Elon Musk Space X Mars Program a FRAUD says Dr. Adoni

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Elon Musk Space X Mars Program

a FRAUD says Dr. Adoni

By Staff of 247 News


Based on Dr. Sol Adoni Article about Elon Musk


Yesterday the great genius Dr. Sol Adoni who has proven he has the ability to guarantee future events called out in his latest post to his blog  Elon Musk, stating that Musk was like Edison and Einstein a FRAUD, something the SEC did accuse Elon Musk being not long ago.

Dr. Sol Adoni who recently rewrote all the laws of physics with his THEORY E formula that explains everything in the Universe simply arose from plasma and electrons and protons. Yes, our entire Universe can be created or scaled up by computer models once Protons and Electrons simply exist.

Dr. Sol Adoni in his THEORY E states Einstein didn’t develop E=MC^2 and the formula is just a simple mathematical trick creating an infinity loop if you understand math which Dr. Sol Adoni does better than anyone due to discovering decades ago the Prime Algorithm that rewrote the laws of mathematics. The Prime Algorithm states Primes are not random and the sequence for all Primes greater than 5 involves a simple 30 Mod spiral on 8 Prime Channels and this fact was something every great mind in math searched for, for the entire history of mathematics the question to are primes random or do they obey a law.

Dr. Sol Adoni also destroyed Newton’s Universal Law of Gravity saying it is false since gases which have mass particles are not attracted to the huge mass of particles that form the planet Earth and it is only the Ionosphere that traps the particles in gases such as nitrogen, helium and oxygen that keeps the atmosphere of Earth in check and like Tesla thought, the electrodynamics of the Earths core is really what creates gravity not mass particles being attracted to other mass particles due to mass but electricity.

In a post to the site where Dr. Sol Adoni pontificates as he calls it on anything that moves him, the Great One wrote an article about why he considered it an INSULT to be called by a person who recently met him as brilliant like Elon Musk.

Dr. Sol Adoni corrected the person explaining that Elon Musk is just like Edison a person in the public consciousness that used other peoples ideas to get rich. In the article Dr. Sol Adoni sliced open the public persona of Elon Musk as being exactly similar to Edison, a person that Musk admits is his role model. Like Edison did over 100 years before him, Musk buys into ideas and MARKETS THEM.

Now you were taught Edison INVENTED the light bulb but the TRUTH is he bought the patent and simply marketed it and in marketing his product he bought the rights to, he hired the real Genius Nikola Tesla who in working for Edison on his failed idea to create a myriad of DC (Direct Current) Power Plants that would have to be located around one mile from each other if DC had become the electrical grid of this planet, instead AC (Alternating Current) invented by Tesla not Edison became the way electricity is used in our modern world where AC power can be sent many miles from each power plant instead of local plants that DC power would require.

This site evolved out of a 1995 Project called What’s Hot In, which is no longer used by the company that operates 247 News. What’s Hot In was a local news and local search project that morphed into two entities around 1998, 247 News and Thee Underground which is now 1 Underground.

247 News creates original news content and aggregates hundreds of news sources including all the major news bureaus. Thee Underground featured alternative and radical news as well as the heavy traffic material humans are fascinated with. Now 247 News is just one of hundreds of portals operated by 1 MEDIA which operates the 1 SEARCH Project and many Local Search Portals such as 1 London and 1 Las Vegas and 1 New York City, etc.

This all originated in Philadelphia from 1995 to 1998 when What’s Hot In was heavily promoting it’s local search and news articles in the Philadelphia Market when Elon Musk was a student in the Philadelphia area at the U of Pennsylvania and later Wharton business school. After school Musk formed his own local search company and quickly sold it to raise capital to create things such as X.com an early online banking project that later morphed into Paypal after X.com merged with another company doing bank transfers.

Did Elon Musk invent the concept of local news and search online as many now credit him with, NO HE DID NOT, many companies existed as early as 1995 doing that exact thing.

Years later when Yahoo raised lots of money, they even for a while were a major player in local business searches and then Google came along and it now owns that idea.

While Paypal was still forming it’s brand, Elon Musk was replaced way before that company went public and upon obtaining that bankroll of almost 200 Million USD, Musk then bought into an existing company now known as Tesla. Named after Nikola Tesla who invented the electric motor and the first electric cars over 100 years ago used his idea and only the mass production by Henry Ford eventually allowed cars to be withing the price range of many consumers made the modern car possible. There was an interesting lawsuit by one of the original founders of the modern Tesla Car Company in which one of the real founders sued Elon Musk for saying he founded the company. The simple truth is Elon Musk just bought into the idea and didn’t found it, although the case was settled out of court so Elon Musk can now claim being a ‘founder’ of Tesla Motors now known as “Tesla”.

So where is X.com today?

Well Elon Musk still owns the name and for a while it advertised or MARKETED hats for his ‘Boring’ company it now just resolves to a blank page with a simple small case letter x in the top left area of the page. It is one of just a few one letter domains that still exist, something ICAAN quickly disallowed after a few were registered. The others are Q.com and Z.com. A few more may be registered but none resolve at the present moment.

Now Dr. Sol Adoni in his trashing of Elon Musk basically explained how in the future Elon Musk is associated with huge failures. SpaceX will fail for one reason Dr. Sol Adoni says, Mars has a dead core and will never support a strong Ionosphere that can hold a life supporting atmosphere.

The Hyper-Loop will fail when catastrophic super quakes in the 8.5+ range hit the west coast of the United States says Dr. Sol Adoni .

The huge carbon footprint of Tesla Cars will also doom Tesla to failure says Dr. Sol Adoni. Tesla was the only electric car company to face a huge carbon tax by a country for how bad the carbon footprint of the product is. That claim is based on the nation of Singapore for slapping Tesla with a huge carbon tax. Also, many new problems with Tesla Cars are emerging due to use. They illegally used other companies software for many years in another huge case against Tesla and Tesla owners in cold weather climates are complaining the car is not usable due to having to have its passenger windows slightly open before the door can open and in areas prone to heavy freezing in the winter, Tesla car owners cannot even open the door to get into their prized Tesla’s.

The the serious FRAUD allegations leveled by the SEC are yet to be fully understood by investors as to what it means to have Elon Musk no longer be the chairman of the company.

Dr. Sol Adoni who theorized 6 and 10 dimensional bytes of data in the mid 1970’s and hold international patents on cube and decagon shaped bytes through his AI Think Tank operating as HelixQ says the human mind will never merge with any computer that uses binary bytes as data, so the Neural-Link company of Elon Musk is also doomed to failure.

The myth of Elon Musk being the founder and inventor of so many ideas and companies is simply not true. He bought into the company that became Paypal and is just one of many known as the Paypal Mafia that made Paypal what it became.

Tesla Motors did not invent the electric car and the modern company existed before Elon Musk BOUGHT into it with his Paypal bankroll when Paypal went public.

It seems the hyper-loop will soon start a small tube service in California but when the huge quakes hit California soon as Dr. Sol Adoni is saying will occur shortly, the foolish idea of an underground transit system in California will soon cease to exist due to quakes in the near future says Dr. Sol Adoni.

The FRAUD of SpaceX is that the concept is not new, for decades before Elon Musk was even born, many have speculated on colonizing Mars and trying to build a new atmosphere with hot houses and plants. Well that theory is seriously flawed due to how weak the Ionosphere of Mars is. There’s a reason Mars lost it’s atmosphere that once supported slowing rivers and even seas or oceans the planets core lost most of it’s electromagnetic field causing the loss of a biosphere and atmosphere to support complex life forms billions of years ago and mankind will never be able to reactivate the core of Mars to create the type of strong Ionosphere the planet would need to actually be a real colonization project. SpaceX has had numerous catastrophic launch issues and once such a failure takes human lives, that event will bankrupt SpaceX says Dr. Sol Adoni.

Dr. Sol Adoni says, the issue of bandwidth is not the problem that will face Elon Musk’s attempts to merge the human brain with super computers in his Neural-Link project, the fact the computers are binary is the flaw and no one can use Dr. Sol Adoni‘s idea of cube and decagon bytes that ushers in the real age of AI intelligence in the future.

So while Elon Musk currently enjoys pop star status with much of the world, when his failures start to mount and he becomes bankrupt then the name Elon Musk will be understood to mean one thing, huge colossal technical failures.

So enjoy your 15 minutes of fame Elon,  it is now over 15 years and soon your ventures start to collapse and your name becomes a synonym for failed bad technology.

So saith the Great Genius Dr. Sol Adoni.









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