1998 GOD INTERVIEW God warned MESSIAH ERASED from Bibles

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God warned MESSIAH ERASED from Bibles

By D.E. Alexander Chief Editor 247 News

In 1998 our sister site (then What’s Hot In later Thee Underground today 1 Underground) did a rather famous Interview they called THE GOD INTERVIEW.

It was one of the few interviews every done by SOLLOG the man who claimed to be GOD and that everyone WAS PART OF GOD (the Universe) so therefore GOD.

In it he explained what is now cutting edge physics, the concept of multiple time lines and many universes and he said THE SHIFT would occur in the near future (2 decades) and that Jesus (the false Messiah) would be DESTROYED (ERASED) from our history.

On May 1st 2017 the GOD SHIFT happened and today people all over the world are STUNNED to find out the word MESSIAH the aka of Jesus was literally ERASED from BILLIONS of Bibles all over the world as well as Jewish Tanakh’s and even the Quran!

So here is THE GOD INTERVIEW and it was posted to the Old Usenet and has a TIME STAMP proving it was from 1998.

J.P. Essene the editor at that time of the site has long since retired and is now in what SOLLOG calls a SAFE ZONE as the world awaits the next few shifts where all but 6 MILLION Chosen will survive what is coming.

We asked SOLLOG who recently revealed in some new videos what is coming and he once again mentioned multiple time lines and Universe and said some would experience solar flares that destroy our electrical grids and all modern technology and others will experience nuclear war and terrorism and some will eventually experience the great asteroid strikes that wash away most modern civilization that is located on coastal areas all over the world.

For a couple of years THE MANDELA EFFECT have been noticed by millions of people and those effects altered many modern iconic things like songs, movie sayings and many product names as well as celebrity names.

So this is verbatim the 1998 Interview with GOD in which the May 1st 2017 event that resulted in the GREAT EVENT of where MESSIAH was ERASED from our Bibles and Qurans exactly as GOD revealed through SOLLOG.

This is PROOF the Interview happened almost 20 years ago the timestamp is from USENET.


The Sollog Interview!

God does an interview!

By JP Essene

Editor of

Thee Under Ground Net


Interview with Sollog

JP: Nice to see you again Sollog, Shalom.

Sollog: Shalom JP, the feelings mutual.

JP: You’ve really been creating a storm both on the net and over the US. That is with your Wrath of George warning.

Sollog: Well Georges was a major sign to those that wish to see such a thing.

JP: Many have emailed me , why you missed the Corpus Cristi warning.

Sollog: The Cristi warning is accurate in that in the near future the town so named after Cristi will be destroyed as I GUARANTEED in 1996 in case 96CV 1499. It is inaccurate like the 902 Prophecy in that many saw Corpus Christi in the warning and there was no Corpus Christi directly in the warning.

Just like there was no Pope John Paul II in the 902 Prophecy. Those that wish to learn through my warnings see the truth. Those that wish to defame the truth will malign the accuracy of the 902 Prophecy and the Wrath of Georges warning. No one else can name over one month in advance which hurricane will go where. It was a great sign for those that wish or need to see such wonders.

JP: The 902 Prophecy keeps hitting direct and allegorical hits. Why do you think the main stream media refuses to enlighten people to all your accurate hits in it?

Sollog: As I told you years ago JP, the Priory de Sion control the US and European major media. They will not report about my warnings UNTIL A MAJOR NATURAL DISASTER does indeed destroy one of the cities I have GUARANTEED. The evil of the beast controls what many think and believe upon Elana, that is the earth as it was called by the ANCIENT ONES.

JP: Why are you so hard to find and UNDER GROUND?

Sollog: As you know JP, the US government has threatened my life on many occasions, and people like yourself who try to bring attention to my writings are also in great danger as you know.

JP: Yes I have been threatened as well. But not as blatantly as you were.

Sollog: There is great evil within the whole of the US. Due to it’s inaccurate worship of false gods. The ONE above GOD is very upset with the populace of the US that is why the wrath of ONE will destroy what is now considered the US. Acts of God are the beginning of the End of SUSA and Acts of Man such as Nukes are the END stage of of the great evil nation called SUSA by the wise prophets of the OLD. That was Satan USA or SUSA. The great dragon whose fire almost consumes mankind. The fire is the flame of Nuke Terrorism. Man is on the precipice of such horror, that is why I came to WARN those that wish to survive upon Elana. For there is indeed a great future for Elana.

JP: How close are we to the dawn of Nuke Terrorism?

Sollog: As I wrote in case 96CV 1499 the signs before Jerusalem is destroyed will be great Acts of God upon SUSA. Nine US cities destroyed by Hurricanes, Quakes and water viruses. Once the first US city I named is hit by such an Act of God, then a Nuke may hit Jerusalem at any moment. The destruction of at least ONE of the NINE US citizens is the last sign to move to the safe zones. The great battle with the dragon will start after that event. Most of mankind is involved in that conflict. It will last for a couple of decades and then a major earth shift will occur which destroys most of the remnant of mankind. Only those in the SAFE ZONES will survive. A new earth shall emerge and LOVE of ONE will be the LAW again upon Elana. BALANCE and JUDGMENT will be the result of the earth shift. All modern technology will be destroyed and mankind will again be a simple agricultural being.

JP: How many will survive the earth shift or BALANCING?

Sollog: Approximately 5 Million to 6 Million Humans will survive the great cleansing of Elana which will be an earth shift. If mankind was allowed 60 more years upon the Goddess Elana there would be NO LIFE upon her fertile crusts to enjoy all this dimension has to offer. Already the hole in the Ozone is close to a complete disaster. Only the elimination of mans technology will fix the problem.

JP: Why are your writings at time so accurate and yet at others so inaccurate literally and only understood allegorically?

Sollog: If I did not write some of my words in allegorical terms there would be too much confusion. I would end up being worshiped as GOD and too many will obey what I say, which is to move to the Safe Zones. Only a select few UNDERSTAND my warnings. They UNDERSTAND I AM HE. I AM THE GOD OF GODS. They UNDERSTAND they are my children and in FACT are also LIVING GODS upon the great creation called Elana. LOVE all life as you LOVE THE CREATOR was a very good idea put forth by the prophet Isa. Yet Rome corrupted that path with it’s false christian teachings. We are all connected to ONE GOD the CREATOR OR GOD OF GODS which speaks through me to man. I AM NOT GOD, GOD IS EVERYONE. When I speak my WORDS are direct from ONE. I AM no more or less than anyone else. I merely do the will OF ONE, the ONE that is indeed alive and well within all LIFE within the creation that man calls THE UNIVERSE. If my words didn’t on occasion use allegorical methods, mankind would become enslaved again to mere Idol worship. I am not to be worshiped as GOD for MY WORD is ONE with the GOD OF GODS and all life contains GOD’S ESSENCE and is there fore GOD. That is what is meant when I say THE ONE ABOVE GOD. Separated life forms from the GOD HEAD of all thought and existence is a temporal experience where in the separated life form is a perfect microcosm of the GOD HEAD. The life form exists within GOD yet is also a perfect example of what is GOD, that is life itself. ALL IS GOD and GOD IS ALL. The ONE that created this prototype is THE ONE ABOVE GOD. It controls all things past, present and future. For it is ALL THINGS.

JP: I’m sure as long as mankind is around, that last paragraph will be analyzed by all who seek the TRUTH.

Sollog: I see you have become in touch with your inner GOD JP, you are in fact quite wise to see the FUTURE so clearly.

JP: How is your son Lord Shonin doing Sollog.

Sollog: He is such a joy to behold, as any parent should feel when they see their child at such a young innocent age. 6 months almost to the day since he entered this world as Master Chen fore told to the world media. He is learning every day how to communicate and control his immediate environment and he is amazing the doctors that see him. He stands on his own effort already, he has been forming words for about 3 months. He actually says I LOVE YOU! He laughs constantly. Where ever he encounters other humans they are drawn to him like moths to a flame. His life force is magnificent. He will do the job he was created to do. Many will come to hear his words upon the Mountain of El Shaddai as was fore told. For now He only cries indeed when he is hungry or uncomfortable from teething. Such wonder this form called man. So perfect in it’s infancy yet so corrupt in it’s growth. He is doing well to say the least. Thank you for asking.

JP: Many have asked me about the death of Pope John Paul II. Is it near?

Sollog: When John Paul II dies, it will sadden many. And it is very near for he is an old man who is having extreme pain to balance all his negative karma for deceiving so many.

JP: Will Clinton really die while in office a physical death or will he be impeached?

Sollog: The evil man that will kill many and has killed many already who you refer to as President William Jefferson Clinton, will not fulfill his term of office. As time has many dimensions, his future will be seen to experience all these paths in the various dimensions of being. He will die in one dimension by an assassin, he will kill himself in another when he realizes he will be impeached. He will die in a tragic airplane crash upon Air Force One in another. He will be killed in a Nuclear Explosion in another. And he is even impeached in yet another. (Clinton was impeached but it was not ratified) He resigns in still another. Depending upon the path you were chosen to experience in this life, you will see the future of Clinton become what I have stated.

JP: No dimension in which Clinton survives his 2nd term?

Sollog: That dimension doesn’t exit.


Sollog: Does a mortals death entertain you JP?

JP: No, I’m sorry, I just thought the way you worded it was hilarious.

Sollog: Such is the will of ONE for mortals to be amazed at such tragedy. It is the path he chose to experience. It is his lesson. It will also prove to many what I say is indeed from El Shaddai.

JP: That’s GOD ALMIGHTY right Sollog? It’s the Old Testament Hebrew for any of my readers that might not understand who El Shaddai is.

Sollog: You are correct JP. El is Hebrew for GOD and Shaddai is THE ALMIGHTY or El Shaddai literally THE ALMIGHTY GOD who is also named Hayah Enos.

JP: Again, Hayah is the Ancient Hebrew name that El Shaddai revealed to Moishe when THE LAW or TORAH was given to him. Is that correct Sollog?

Sollog: Yes JP, I see you finally have your TORAH in order. Do you understand where ENOS relates to HAYAH?

JP: Hmmm, isn’t it written in THE LAW that when Enos was born that from that moment on MAN CALLED UPON THE NAME OF EL SHADDAI because they called upon the name of Enos.

Sollog: Close enough JP. Indeed, after Enos is mentioned IN THE LAW it is correctly stated that mankind then called upon EL SHADDAI from that moment on. ENOS another hidden name of HAYAH and related to ENNIS my families birth name. ENNIS is phonetically ENOS. Written differently but none the less the same name.

JP: Ennis isn’t that the hidden name to mean NINES as well.

Sollog: Yes JP, as I have explained in my writings, I AM ENNIS as I AM SOLLOG. Both names fulfill prophecy. Sollog is LOGOS L or WORD OF GOD the hidden name mentioned in Revelations as is ENNIS. NINES is 999 or 666 upside down. I have indeed come to DESTROY THE CHRISTIAN CHURCH. It is corrupt. It is not of GOD EL SHADDAI. The other paths are of ONE. In the future there is NO CORPUS CRISTI. That is my entire mission. DESTROY THE FALSE PROPHET OF ROME (Jesus the Messiah).

JP: Are you saying YOU ARE THE ANTI CHRIST.(?)

Sollog: As I have stated before, I AM NOT ANTI CHRIST. I AM ANTI JESUS as Rome teaches christianity. ISA is the Muslim name of the great Jewish prophet who is know as jesus to christians. As the Qu’ran states ISA or jesus is not GOD. The belief as taught by Rome and the Pope is a false path (Jesus the Messiah), that has done much horrors to mankind.

The crusades the discovery of the Americas and the slaughter of millions of peaceful natives. All done in the name of the beast that is path of christianity as taught by Rome.

The word christ is a Greek name, that means messiah in Hebrew. I AM NOT ANTI CHRIST OR MESSIAH. I AM ANTI JESUS since he cannot save. Jesus is not the MESSIAH, that role and title was taken by El Shaddai in the Old Testament. That is HAYAH ENOS. So I AM PRO HAYAH OR GOD EL SHADDAI WHO IS GOD ALMIGHTY that the Muslims call ALLAH. Yet I AM ANTI jesus. Not anti messiah or anti christ.

The Old Testament mentions the carpenter and the false image he creates of the perfect man in Isaiah and how angry El Shaddai will become over the false path of the carpenter. Isaiah describes the false graven image of the perfect man the carpenter creates that man kneels to and prays to save himself.

El Shaddai explained to Isaiah, about the false graven image of the perfect man created by THE CARPENTER that CANNOT SAVE. Only El Shaddai can save. That is the vision explained so accurately by Isaiah which explains the false story of the carpenter that was created by the evil in Rome.

JP: Complex and confusing to say the least.

Sollog: Well to christians many will say that I AM the ANTI CHRIST, yet I AM NO SUCH THING. I AM WHO I AM, HAYAH ASHER HAYAH.

JP: Well Sollog my tape is getting low, can we pause this interview until I put in a fresh tape?

Sollog: Sure JP, I shall wait for your new tape.


If you would like to spread Sollog’s WARNING about NUKES, by donating monies to fund a large mainstream media purchase.


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