2 Large #Earthquakes hit Same Day where and when #Quake Predictor #Sollog Warned

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Rare Large Twin Quakes

Hit when Dr. Adoni Predicted


Dr. Sol Adoni aka Sollog has amazed his fans for years with his plane crash and earthquake predictions. He nailed the exact date of the recent major loss of life quake event in Nepal with a Youtube Video warning about it and on June 22th on the Summer Solstice he released his in 31 days quake warning and it had a major hit on July 18th within 31 days of his warning and then 9 days after that quake two similar large 7.0 magnitude quakes HIT THE SAME DAY a very rare seismic event. Such events are usually called twin quakes or twin seismic events, they are rare but do occur and some call it a quake triangulation event, a balancing from an earlier larger quake in another area, in this instance most likely the Nepal event from a few months ago.

On July 27th 2015 two large quakes in the 7.0 Magnitude range that usually only happen every 30 or so days hit near the quake window issued June 22nd by Dr. Adoni and when you map out the two quakes they struck on a line perfectly parallel to the quake solstice energy line Dr. Adoni gave as the most likely location of the quake he warned about.

July 27th 2015 Alaska 7.0 Quake

July 27th 2015 Indonesia 7.0 Quake

Rare Twin Quakes
Rare Twin Quakes

After the Nepal Event we spoke to the moron allegedly running the USGA quake division and the idiot never heard of Dr. Adoni. He should be FIRED in our opinion, he’s an absolute moron. Now the quake window of Dr. Adoni had a direct hit in time and it hit his triangle and then within 9 days two more major quakes on a solstice energy line perfectly parallel to the line Dr. Adoni warned of.

The ‘quake window’ of Dr. Adoni had an exact hit with a large quake on July 18th 2015. It was in the Solomon Islands on one of the three lines that Dr. Adoni has identified as where SUPER QUAKES usually hit in the 8.0+ Magnitude range, the 3 Super Quake Lines are now referred to as the Dr. Adoni Quake Triangle or the Triangle of Fire. Unlike the so-called ring of fire over the pacific, the Triangle of Fire proves the largest quakes strike 1 of 3 super quake lines close to 90% of the time.

The US Federal Government seized his computers in 1995 over his Prime Number Algorithm that Dr. Adoni now says the NSA uses to backdoor all modern encryption. The fact is the Prime Algorithm of Dr. Adoni was proven in a test using modern computer software to be the fastest prime number generator and was the first Prime Theory to out prime the ancient Sieve of Eratosthenes in primality tests on computers running the Python OS.

In the past 20 years Dr. Adoni has been to the US Supreme Court 6 times over the harassment of the US Government that resulted in Dr. Adoni being imprisoned in US Jails for FIVE YEARS held in a DEATH ROW pod and literally beaten by guards over and over resulting in many intensive care hospital visits during his long incarceration and a myriad of Federal cases on the jails that some scumbag judge dismissed years later illegally, the scumbag judge claimed they sent a letter demanding status update and Sollog proved the letter was not mailed to him until after the judge dismissed the case. All US Federal judges are SCUMBAGS in our opinion as are all state judges, they are the reason the US Legal system is broken and needs to be destroyed. Every US Judge should be fired, tarred, feathered and then hung for treason against against the US Constitution in our opinion.

During his 5 years of TORTURE in US Jails, Sollog sued the jail, the city the state and the US Government in an international court and he is now the richest man on earth, the first TRILLIONAIRE in history, that is how large the judgment is that Dr. Adoni was awarded TRILLIONS of dollars by an international court for the five years of TORTURE by the US Government. Let’s just say the US Government is now bankrupt, as is the city of Philadelphia and the State of Pennsylvania.

Dr Adoni also have a huge multi trillion dollar judgment on the US company American Express, he sued them in the same international court and when the top lawyers for American Express sent him a nasty letter calling the international court all kinds of names, he put the Amex letter into his case and the court fined Amex over a TRILLION dollars for contempt and awarded it to Dr. Adoni.

Dr. Adoni says these huge judgments will soon be center stage in new court cases where he enters the judgments against the entities he has successfully sued in international courts and the judgments will become foreign judgments from a jural society and the US Supreme Court will recognize the judgments as VALID and bankrupt every entity Dr. Adoni has sued.

And who or what is the international court that Dr. Adoni is using now to sue his enemies? It is the Supreme Court of the Nation of One and it is the only government left standing in the future says Dr. Sol Adoni, it is THE FUTURE GOVERNMENT OF EARTH, it is one body of law and rules for one race the HUMAN RACE and Dr. Adoni is one of over 100,000 members of the NEW NATION that will united humanity in the future.

Dr. Adoni says he is about to sue the 2nd largest company in the world soon for trillions of dollars in damages due to how Google has targeted the huge network he created 20 years ago with hundreds of content sites that distribute the 100+ books written by Dr. Adoni over the years. Dr. Adoni is one of the main partners in the 1 SEARCH PROJECT a new search engine project that could threaten Google in the future and since it was launched Google has targeted content sites of the Adoni network, so look for a multi trillion judgment coming soon against Google that will make Google the property of Dr. Adoni.

Dr. Adoni is often called the modern day Nostradamus due his uncanny accuracy in predicting historic future events. Some of the past hits of Dr. Adoni include

2004 Tsunami
Hurricane Katrina
OK City Bombing
TWA 800
Death of Diana
Death JFK Jr

You can see Dr. Adoni’s sites at

Dr. Sol Adoni


Quake Predictions

Plane Crash

Triangle of Fire

Prime Algorithm

Nation of One

Temple Hayah

Dr. Adoni books are at 1 eBooks


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