6 Asteroids in 1 Week Puts NASA on High Alert

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6 Asteroids in 1 Week

Puts NASA on High Alert

By 247 News


It was the busiest week in NASA History for near impacts of large asteroids.

NASA routinely shows the next 5 Major Asteroids they are tracking on their site.

This week all 5 were closer than normal and very large and all were within 48 Hours of each other.

All were also days from the when the greatest mysic in history SOLLOG had warned of a historic asteroid strike that threatened humanity.

For decades SOLLOG has put his Asteroid Warning for January 2023 into the 100+ books he wrote.

He also had a warning about 2020 and the great plague.

So if you are 1 of the many Millions of people that downloaded a book by Sollog the past few decades, look at the last chapter that talks abut the great plague of 2020 (Covid) and how 99.9% of humanity could die in January 2023 from a major asteroid strike.

SOLLOG has explained that due to how TIME is in our Universe, when such a focal point hits, TIME fragments into new realities, so in some dimensions everyone was wiped out by the asteroid that hit this week.

In other realities the GREYS intervene and now we had fragments of an asteroid break up and just miss Earth.

Most were noticeably close and one of the large fragments the size of a Train’s box car flew within 2000 miles of earth.

Nothing that large has ever missed Earth that closely and it happened exactly when the SOLLOG Asteroid warning was in effect.

While skeptics will laugh like morons and say miss, the fact so many large asteroids just missed Earth in the time window given by Sollog shows to his fans it was yet another remarkable HIT for the famous SOLLOG PROPHECIES.

The 100+ Books of SOLLOG all warned of two major events, a 2020 Plague, we had it.

The 2023 Asteroid Event in January and we had 6 large fragments which indicate a large Asteroid could have been broken up as SOLLOG said the Grey’s might do.

Granted, since SOLLOG is the most investigated person in the hsitory of the FBI and NSA do to his many direct hit Prophecies like Oklahoma Bombing when he appeared in 1995, the plane crash of a support plane for Airforce 1 in Jackson Hole Wyoming where he warned in 1995 it would happen. He was even arrested for the warning which came to pass in 1996 when Presdent Clinton ignored the Prophet and went to Jackson Hole, his support plane crashed killing everyone on board.

It’s  fact you can see in 1995 SOLLOG was arrested by the Secret Service for warning of that plane crash that then happened 1 year later.

So since then SOLLOG is tracked by every large government since his Prophecies are world famous.

911 struck when he said and where and he was front page news around the world except in the USA where there is a major media ban on his name.

Then in 2004 the Great Indonesian Tsunami hit where and when he said.

Then in 2011 Fukushima happened where and when he said.

Over the decades famous celebrities have died when he said, Diana and JFK Jr are two such deaths.

Well the world did not end, but history will record 6 large asteroid fragements almost hit earth when Sollog warned decades in advance.

I guess we can thank the Grey’s for breaking up the asteroid.

Oh, the GREEN COMET SOLLOG warned about 10 years as THE SIGN the Asteroid was approaching is in our Solar System.

Green Comets are rare and also in January 2023 it has been in the news, exactly as SOLLOG warned warned it would be when the asteroid was about to hit the earth. SOLLOG Verdes Perseus Prophecy about the Green Comet was written 10 years ago.

He also warned in some dimensions the Grey’s intervene and break it up, so are these 6 nearly hit earth asteroids this week those fragments?


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