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Says Tech Genius

Dr. Adoni speaks and stocks crash. He did it with the 2008 Global Stock Crash and he did it with the .com Bubble crash of 2000.

Now Dr. Adoni is warning the world that the Stock of Amazon is about to CRASH AND BURN.

Dr. Adoni has forgotten more about computers and programming than most of the so-called tech geniuses in our era will ever learn.

The reason is simple, Dr. Adoni founded his first tech company in the middle 1970’s as a 15 year old when there were no PC’s even.

Since then he has created numerous software companies and a bunch of internet companies.

Dr. Adoni has been at war with Amazon the past couple of months over what he calls the monopoly power that Amazon wields in the Publishing Industry today.  Dr. Adoni who founded a digital Publishing Company over 20 years ago doesn’t like what Amazon is doing now in the Publishing Industry so he’s been bashing the company and it’s CEO Jeff Bezos resulting in Amazon stealing he claims up 99% of his royalties most days.

Now Dr. Adoni explains why Amazon IS NOT A TECH COMPANY and how Jeff Bezos is committing FRAUD ON INVESTORS with his FCF (Free Cash Flow) valuations on Amazon. It is a 100% SCAM says Dr. Adoni who predicted the collapse of the .com bubble at the end of 1999 and who predicted the global stock meltdown of 2008.

So if you like to gamble on the stock market, it looks like AMAZON IS A GREAT SHORT.

In a monumental rant on technology and how Dr. Adoni started his career in it almost 40 years ago in 1976, Dr.  Adoni calls some of the greatest figures of tech nothing but THIEVES.

Dr. Adoni has a wall full of Honorary Doctorates on his office wall due to the fact his theories greatly advanced prime number theory, physics, astrophysics and even geophysics.

Dr. Adoni is the genius behind HelixQ a super advanced software code that is still waiting for humanity to catch up with Dr. Adoni’s AI level of dimensional math and computer language software that needs 6 and even 10 dimensional processors.

Dr. Adoni rewrote our laws in math about prime numbers when he released the PRIME ALGORITHM that every great mind in mathematics searched for the past 2,500 years.

His EOE Theory  (Elliptical Orbit Effect on Plate Tectonics) is cutting edge now in geophysics and he has accurately predicted locations and dates for very large quakes.

His PDF Theory (Planetary Distance Formula) allowed NASA to find large dwarf planets recently where his theory said they would be found!

Dr. Adoni’s public rants on what a SCAM Amazon is for authors and publishers has led Amazon to recently ban some of his famous math books and even a 1,000 page academic work of Dr. Adoni on the historical life of Jesus.

Is a company that makes only 1 Billion dollars a year really worth hundreds of billions as the stock value of Amazon indicates?


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