Dr. Sol Adoni accuses Singlehop of FRAUD and being a Bad Hosting Company

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Dr. Sol Adoni

Accuses Singlehop of FRAUD

Being a Bad Hosting Company

Dr. Sol Adoni founded a huge Internet Content Network that specializes in helping Lawyers, Doctors, Realtors, the Auto Industry and Contractors in their Internet Marketing needs.

He is involved in an AI Think Tank he founded and he has a wall full of honorary doctorates due to his theories in math, physics, astrophysics and AI. He is the author of over 100 Books and many are on the Internet and Internet Marketing as well as SEO, PPC and SEM.

He says a recent outage to his network that should of been a few hours lasted 36 Hours due to the incompetence of Singlehop and their key executives Andy Pace COO, Zac Boca CEO and Dan Ushman (Founder) and what he calls their low end tech department.

His argument is in the age of MANAGED Dedicated Servers and the Cloud, they charged him for years to MANAGE his server and yet they let his managed server lapse 2 versions behind in the OS and 4 Versions in the important cPanel they use to manage the server.

Dr. Adoni gave the founder of cPanel Nic Koston one of his first tech jobs in the 1990’s to develop scripts for his network that became the heart of cPanel the top server management software now.

Dr. Adoni told the techs at Singlehop what to do to get his network up quickly and they refused to do what he instructed them to do causing another 24 hour delay in bringing his large network of sites back online. Finally they listened to him and did what he suggested and his network was then quickly restored in a few hours from R1 backup.

Now Dr. Adoni is publicly warning everyone to stay away from Singlehop and what he calls their Fraudulent ‘managed server plans’ since they do not properly manage servers in not updating the OS and cPanel properly as well as not doing routine diagnostics to find hardware issues that inevitable occur on servers with high traffic demands.

Our network runs on the Adoni Server Network and was down along with all his professional clients and many other portals such as 1 eBooks and the 1 Search Network so we are now all being put in a very large class action lawsuit against Singlehop for harming our brands and companies.

Here is the Dr. Adoni article that explains why Singlehop is a BAD HOSTING COMPANY in the words of the infamous Dr. Adoni.

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Beware Bad Hosting Company Singlehop FRAUD


Beware Bad Hosting Company

Singlehop FRAUD

By Dr. Sol Adoni

Founder of the Adoni Network

For over 20 years my network has had dedicated servers and now we’re in the cloud but some of our network is still on old technology such as dedicated servers.

For quite some time we used SingleHop a server company out of Chicago founded by Zac Boca and Dan Ushman and their COO is Andy Pace.

Due to recent problems with our Network on their hub, I am now publicly warning everyone they are a complete FRAUD.

They sell ‘managed dedicated servers’ and their concept of what that is is a joke and leads me to proclaim for the world to hear they are nothing but a SCAM COMPANY and committing FRAUD.

The reason I say this is my dedicated server with them that this site runs on besides being in the ‘Cloud’ was a managed dedicated server and yet the incompetent 3 Stooges as they are now being called in Social Media of Zac, Dan and Andy allowed my server to lapse 2 versions behind in the OS and 4 versions in it’s WHM which is cPanel founded by Nic a young kid I gave a job to in the 1990’s writing scripts for my first network on the Net where he created lots of the stuff that eventually became cPanel.

Anyway, SingleHop failed to MANAGE the server properly, they failed to update the OS and they failed to update cPanel and they failed to do routine periodic hardware that would have detected a major failure of the Harddrive that resulted in hundreds of Adoni clients being off line for 36 hours.

Oh, Singlehop claims the server was up but a 100 Load on the processor to a failing hard drive made the network not fit to buy all the PPC ads we manage for clients. So we had to turn off hundreds of PPC accounts so clients wouldn’t lose a fortune buying ads for pages on our large network of professional and trade portals.

Yet those clients had huge damages in not having new clients from my network see their ads and do millions of dollars in business with them.

I lost all fees my company would have earned in managing fees for running the PPC ads to my network of portals.

When we noticed the load was running between 20 and 100 early in the morning 2 days ago, we contacted the support team that misdiagnosed the HD problem for many hours then when they realized it was a failing HD they did the WRONG RECOVERY PROCEDURE and ignored my requests to just deploy a new server and recover with the excellent backup system known as R1. So at most the outage should have been a few hours instead it was 36 hours.

Now this is not the first time this has happened and the last time Mr. Andy Pace personally assured me such a long outage would never occur again.

Well it has and the network was not restored until their incompetent techs DID WHAT IS SAID TO DO almost a day earlier.

Once their tech department did what I said, BINGO my network was back up in a few hours.

Now I have to SUE SINGLEHOP for FRAUD they did not properly mange my server and did no routine diagnostics to detect a HD was failing nor did they keep the OS and cPanel up to date.

My damages for lost income for 2 working days they can survive, the damage to my business reputation and to the lost income of my clients will most likely BANKRUPT SingleHop.

So my suggestion to you if you have a SingleHop server MOVE NOW before they are out of business since they cannot survive the class action lawsuit my lawyers are forming to have my clients and me properly compensated for the FRAUD they are doing claiming they manage servers when they do not.

See you in court Zac, Dan and Andy.

I suggest you contact my attorney to SETTLE NOW.


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