#FIREJUDGESINGER Broward County Judge Singer being Investigated for ATTEMPTED MURDER

Judge Tobin-Singer
Judge Tobin-Singer



Broward County Judge Singer

Being Investigated for ATTEMPTED MURDER

Exclusive by 247 News


The world famous Rabbi SOLLOG who Prophesized the Collapse of the Miami Condo Building Collapse on the Summer Solstice has filed complaints on Broward Judge Michele Towbin Singer who is an elected County Official and falls under investigative review of the Inspectors General office of Broward County as an elected official.

Rabbi SOLLOG already has a JUDGMENT for $100 BILLION on Judge Singer for Intentional Infliction of Physical and Emotional Duress on the Rabbi when she ordered him to do hearings while he was in a cardiac care unit for a major heart attack he suffered. We reported on the ATTEMPTED MURDER case on Judge Singer last year.

When Rabbi SOLLOG started a Civil Case in Broward on the whacko judge who has ordered the Rabbi to call a female lawyer in his Injury Case MR (see article), Judge Singer retaliated and started to fire off retaliatory orders to abuse Rabbi SOLLOG who is a disabled senior adult with a serious heart condition.

The Hon. Rabbi is the retired Chief Justice of an International Supreme Court he ran for the fasted growing religion in history, TOH (Temple of ‘Hayah). He has six case cites in the US Supreme Court, where over 90% of filings are rejected for not being done correctly.

Rabbi SOLLOG recently did a $3 BILLION DOLLAR DEAL with a new Crypto 3.0 Project allowing them to mint one million copies of his famous CREATOR FORMULA artwork that is considered by millions of his fans to be the PROOF OF GOD Equation that is valued at $10 Billion USD and in a museum. His NAME OF GOD Painting recently sold to a crypto fund for $1 BILLION USD.

Judge Singer is sitting on a Civil Case in which Rabbi SOLLOG is seeking to enforce a $50 BILLION USD judgment on Nationwide Insurance, she has called Rabbi SOLLOG a liar in court records and Rabbi SOLLOG got a LIBEL JUDGMENT on her for her lies. He also has a civil rights violations judgment on Judge Singer and the damage he suffered when she literally tried to kill the Rabbi by ordering him to do hearings when his doctors have letters in his case stating he cannot do such things until he has heart surgery.

Rabbi SOLLOG  is also enforcing international judgments that he has on the scumbag lawyers in the civil case who have conspired with Judge Singer to try to kill him according to SOLLOG. He has judgments on Ronald Kammer for making religious hate crime remarks about the Rabbi, Kammer is a partner in Hinshaw and  Culbertson, Sanaz Alempour of Cole Scott & Kissane the largest firm in Florida that is stocked with ex Judges now employed by the power house firm that has been found liable of trying to kill Rabbi SOLLOG. Whacko Judge Singer has ordered Rabbi SOLLOG  to call Ms. Alempour a young female attorney MR. That is how grossly incompetent Judge Singer is.

Judge in Florida usually enjoy immunity from lawsuits but as ELECTED County Officials they are under investigative review of the county Inspector Generals, they can have criminal charges bought against them for criminal abuse of litigants and have Federal 1983 cases filed on them.

Rabbi SOLLOG trying to have an international judgment adopted on a Judge is a new twist on how you can SUE a Bad Judge.





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