Donald Trump Family Name really DRUMPF

Donald Trump Family Name


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Meet Donald DRUMPF

aka Donald TRUMP

By Dr. Sol Adoni

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Donald Drumpf
Donald Drumpf

Donald Drumpf is the real name of Donald Trump. The reason is simple, the IMMIGRANT from Germany who was the Donald’s grandfather and father of his father, was Frederick Drumpf. Frederick Drumpf did like many immigrants did over 100 years ago when immigrating to the USA, he anglicized his foreign name to sound more American when he hit the shores of America in 1885 as an IMMIGRANT.

In a recycled ‘book’ published by the Dinosaur CEO of a major publishing house whom I love to bash, that being Caroline Reidy the CEO of Simon and Schuster, the ‘book’ originally titled THE TRUMPS is now republished as Donald Trump The Candidate written by Gwenda Blair. The ‘book’ details the sordid family history of Donald Drumpf and the alleged pimp grandfather and drug dealer Fred Trump aka Frederick Drumpf who was kicked out of German for tax evasion and being a draft dodger is fully revealed.

Donald Trump The Candidate
Donald Trump The Candidate

In the ‘book’, Gwenda Blair reveals that Fred Trump aka Frederick Drumpf owned some real slimy businesses in his career and the Trump Biographer reveals they included Gold Rush era Bars complete with Opium Dens and Prostitutes.

The BIG PIMP Fred Trump as he is being called around the Net, if you know where to look, died in 1918 leaving behind a nice small fortune in that era that would be worth over $500,000.00 today. Trump’s father was only 15 when his PIMP DADDY died, and he waited almost 30 years to sire The Donald in 1946.

So the Donald never had the fortune of actually meeting his Pimp Grand Daddy Frederick Drumpf who was actually deported from Germany as a draft dodger and TAX EVADER, when he tried to be repatriated in Germany after he made his haul of gold from the USA.

Frederick Drumpf
Frederick Drumpf

So the Donald never knew his Grand Daddy Pimp Frederick Drumpf and he grew up with an old man as a father since his dad was 43 when the Donald was born.

Maybe the reason the Donald has such a low opinion of women is he knows his family history, the early money of the Drumpf’s in America was made off young whores as well as from selling Opium in Gold Rush Bars owned by the Pimp Grand Daddy of the Donald.

The Donald never grew up with the wisdom of a Grandfather from his father’s side and his own father was an old man when he was born, since he waited until the age of 43 to have the Donald. Most kids have a far more youthful father figure than the Donald had, that usually teach young boys to respect women. He didn’t have the sage advice of a grandfather on his father’s side either.

Even more interesting, is the fact that Pimp Grand Daddy Fred Trump tried to return to Germany where he was DEPORTED as a draft evader and TAX DODGER. No wonder the Donald bragged it’s ‘Smart’ to not pay Federal Taxes in the Great Debate the other night, it is the MO of his family to be tax dodgers.

As was pointed out in the debates, when the Donald took over the slumlord projects of his own father as his ‘business’ in the 1960’s, the family slumlord projects were one of the first companies targeted by the DOJ for being a RACIST Property Owner, since the DOJ charged the Donald and his father with refusing to rent to minorities including Blacks and Hispanics. As the Donald pointed out, it was ‘settled’ so the Donald can brag he was not found ‘guilty’, but the settlement was for MILLIONS so it was a LOSS in the eyes of anyone that deals with corporate litigation. You don’t ‘settle’ with the DOJ for MILLIONS if you are innocent of the charges.

The Donald’s latest wife was a NUDE MODEL that did softcore nude photos before she became the Trophy Wife of the Donald. I’m sure Frederick Drumpf would be proud his grandson who not only married a woman many would consider to be a WHORE for doing nude modeling, but he also has the record for corporate bankruptcies for filings over a Billion Dollars in the USA and he is now on the verge of becoming the President of the United States. Plus it appears the Donald is like his Pimp Grand Daddy a plain and simple TAX DODGER.

The New York Post recently put a Front Page Story about the NUDE PHOTOS of Melania Trump on their Newspaper as did many other newspaper around the world.

NY Post Nude Photos Melania Trump
NY Post Nude Photos Melania Trump

Here is Mrs. Drumpf the Trophy Wife of the Donald posing for a family photo with the newest child of the Donald with a collage of a few of her famous nude photos. Many would view Melania Trump as a common WHORE for her numerous NUDE PHOTO SESSIONS done not that long ago.

Trump Wife Nude Photos
Trump Wife Nude Photos

Hail Drumpf!

Hail Drumpf!

Hail Drumpf!

3 Generations of Drumpf’s


Meet The Drumpf's
Meet The Drumpf’s


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