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Crypto is Red Hot and the new Hot Coin is FRACTi

You can get 1000 fracti ™ for FREE.

1 fracti = $1

You can buy lots of cool stuff with your FREE FRACTI as soon as you join for FREE.





Domain Names

No other Crypto Coin ever debuted with an actual Crypto Store making the Crypto Merchant ready from Day 1.

Years ago it was common for new coins to launch with Free Coins. Ripple had a 1000 coin give away when it launched.

Only you couldn’t buy any thing with it. You still can’t really use it to buy stuff.

Over the years lots of Companies tried to add Bitcoin to their online stores such as the failed attempt of Overstock.

Recently, the world’s richest man, Elon Musk was pumping Bitcoin on his Twitter Account. It appears Tesla has put 1.5 Billion USD into Bitcoin. Now due to Elon Musk pumping BTC that investment has greatly increased in value.

Musk is expected to be investigated by the SEC over his Crypto pumping.

We tested fracti ™, we generated almost 1100 fracti in 5 minutes. 1000 bonus to join then 1f clicking articles and links.

The concept is, go to the site for your news and music and earn fracti using the Network.

Content creators earn a fracti each view, the users earn a fracti for viewing. The non profit group running the Network claims this is a mutual symbiotic relationship between content creators and consumers.

fracti ™ are endlessly generated by the Network due to users viewing and content creators earning.

Just their give away is putting 1 Billion fracti ™ into circulation. 1000 f to 1 Million new users is a whopping 1 Billion fracti ™.

Other coins have mega billions issued, they trade from pennies to a few bucks.

Bitcoin has a built in limit of only 20 million coins. The concept was limit coins and create tiny fractions for low prices items.

The first trade of Bitcoin was the Pizza Trade, where one of the first Bitcoin miners boight a Pizza for thousands of Bitcoins.

Today those coins are worth millions.

Already, you can use fracti to buy original art, we did an article a while ago about how oil paintings by Artist Sollog now sell for over $100 million.

You can buy one of his Oil Paintings for $150 Million fracti ™.

There’s valuable Domain Names in the fracti Network Store ™. They have 1 to 10 Million fracti price tags on them.

You can buy Fracti ™ at $1 a fracti. The transactions are done with other Crypto coins, like BTC, BCH, ETH, LTE and XRP.

It appears fracti ™ should trade in the $1 range, since it’s an infinite coin basically.

fracti ™ is actually ancient Greek for our modern word fraction.

The only question is with a $100 Trillion WDP in the Global economy, how much will evolve into crypto coins instead of traditional fiat like the USD.

Existing crypto coins account for close to $1 Trillion USD in value.

Will fracti ™ become the first true Global Currency as it calls itself?

Time will tell.

Get your first 1000 fracti ™ for free.

Then login 10 times a day and earn 10f.

Click articles and earn 1f per article.

Watch videos and earn 3f.

Click links and earn 1f.

So using the Network pays you.

Spend it in their store.

Or HODL it and sell on Exchanges in the future.

Want to run a Crypto Exchange?

Crypto exchange.exchange is listed in the fracti store ™ it’s only $10 million USD or f.

I’m gonna HODL my free 1100f I made in 5 minutes today.

With rare art and super valuable Domain names all ready trading for Fracti ™ it’s gonna become a huge part of the Crypto World.

Here’s my account screen shot showing I got almost 1100f.

fracti wallet screenshot
fracti wallet screenshot












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