Alex Jones DISINFO WAR Guests are LIARS

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Alex Jones DISINFO WAR Guests are LIARS

Dr. Francis Boyle Liar- Jon Rappaport Liar

By D.E. Alexander

So leading the charge that a new mosquito virus and a birth defect is a bio weapon and of all people Bill Gates is behind it is the whack job Alex Jones.

Does anyone fact check the morons and liars this nut job has on in the media?

Now we do carry a feed from the high prince of whack jobs who is Alex Jones IMHO, but his rants on the Zika Virus being a new bio-weapon are just pure DISINFO.

First the virus is not new it was discovered in the 1940’s in Rhesus monkeys in Africa by Rockefeller foundation scientists, I know NWO it’s the Rockefeller Foundation now aligned with the Gates Foundation hell bent on population control.

So back up, Zika Virus is ‘new bio-weapon’, well that’s just wrong. In fact Zika is no big deal as far as Virus’ go since 80% of those exposed have so little symptoms they don’t even know they have Zika.

Now Brazil is a dumping ground for chemicals and pesticides and Monsato (now that is a true evil organization) has dumped its poison Larvacide into drinking water in lots of the areas hit by Zika and where all the microcephaly babies (small heads) are being born.

But the numbers are jumping all over the place. First it was over 4,000 new births are microcephaly babies. Now it may be only 200 or so and of those only 6 were Zika positive mothers.

Now we have Alexa Jones a pure CIA DISINFO agent IMHO having a LIAR like Jon Rappaport on. Does anyone FACT CHECK one thing this moron says?

Jon Rappaport flat out LIES by saying there are 25,000 microcepahly births diagnosed each year in the United States. I found his source of the number, it was the other GREAT LIAR in US Media the New York Times that does not fact check if they want to spin a story a certain way, so the NYT runs with a number 25,000 and links to the AAN Study and if anyone with a brain, even a Zika sized brain READS IT, they can see how the NTY and Rappaport are LIARS.

The report clearly has 2 major differences in pre-birth head sizes in the study. 25,000 is the figure for all diagnosis and most are not true microcephaly babies, they are the very rare babies that have small heads even smaller than the 25,000 babies with smaller heads than normal that are usually from genetic disorders like cousins fucking cousins or DOWN babies.

Now the other clown and LIAR in the Zika dog and pony show by the master clown Alex Jones is ‘Dr.’ Francis Boyle. He’s supposed to be a Harvard trained lawyer. Yet this clown and LIAR is now the Zika is a bio-weapon ‘expert’ or moron on the Clown show Info Wars.

Now ‘Dr.’ Francis Boyle is your typical conspiracy nutter (hey I’m a big Conspiracy Author but don’t chase any theory without FACTS) and the big fact to Alexa Jones and his conspiracy nutter disinfo buddy ‘Dr.’ Francis Boyle is the good old National Security Memorandum 200 document that guys like Jones and Boyle love to parade as pure evil.

They yell and scream LIES like “look it mentions BRAZIL and POPULATION control. This is proof it is the US Government out to control Brazil’s population.” All of that is LIES the NS Memo 200 doesn’t even mention Brazil as LIARS like Alex Jones, Wiki and Dr. Francis Boyle LIE ABOUT.

NS Memo 200 basically mentions stuff like how some countries will play an important role in the future of the world and the USA due to their resources and how these countries might be more stable if educating the population about stuff like birth control and creating jobs and schools for basically at that time 3rd world nations that happened to have lots of natural resources.

The nutters and liars on the Alex Jones freak show, such as ‘Dr.’ Francis Boyle an author that has such a bad sales rank (over 2.5 Million as I wrote this article) that it looks like only ‘Dr.’ Boyle bought a copy of his book, also point to Gates and his foundation which has done remarkable work with using sterile mosquitoes to try to control the insects in areas prone to high rates of malaria and Denge and other mosquito born viruses.

Well the simple fact is, creating a mutant strain of mosquitoes to sell to countries such as Brazil is again MONEY MAKING at its core. Why doesn’t the Gates Foundation just pass out salt tablets with simple info, if you see standing water in your village put these white tablets in the water and the larvae will be killed, no more mosquitoes in that village.

Well salt tablets cost almost nothing to make and there’s not much profit using a simple natural way to control mosquito larvae so big companies and even big foundations want to create solutions they can SELL to governments and MAKE MONEY.

For Alex Jones to allow the LIAR ‘Dr.’ Francis Boyle on his show to make FALSE statements about the Zika Virus and it being in his opinion a bio-weapon is just allowing a clown to LIE to the public. Oh, he has others like him that have seen the ‘evidence’ and it is a ‘bio-weapon’. Well that is pure BULLSHIT or a LIE or whatever you want to call the ramblings of ‘Dr.’ Francis Boyle. IMHO.

‘Dr.’ Francis Boyle is no ‘expert’ on Zika nor Viruses, nor Etymology and isn’t qualified to say one fucking word about Zika and the spread of the Zika Virus. So to parade the clown as an ‘expert’ on Zika and mosquito viruses is JUST LYING to your readers Alex Jones. Why don’t you just shut the fuck up about Zika you CIA Tool.

As I reported a while ago MONSATO PESTICIDES are most likely the blame for any spike in microcephaly births in Brazil. Now at least the liar John Rappaport hinted at that truth, that Brazil has used a ton of Monsanto PESTICIDES and as others have noted, lots of areas with Zika Virus in Latin America have no rash of birth defects. So the situation in Brazil points to something other than Zika Virus causing any increase n birth defects if even that has happened since all the microcephaly numbers from Brazil have been back tracked on by the Brazilian National Health Organization.

As I said before the only good news out of all this bullshit is that Natural Organic Labs has just created a great new low impact insect repellent and insecticide that is a great organic way to target Zika Mosquitoes and that could be a great reason for humans to stop poisoning the planet with so many chemicals of death like those being spewed all over Brazil by Monsanto.

Mosquitoes carry lots of viruses and many kill humans. Ticks carry nasty diseases as well. But the wholesale killing of insects with poison chemicals or ‘pesticides’ is really the main issue here. How do we control insects like mosquitoes with as little ecology damage or footprint.

Well the great genius aka Dr. Adoni has looked at the problem and the man that has a bunch of laws and theories named after him in math, science, physics, astrophysics and geophysics has research the basic issue of how to control and kill insects with a minimal impact on the environment and his solution is a new pesticide that you could literally EAT as a salad dressing which he showed me the other day when he introduced me to his work that has Dr. Adoni now being a major force in Etymology like he is in astrophysics and math.

The key to the organic pesticides being created by Natural Organic Labs is based on the work of Dr. Adoni in studying a major difference in the DNA footprint of insects that create a cell structure in insects that is completely alien to the cell structures of humans and plants.

That fundamental difference goes back to the first insects, plants and animals to exist on earth. Insects evolved on earth or land and all plants and animals can be traced to genetic forefathers that evolved in salty oceans and seas.

The simple fact is as Dr. Adoni discovered, plants and animals need salt to live so their cell structures can absorb salt to some degree. An overdose of Salt is harmful to animals and plants. When insects come across salt, even minor amounts that have no effect on plants and animals, it will kill them since the salt easily penetrates their cellular wall and then creates havoc within the insect.

So now Natural Organic Labs has found the lowest impact amounts for natural ingredients such as salt that they use in their pesticides that combine salt and other natural minor risk ingredients approved by the EPA as chemicals that won’t harm humans and animals yet repel or even kill insects.

Now the funny thing is salt and even garlic oil may be what repels and kills blood sucking mosquitoes the best, if you want to have a solution with the least impact on the environment.

Can it be the ancient garlic rituals for vampires is based on scientific fact that blood suckers like ticks and mosquitoes hate garlic? Such scientific facts were often disguised as myths to preserve the true science behind the myths. Just like having a barrier of salt at your doors and windows to keep out ‘demons’ may be all you need to keep any insect out of your home.

Salt kills bugs period and Dr. Adoni says the reason is simple, the cellular structure of all bugs are tied to ancient insects that evolved on land where there was no salt so it is toxic to their cells.

Why don’t chemical companies use salt or sodium chloride in natural organic pesticides? The answer is SIMPLE it comes down to MONEY and PATENTS. A poison pusher like DOW can patent a synthetic chemical that creates havoc in the web of life eco-systems it is used in. The Synthetic Chemical can then be patented and sold and heck with the ecology it’s all about MONEY.

That is why you have companies like Consumer Reports recommending poisons like DEET and saying how great it is. It lasts for 7 hours and now we have another synthesized chemical Picaridin that is being hailed as yet another 7 hour wonder repellent. Obvious the morons at Consumer Reports have a fucking agenda to promote POISON.

For Consumer Reports to say in their bullshit Zika Virus article, “We advise skipping products made with natural plant oils… none lasted for more than 1 hour against Aedes mosquitoes, and some failed almost immediately. In addition, those products are not registered by the Environmental Protection Agency, which regulates skin-applied repellents and evaluates them for safety and effectiveness. Most plant-oil products are exempt from scrutiny by the EPA because the agency considers them to be a minimum risk to human health.”

So, the EPA has a nice list of SAFE ingredients that can repel and kill insects but the morons at Consumer Reports whitewash them all as only works for an hour (so respray it you moron and don’t expose yourself to fucking poisons like DEET) and that they’re not good because the EPA has already figured out all the Natural and Organic ingredients that are MINIMUM RISK INGREDIENTS are safe unlike DEET!

I mean look at this moronic statement as why Natural Repellents are no good. it’s so stupid the writer must be a Zika brain twit. “Most plant-oil products are exempt from scrutiny by the EPA because the agency considers them to be a minimum risk to human health.” So that was why Consumer Reports didn’t test plant based repellents, they’re so good the EPA says NO HARM TO HUMANS. So Consumer Reports then promotes shit that will kill you like DEET!

So what if the poison chemicals like DEET last a long time, use a low impact on the environment natural organic repellent and pesticide. You may have to spray it more but the eco-system you live in won’t be harmed by your spraying and natural organic repellents won’t give you cancer as DEET does. So ‘good repellent’ to the morons at Consumer Reports are poisons that last 7 hours and they didn’t even bother to test the proven safe effective natural repellent products. I guess they’re on the payroll of the companies that make DEET products. DEET was created by the US Government during World War II so I guess anyone can sell DEET products.

So who sells DEET poison for humans to lather their bodies with for super mosquito protection? SC Johnson sells OFF the big winner in the Consumer Reports article, which is a real rare milt-generational conglomeration, privately owned and operated for around 150 years now by the Johnson Clan. They also produce poison like RAID and have been involved over the years with the ultimate pusher of POISONS that is DOW.

For any damn company to say DEET products are safe is doing nothing be misleading humanity and should be tried as a CRIMINAL against humanity for pushing a poison such as DEET.

I spoke to Anthony ‘Anton’ J. Cornel, Ph.D. – Medical Entomologist at UC Davis and he had some interesting insights into the Zika Mosquito problem. First he stated it’s still not 100% certain that the Andes Mosquito even carries Zika. He also stated there are close to 1,000 Mosquito species and the Andes is the yellow fever mosquito. He estimated less than 10% of mosquitoes might breed in marsh areas and have developed a salt water resistance. But he said he would love to read the data about how simple water and salt solutions could repel most insects especially if mixed with garlic.

He couldn’t clearly answer me in regards to my question on IF insects in general have a problem being exposed to salt in even limited quantities. I tied that question to a general question on if insects cellular structure has no salt. I didn’t get a clear answer to that question and that seems to be the main thrust of the work of Natural Organic Labs in recognizing how different insects are in regards to salt when compared to plants and animals. So the world of Natural Organic Labs is finding the proper ratio of salt and other ingredients in their repellents and pesticides so that the ratio of salt is enough to kill insects and not stunt the growth of plants a farmer is trying to protect from insects.

The Professor did agree there’s not one known mosquito that can breed in ocean water due to it’s salt content. I explained to him I had read some info on marsh mosquitoes and it seemed to me that the info stated the larvae cannot live in the salt water in marches so they larvae is usually in most things near the marsh such as plants. So even what appears to be salt adapted mosquitoes can’t breed in salt water of marshes while they live in the area of them.

Bottom line is there is a great new safe natural organic mosquito repellent that is now available from the work of Dr. Adoni at Natural Organic Labs and 1 Zika is the only good news I can find out of all this happy horseshit about Zika. Just say NO to DEET and use an organic repellent. I tried the 1 Zika repellent from Natural Organic Labs and didn’t get one bit in my backyard next to a canal in South Florida where mosquitoes are all over the place!

1 Zika Mosquito Repellent
1 Zika Mosquito Repellent

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