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Amazon CIA Kindle NSA Device

By D.E. Alexander

CIA Project Amazon


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So you have a Kindle or a Kindle App.  Nice isn’t it. Well did you know that Amazon has a contract with the CIA and NSA for almost 1 BILLION Bucks. You see Amazon is the Cloud provider for the CIA and NSA.

Amazon allows the CIA and NSA to have a spot in the Cloud to put all that data they collect violating your civil rights to privacy.

We live in the age of BIG DATA and Amazon has a major part in Big Data via its AWS Amazon Web Services division.

Now that we’ve been looking into this joke of a company called Amazon, we have found lots of things that point to Amazon being a real CIA Company. Did you know for over 20 years Amazon has been a public company and yet they do not make money. You would think the IRS or SEC would be all over them by now, but you know Amazon is a protected CIA asset a CIA COMPANY.

As an author I never liked having a company such as Amazon or even Apple or BN sell my eBook files. I trust my publisher and that’s about it.

I’m really amazed at how small Amazon was before they launched the CIA KINDLE that collects data like a perfect little spy bot on all its owners and users of its apps. Pre CIA Kindle and Amazon wasn’t even doing a lousy 20 Billion a year in sales and for a tech giant that is nothing.

Now post CIA Kindle and Amazon is suddenly doing over 110 Billion. I hear its mostly KINDLE EBOOKS and they are stealing all the royalties due to Authors and they fund black ops for the CIA and NSA with huge 110 BILLION bucks they now control each year.

What a joke, Amazon does 110 Billion in Sales and then they tell the SEC and Investors oh all this new money from Kindles where we make 35% to 70% of the sale of eBooks, well we’re so lousy at running our business WE MAKE NOTHING or next to nothing.

Jeff Bezos has the world fooled, he is merely a CIA Puppet and his company screws authors and publishers by selling close to 100 Billion a year in eBooks and they give almost none of it to authors.

Just look at the Amazon financial reports what a joke. Not one thing says anything about how much is Kindle devices now said to be over 200 Million around the world, nor do they say how much is Kindle eBooks or how many KU Kindle Unlimited Members they have nor how many Prime members they have.

They parade a few show pony authors around and say how much they are making and yet almost every Kindle Author is saying the same thing, THEY HAVE NO SALES. So how is Amazon generating over 110 Billion with Kindles and all the Kindle authors are crying they are broke.

It is a perfect company for the CIA and NSA to control. Imagine over 200 Million data devices all over the world and many in the homes of hard to get to people that like to READ BOOKS.

Books are knowledge and KNOWLEDGE IS POWER and today Amazon controls over 90% of the eBook market and that market may be so huge, much bigger than anyone has dared to dream of. Yet, Amazon just gives us a big number 110 Billion now in Sales and not any breakdown on how much is high profit low cost to distribute Kindle eBooks or Prime and KU memberships.

Why did the US DOJ (United States Department of Justice) move so swift to protect Amazon in the Apple conspiracy case? Amazon is a CIA Company.

Why doesn’t the SEC or IRS bother Amazon? They are a CIA Company.

Why did Amazon ban math books recently by Dr. Adoni that had information about the NSA and CIA in them? They are a CIA Company.

Why did Amazon ban a book on the CIA and Bitcoin recently? They are a CIA Company.

Is Amazon really stealing BILLIONS from Authors and funneling all that money to the CIA and NSA for black ops projects?

Why did Amazon ban my book Roswell the Proof? They are a CIA Company.

Amazon Profits feed CIA and NSA

By D.E. Alexander

My publisher informed me recently that for covering their story on how Amazon BANNED MATH BOOKS BY ORDER OF THE NSA a couple of weeks later AMAZON BANNED my book ROSWELL THE PROOF.

Roswell the PROOF
Roswell the PROOF

So now I have full support of my publisher, that also operates this News Site, to expose the AMAZON/CIA/NSA connection. I went to what I always do PUBLIC COURT RECORDS and I found a direct link between AMAZON and the CIA and NSA. There’s a federal case anyone can access that is a lawsuit between AWS (Amazon Web Services) and THE CIA and NSA. Amazon and Jeff Bezos is their cloud provider and the contract was worth almost 1 BILLION USD.

Read a 20 Page Federal Judge Decision in the Business Deal between Amazon and the CIA/NSA.

So this one case is the smoking gun that shows Amazon/CIA/NSA are all in business together. No wonder the IRS has allowed Jeff Bezos to operate for over 20 years as a public company that almost always LOSES MONEY. AMAZON is probably a blackops fund for the NSA and CIA and I will explain that logic in this article The fact is Amazon launched Kindle and its spyware OS and now they rocketed from less than 20 Billion in sales to over 110 Billion in a short time. Almost all of that money is from KINDLE EBOOK SALES and almost none of it gets given to authors as ROYALTIES.

The explosion in Amazon with no profits is CLASSIC BLACKOPS CIA/NSA slush pool financing at its best. Amazon doesn’t have the SEC or IRS harassing it for the joke financial reports they put forth in their annual Edgar filings. Has anyone with a brain and a pulse not read this bullshit? Not one mention of Kindle, eBook sales, Kindle Unlimited Subscribers in the financials. Just some bullshit charts that hide the fact Amazon is in bed with the CIA and NSA and all the money from the boom in digital sales of things like Kindle eBook files is going right to the CIA and NSA while Bezos the CIA and NSA puppet gets to spew bullshit about FCF (Free Cash Flow) and ponzi scheme crap.

Even Donald Trump called Jeff Bezos, the Washington Post and Amazon nothing but a SCAM.

Now it all makes sense, the Kindle is a perfect surveillance tool co developed by the CIA and NSA and it’s in the court records, AWS has a BILLION DOLLAR CONTRACT with these guys.

So Amazon cons the publishing world to give him their Digital Files and then he puts out FAKE NUMBERS and a few parade pony Indie Authors to show a few people make money as kindle authors.

Well the truth is lots of authors are selling eBooks but Amazon can fake every number they want, all of the sales rankings and sales reports are FAKE. The goal of Amazon is to pay very little to Publishers and Authors and keep all that money to funnel into blackhole ops all done through the guise of a ‘public company’.

Well done guys it took over 20 years for anyone with a brain and pulse to connect the dots and explain how the IRS and SEC allows Amazon to operate over 20 years and never make money on BILLIONS OF DOLLARS.

They turn a blind eye to this SCAM COMPANY since Amazon is a tool of the CIA and NSA.

Now around a month ago when my publisher told me that Amazon canceled in 1 day three of his math books I said these books all have the crypto formula in them the NSA stole from the publisher (Dr. Sol Adoni) over 20 years ago. Is it the NSA pressuring Amazon to ban books they don’t like. Well that was before I found the 1 Billion dollar contract between Amazon and the CIA and NSA. Now I will just say it out loud, the NSA and CIA ordered Jeff Bezos to ban the math books of Dr. Adoni due to how he exposed how the NSA used his math formula to hack the Net. So here is our first article in this Amazon/NSA/CIA story.

First Amazon banned Prime Algorithm how the NSA hacked the Net.

Download this great book at PRIME ALGORITHM

Prime Algorithm
Prime Algorithm

The other books banned by Amazon with NSA and CIA info in them

CIA Project Bitcoin

CIA Project Bitcoin
CIA Project Bitcoin

BItcoin Algorithm – an NSA Project

Bitcoin Algorithm
Bitcoin Algorithm

Think about it, how does Amazon for over 20 years not have to report real financials disclosing stuff like every other pubic company. No clear reports for important stuff such as eBook sales, Kindle Unlimited Subscribers and Prime Members? How can Amazon laugh at the IRS and almost always LOSE MONEY?

Why would the NSA and CIA want to control and gather information about what people do on Kindles and with Kindle apps? Well what people read tells you enough about a person to PROFILE THEM. All that data is kept in the cloud now and Amazon is the cloud supplier of the CIA and NSA. That is a document fact!

All I know is my publisher went public with criticism of Amazon in how they treat authors and small publishers and then his books started to get banned and then he took a 99% drop in royalties on over 100 Titles and that alone proves Amazon can say whatever they want about any title. All the eBook sales numbers from Amazon are FAKE in my opinion, the whole company is nothing but a tool for the NSA and CIA to take control of the publishing world and use the proceeds for black ops programs. I suggest you read this great book on Amazon and their SCAMS it is titled AMAZON SCAMS.

Amazon Scams


Knowledge is power and the key to knowledge is the dissemination of knowledge via books and today 90% of eBooks are controlled by Amazon and that money is flowing into CIA/NSA black ops programs. It is why Bezos can laugh and joke about not making money for over 20 years, he is protected.

How protected is Bezons? When the Big 5 publishers and Apple got together to break the control of Amazon on eBooks, immediately the US DOJ (United States Department of Justice) jumped in and protected Amazon and hit Apple with a huge 500 Million buck fine. All for trying to help starving authors MAKE SOME MONEY.

If you are an investor in Amazon DUMP THE STOCK it will never make money, it is nothing but a CIA/NSA blackops scam to suck out BILLIONS EACH year through a public company that is protected and has a spy device aka kindle in hundreds of millions of homes all around the world.

Show me another company that can lose money for over 20 years and has explosive growth in its stock. Go ahead show me one, the only one to fit that bill is AMAZON.

Show me a company that can give financial reports to the SEC over and over with no real information in them as to where the money is coming fro and where it is getting paid out to.

How can Amazon have no audits on their sales and expenses?

How can Amazon not show how much they sold in Kindle eBooks and more importantly how much they paid to AUTHORS and Publishers?

Show me the BILLIONS in eBook sales and how Amazon is correctly PAYING AUTHORS their fair share of BILLIONS every year.

Wow there’s a minor amount of known author with a lousy 1 million in Kindle unit sales. SO WHAT! Do you know how many hundreds of millions in BOOKS some major authors have sold over the years, before the Amazon CIA NSA scam took over publishing?

Before Kindle less than 20 Billion in sales by Amazon now after Kindle is released Amazon has over 100 Billion in sales and MOST OF THAT is digital sales where authors and publishers are owed lots of money.

Yet Amazon doesn’t have to report to the SEC any real numbers. Like how many eBooks they sold and how much income they made and how much of it went to what publishers and authors.

All we have are a few cartoon press releases by Amazon saying look this author hit 1 Million in Kindle Sales and then this soft core porn author John Locked is the first Indie Kindle author to sell 1 Million kindles.

With 110 Billion in sales now after Kindle was released I honestly believe there may be many thousands of authors with mega millions in book sales and none of them are being PAID.

You have a short list of Authors the parade ponies Amazon uses to say see this author is selling eBooks on Kindle you can too. The hundreds of thousands of authors with millions of Kindle titles are obviously SELLING BILLIONS in Kindle Sales yet other than a few parade pony authors all the authors are asking WHERE ARE MY SALES and WHERE IS MY ROYALTIES.

If you want to start to SELL EBOOKS do it from your own websites so YOU CONTROL SALES and know every person that buys your eBook files.

These are great sites to help authors SELL EBOOKS outside of Amazon. Do not link to Amazon on these sites or you post about your book will be DELETED. They are ANTI AMAZON sites for authors and they are FREE.




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