#Artist #Sollog claims #Opensea stole his #Art

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Crypto Gods
Crypto Gods


#Artist #Sollog claims #Opensea stole his #Art

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SOLLOG Art Auction Closes with $1.1 Billion Dollar Buyer


A major artist that shattered all records in the Art World when a Crypto Fund acquired one of his most famous artworks for $1 Billion Dollars, is publicly accusing Opensea and it’s founder of ART THEFT.

The artist is known as SOLLOG

Famous for being a modern Nostradamus type seer who formed the world’s fastest growing religion and whose site has more traffic than more known artist names such as Hirst and Hockney and more traffic than most museums, has warned on Twitter that Opensea is using Ethereum and sites like Rarible to take credit for his new $2.5 Billion Dollar Art Project.

The Project is Crypto Gods App.

You can see Million Dollar artworks on Opensea, the biggest market for NFT Art Tokens, in a collection known as Crypto Gods App

Recent transfers of the rarest Crypto Gods that are worth $10 Million each are now listed on sites like Rarible as belonging to a Opensea Collection and not to the $2.5 Billion Collection Project Sollog created.


The artwork that was sold to a mega billion dollar crypto fund now shows

Creator SOLLOG

Owner NFT Fund

Collection Opensea Store

The real collection is

Crypto Gods App

There are only 9 Crypto Gods created by SOLLOG who has six case cites in the US Supreme Court.

He loves to sue and will go all the way to the Supreme Court if he thinks he was wronged.

Why is this a big deal?

NFT Art Tokens are supposed to prove provenance in the art World.

Ethereum created the protocol that art tokens known as NFTs use.

Opensea is the main market for Art Tokens.

Rarible is one of the top NFT secondary markets outside of Opensea.

Crypto Gods App were created in a limited amount using a tiered Minting state.

There are 9 Crypto Gods so only 9 first state mints exist, they are called 1/1 or unique very rare Tokens, like Beeples 1/1 that sold for $69 Million at a Christie’s Auction.

In the past Artists created an Original then did a first run limited litho or giclee print of usually 10 copies.

Then 100 print runs might be made and even 1,000 print runs.

That is the Crypto God formula.

1/1 9 exist

1/10 90

1/100 900

1/1000 9,000

In total there are less than 10,000 Crypto Gods by SOLLOG in existence making them rarer than Crypto Punks.

Crypto Punks now sell for $50k for commons and $10 million for the rarest punks.

Crypto Punks are a collection or series.

Crypto Gods are a collection or a series.

Yet, Crypto Gods are now listed on sites such as Rarible as from the Opensea Collection and not from the SOLLOG Crypto Gods App Collection.

You can see the correct collection on Opensea, but as the tokens went to new owners Opensea was credited as the Collection source not Crypto Gods.

This is a big deal, since the whole claim to fame of NFTs is provenance, Opensea is a store, it didn’t even sell the art, SOLLOG having so much traffic sells art in his stores and also thru new auction sites and it is used to fuel new social crypto coins.

Users earn social crypto using new sites that pay users for using their network.

Users can earn $10,000 on such sites and acquire a $10,000 SOLLOG work of art like a Crypto God.

New owners can list these tokens on sites like Opensea or Rarible .

Well, Ethereum puts information about who created the art, who it is sold to, how much if ETH is used, etc. It appears Opensea has found a weakness in the ETH block chain jumping collection information.

Art from a Collection Brand upon change of ownership records the Art from Opensea Collection not the rightful collection created by the artist.

Looking at original works on Opensea showing Sollog created art in the Crypto God App Collection still for sale, then following the sold artworks into secondary markets such as Rarible , it’s easy to see Opensea  has fudged the supposedly  unfudgeible Non Fungible Token or NFT and stolen Collection Attribution Rights.

If it’s not fixed immediately, the whole NFT industry could collapse as well as the value of Ethereum.

NFTs was the first big real world use of ETH smart contracts.

This is a major flaw in Ethereum smart contracts, they know appear to be quite dumb.






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