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Thanks to ONE SEO the #1 SEO Company in the World


The WPO Test Scores are in and 247 News is unarguably the FASTEST NEWS SITE ON THE NET. See below our SEO WPO Scores versus news titans such as CNN, BBC and the New York Times and you will be amazed how great our site really is in the way our data moves at lightning speed around the world from the Cloud.

In the 1990’s when we were founded by Internet Legend and SEO GOD GURU Dr. Sol Adoni, his hand coded HTML pages were created to make us super fast. (see some archive pages below and their eye popping speeds, truly amazing how fast his code really is running in the modern era of the Net with the Cloud).

In the 1990’s when most companies were dishing out 200K worth of crappy program created code on early internet news sites, his lean hand coded HTML pages with images his optimization program created were all 90% leaner than other news sites so we were even in the dailup era of the Net a very fast news network.

Our code is now like most news sites and that means it is generated from the #1 CMS in the world that being  WordPress. Dr. Adoni’s SEO company ONE SEO has us now tweaked to where even our load heavy site that runs WordPress can become super fast, just as fast as the biggest sites in the world are, that means load times under 1 second if you want to be on the level of Google or Bing. We are faster than tech giants such as Amazon and Facebook and we blow the doors off any News site in the world, PERIOD they are ages behind our Network thanks to the genius of Dr. Adoni.


Even mega-billion buck tech giants like Facebook, Twitter and Amazon are not in the sub 1 second ranges of load time where Google and Bing live and that is where Dr. Adoni says we will be as soon as we migrate away from the worst hosting company in the world in our opinion that being Singlehop.

The reason we say that is they kept our network down for 36 hours while their techs refused to listen to Dr. Adoni who gave them the solution to bring us back online in a couple of hours compared to their moronic attempts that took almost 2 days and didn’t work. See our article on the outage caused by one thing the gross incompetence of Singlehop’s tech staff in not properly maintaining a MANAGED SERVER. An international judge recently fined Singlehop $10,000 an HOUR for not properly maintaining Dr. Adoni’s server.

So we’re part of a huge class action now on SingleHop that recently raised 40 Million of Venture Cap funding they blew on an already outdated data center Dr. Adoni is saying as well as their purchase of a Windows Server hosting company in Florida that Dr. Adoni says is another BAD INVESTMENT.

Singlehop’s buying spree from VC money says Dr. Adoni resulted in worthless hardware acquisitions when the money could have been spent acquiring well trained people that know how to keep a network running and not allowing a MANAGED DEDICATED SERVER to fall 2 versions behind in the OS and 4 Versions behind in cPanel as Singlehop did to the server we are on.

Right now our SEO Performance tests are around 1 Second and when our network is migrated away from the worse hosting company in the world that being Singlehop where we are right now, Dr. Adoni says our updated servers running up to date software which Singlehop failed to maintain on state of the art SSD HD’s not the old HD’s that Singlehop uses, will give our site sub 1 second speed as soon as we tweak our image heavy navigation slider which sure looks pretty but is a load killer says Dr. Adoni.

Recently, Dr. Adoni came out of ‘soft retirement’ to once again tweak his huge network of famous websites that include 247 News the #1 Alternative News site in the world as well as his sites on UFOS, Nostradamus, the Prophecies of Sollog and the famous Prophecy Music of Rex Luciferius (Over 30 Million Plays this Summer on SoundCloud and three #1 hits).

Dr. Adoni says his sons are now young men who he raised as a full time single dad so he could not devote much time to his internet companies as he would have liked to have done, but he will now devote the next 6 or years to making his network the top network in the world for news and business traffic due to just how important his work on earth is, that is warning humanity of an asteroid strike the world governments are hiding from the citizens of earth and the strike is set to hit shortly after the year 2022.

If you have a business and want the Best SEO Company in the World to help your business become super fast which is a major reason for Google to promote your organic SEO now, then you need to hire ONE SEO

247 News SEO WPO Scores

247 News

 “A” SEO Score

We are now the fastest News Site. Other news sites are 6 to 12 seconds

247 SEO Score – A SEO Score 535 Milliseconds Page Speed

CNN SEO Score – C- SEO Score 7.39 Seconds Page Speed

BBC SEO Score – B- SEO Score 5.92 Seconds Page Speed

NY Times SEO Score – C SEO Score 11.23 Seconds Page Speed


247 News has a higher SEO Score and is faster than Major Sites

Amazon – C- SEO Score 2.10 Seconds Page Speed

eBay – A SEO Score 2.27 Seconds Page Speed

Twitter – A SEO Score 2.7 Seconds Page Speed

Facebook – C SEO Score 1.63 Seconds Page Speed

Microsoft – C SEO Score 1.5 Seconds Page Speed

iTunes – C SEO Score 1.3 Seconds Page Speed

Wiki – D SEO Score 

Original Hand Coded HTML 247 News Page from Archives

Coded originally by the SEO Guru Dr. Sol Adoni

Opens up in only 283 milliseconds



247 News

Alternative News Portal

247 News - Bureaus - Alternative - Sections

World - Sports - Business - Arts - Politics

Cities - Breaking - Top - Latest - Videos

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