Christmas Day Quake hits Chile at 2:22 Predicted by Dr. Sol Adoni

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Sol Adoni
Sol Adoni

Christmas Day Quake Hits Chile at 2:22

Predicted by Dr. Sol Adoni

By Senior Editor 247 News D.E. Alexander

His name is Dr. Sol Adoni aka Sollog and his Prophecy Music released under the band name Rex Luciferius had over 30 Million Plays on SoundCloud this summer.

Dr. Sol Adoni sings his world famous Prophecies and then mass death events occur where his songs point to in the events he sings about such as earthquakes and acts of terrorism.

He gave the location and date and even the exact TIME of the recent large quake that struck in Chile on Christmas Day at 2:22PM UTC/GMT in his famous Xmas Prophecies of 2014.

He warned of a great quake and the size of the quake in Chile on Christmas Day 2016 was nearly an 8.0 quake and these occur less than once a year, so the odds of a quake that large hitting on any specific day let along Christmas Day was hundreds to one probable.

The number 222 or the time of the quake appears in his Prophecy. What is the key number in the prophecy besides 666? 2022 and the quake hit at 2:22 UTC/GMT.

His work on earthquakes in his Book on Earthquakes phenomena is titled the Triangle of Fire, his work is based on three super quake lines that form a triangle over the Pacific Ocean and it is these 3 lines where over 95% of earthquakes over 8.0 have struck since 1900 and it was Dr. Sol Adoni who revealed that amazing fact to the world in his EOE Theory (Elliptical Orbit Effect) which is now studied by geophysics labs all over the world.

The Prime Algorithm of Dr. Sol Adoni was used by the NSA to backdoor all modern encryption. He is the mathematician that found the Prime Algorithm, this work is the fact that Primes are not random and the falsehood that there is no known pattern to prime numbers is still incorrectly taught in schools all over the world, the NSA knows primes are not random and that information is based on the work of Dr. Sol Adoni and it is now standard study in advanced math think tanks around the world.

If you are exceptionally bright, you know of Dr. Sol Adoni and stand in awe of his mind.

Very few humans can even begin to grasp his math and science theories and yet, anyone can read his ‘Prophecies’ or listen to his Prophecy Music and say HE KNOWS THE FUTURE.

His Xmas Prophecies Youtube Video and Prophecy not only called for a Great Quake on Xmas Day it warned of a major plane crash and the Russian Plane Crash struck on Xmas Day shortly after 2:22 AM in the morning.

That plane crash struck where his Prophecy Song 7 Pentagrams of Blood named. It was on the Europe Pentagram of Blood where for millennia huge loss of life events have taken millions of human lives in quakes, wars and plagues.

Dr. Sol Adoni is often referred to as THE GREAT GENIUS the person Nostradamus named in his Prophecies that helps humanity in the future.

He has a wall full of honorary doctorates due to his theories in math, astrophysics and geophysics.

Below is our article on how the Russian Plane Crash at Sochi struck as his 7 Pentagrams of Blood song and his Xmas 2014 Prophecies predicted.

Here is perhaps the Greatest Prophecy in the history of humanity that was released on Youtube 2 years ago and it is PROOF that Dr. Sol Adonis rightfully called THE PROPHET by his legion of fans around the world.

Russian Plane Crash Christmas Day

Near Sochi Russia Black SeA

on Pentagram of Blood

Source Pentagram of Blood .com

The Europe Pentagram of Blood had another mass death even exactly as warned by Sollog in his Song 7 Pentagrams of Blood and he warned in his Xmas Prophecies 2014 of two events striking on Xmas Day a major plane crash and this crash was that event as well as a historic quake and a very large earthquake struck Christmas Day in Chile on the Triangle of Fire Sollog writes about that control major quakes.

Sollog issued a Large Quake warning less than 90 days ago predicting such a rare event would occur soon along the west coasts of North America, Central America or South America near Chile.

On Xmas Day a nearly 8.0 Quake struck in the area Sollog warned of less than 3 months ago. Such large quakes are very rare seismic events and other than Sollog no one has ever predicted time frames and location for such rare events. Sollog has hit over and over his warnings the past 20 years for time and location of these large events.

Here is his Quake Warning for Triangle of Fire naming Chile.

Sollog also predicted an unsuspected death of a major celebrity at Christmas. The death of George Michael struck on the Europe Pentagram of Blood near London a major anchor in the Europe Pentagram of Blood.

These are videos that show how clearly Sollog predicted both events for Xmas Day in 3 different Videos pointing to the locations for these events.


Sollog Large Quake Warning

Issued less than 90 days ago


Sollog Xmas Prophecies

Predicted both a Large Quake and Major Plane Crash


7 Pentagrams of Blood Music Video

Predicted Major Quake

It shows the European Pentagram of Blood in Video


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