollog Art Exhibit Museum Modern Art

The formula in the Painting was released in 1995 by SOLLOG when he formed his religious movement known as TOH (Temple of ‘Hayah) which has millions of followers all over the world due to the amazing prophetic abilities of SOLLOG.

The controversial Artist named SOLLOG, who is now the most valuable living artist in the world, has recently put up some of his art from his foundation including his famous scientific painting for his Creator Formula.

The reason SOLLOG Art is so valuable according to the artist, is who he is, not what he created. He coined the phrases, “It’s not the art, it’s the who!” To explain why some of his canvas oils now in museums are worth $250 Million.

Imagine, a work of art by say John Smith, the founder of Church  of LDS. His followers would make it a priceless work.

The same if a work came to auction from say Mohammad, Jesus or Moses. It would instantly become the most valuable work of art in history, not due to the art, but the who that created it.

The controversial Artist SOLLOG formed the fastest growing religion in history. It sprang from one person the artist in 1995, and his Temple now has millions of members around the world. See TEMPLE OF HAYAH.

He has been famous for decades due to his religious prophecies that predicted acts of God such as Katrina, the Great 2004 Tsunami and the 2011 Fukushima Event.

For 25 years he warned his followers go to remote areas due to the Great Plague of 2020.

When  the commercial Net began in the mid 90’s his network had over a million people a day going to his sites that write about his prophecies. His oils first sold for only $10,000 to $25,000 USD.

After 911 when he was front page news all over world for his 911 Warning, his oils jumped to $100,000 USD. His name is banned inside the US Media by order of the US Government.

After he nailed the 2004 Tsunami prophecy his oils went to $1 Million USD.

After he predicted the Fukushima Disaster his oils increased to $10 million.

For 25 years he warned of the Great Plague of 2020. Now his oils have jumped to $100 Million USD.

If you have $10 Million that’s what his Zodiac Oils cost, a bargain compared to his normal $100 Million oils. Mere mortals can get a hand drawn zodiac on his site for only $10,000. An original Drawing by one of the most expensive artists in the world for only $10,000, what a steal.

A few works related to his top achievements are valued at a staggering $250 Million USD. All are owned by museums.

One work owned by the museum run by his Temple is a large work using Gold Oil paint spelling out the ancient name of God given to Moses, that being ‘Hayah. It is written in an an ancient Hebrew alphabet only a few academics can read.

Name of God HAYAH Original Oil Painting by SOLLOG value 250 Million USD
Name of God HAYAH Original Oil Painting by SOLLOG value 250 Million USD

The Creator Formula had been valued at $250 Million USD work but it is now for sale at over $1 BILLION USD, making it the first painting worth ONE BILLION.

It is related to a scientific formula he found in religious texts in 1995 when he formed TOH, that creates the circumference of the earth. It is called the CREATOR FORMULA.

SOLLOG is known for new theories in math and physics including his Theory E work that shows Newton, Einstein and Hawkins were all wrong.

He also founded a $100 Billion dollar crypto project.

He is also a musician and his last album had 50 million downloads on Soundcloud even though YouTube banned his 150 music videos that predicted exact locations of future tragedies.

He has written over 100 books and produced around 30 Films.

Like he explains, the value of art is not the art, it is the WHO that created it.

His name is SOLLOG and he is the most controversial Artist in the world due to who he claims to be.

The first BILLION DOLLAR PAINTING was created by SOLLOG.



The Sollog NAME OF GOD Painting in Gold was sold to a Crypto Fund for over $1 Billion.

SOLLOG formed the fasted growing religious movement in History known as TOH or Temple of ‘Hayah.

This BILLION DOLLAR ART was done almost 20 years ago by SOLLOG for his TOH Foundation it is done in GOLD OIL PAINT using ancient Hebrew Characters that very few non-academics who specialize in proto-hebrew script can read.


Name of God HAYAH Original Oil Painting by SOLLOG value 250 Million USD
Name of God HAYAH Original Oil Painting by SOLLOG value 250 Million USD

It got a $1 BILLION USD bid on it, shattering the $250 Million valuation put on it.



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