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The PROOF Osama was behind crash of American Airlines 587
By Staff of 24 7 News Net
The 24 7 News Wire

24 7 News Net Wire
November 12th, 2001

Osama strikes again, yet the US Media and US Government hide the obvious facts for now.

After all, the busiest day of the year for air travel in the US is only 9 days away! The Airline Industry in the US is in near ruin after the 911 attacks, so the US government will not allow the US media to report the truth of this attack just days before the key time for air travel in the US.

As our many fans and members know, immediately after the 911 attack on the World Trade Center, we stated Osama bin Laden was the mastermind.

We were proven correct days later when the US government fingered Al Qaeda, the terrorist organization of Osama as the group that carried out the multiple attacks on the US on 911.

Since 911 we have been saying Osama bin Laden has NUKES, yet the media didn't learn of this until 11/9 when Osama himself stated HE HAS NUKES!

Since the initial reports of Anthrax at AMI in Flordia we have stated it was TERRORISM, even though the US government initially acted like it was an isolated event from nature!

Well after the initial Anthrax incident was reported on, WE WERE AGAIN PROVEN to be correct, IT WAS TERRORISM! Again we are stating THE FACTS before everyone else in the media reports them!

OSAMA BIN LADEN is the mastermind behind this latest air disaster! Flight 587 was enroute to the capital of the Domican Republic which is Santo Domingo.

Santo Domingo is the oldest city in the Western hemisphere that was founded by Europeans. It was founded in the 15th Century by the brother of Christiopher Columbus.

Santo Domingo is located at the mouth of the OZAMA RIVER. OZAMA river and OSAMA bin Laden, see the reason this flight was CHOSEN by OSAMA bin Laden!

The destination of flight 587 was to a city located on a river that just happens to be the only place in the world connected to a location that is phonetically the same as his name!


Five major airplane crashes have now struck connected to JFK airport.

TWA 800 was blown out of the sky after takeoff from JFK.

SwissAir 111 was blown out of the sky after takeoff from JFK.

Egypt Air 990 was blown out of the sky after takeoff from JFK.

The Concorde crashed enroute to JFK.

Now flight 587 was blown out of the sky after takeoff from JFK.


On September 2nd 1997 a world famous mystic that warned most of the major executives in the New York City media of the Oklahoma City Bombing (a FACT then covered up by the FBI which the LOST DOCUMENTS they found this year proves) wrote a warning that has now connected over and over to these plane crashes.

One year to the date of the September 2nd 1997 WARNING known as the 902 PROPHECY, SwissAir 111 crashed.

The exact date of the crash and the flight number and even the city of takeoff (New York City) were all in the WARNING or PROPHECY.

September 2nd or 902 was the key number of the PROPHECY written by the same person that warned many media executives of the BIG BANG of 4/19/1995 days before the Oklahoma City Bombing occurred.

September 2nd or 902 was the date of the crash of SwissAir 111 in 1998 one year to the date from when the 902 Prophecy was written! 1111 was a key number in the 902 Prophecy.

111 the flight number is contained within 1111.

New York City was the key city mentioned in the 902 Prophecy.

American Airlines Flight 587 is now the 4th plane to crash after the 902 Prophecy was written which is connected to JFK airport.

It is the 5th major plane crash connected to JFK airport in the past 5 years if you include TWA 800.

In the 902 PROPHECY November 13th is given as a KEY DATE.

916 is also given as a KEY NUMBER.

Flight 587 crashed on 11/12 one day off from 11/13 and 11/11.

This ONE NUMBER OR ONE DAY OFF is a known pattern in the writings of the person that wrote the 902 Prophecy.

Flight 587 crashed at 9:17 AM EST. 917 is again one number off from 916, another KEY NUMBER of the 902 Prophecy.

The 902 Prophecy also stated TERRORISM would strike in September connected to NEW YORK CITY.

The 902 Prophecy stated the September TERRORISM would be A BIG BANG IN THE BIG BUILDING.

The 902 Prophecy stated the New York City media would be struck after the September Terrorism occured.

We now all know that a BIG BANG IN THE BIG BUILDING did occur in New York City in SEPTEMBER exactly as the 902 Prophecy warned!

We now know most of the New York City media was struck after the SEPTEMBER terrorism exactly as the 902 Prophecy warned!

Another MAJOR PLANE CRASH connected to JFK airport and NEW YORK CITY has now occured.


11/12 is one day off from 11/13 a key date given in the PROPHECY!

9:17 the time of the crash is ONE NUMBER OFF from 916 a key number given in the 902 Prophecy!

Once again NEW YORK CITY is hit by a plane crash. The EXACT location given in the 902 Prophecy!

Since 911, we were contacted by the FBI over our covering the 902 Prophecy and how it had exact information about the 911 attacks in it. The FBI wanted to know what the SOURCE of information in the 902 Prophecy was.

Well we told THE FBI that the same person who wrote the AMAZING 902 PROPHECY in 1997 also hit NINE STRAIGHT QUAKE WARNINGS since 1999 as we have reported on our site. We told THE FBI through our attorney that the person that wrote the 902 PROPHECY says HIS SOURCE IS GOD!

Yes the person that wrote THE 902 PROPHECY which contains so much information about these PLANE CRASHES all connected to JFK and NEW YORK CITY, claims his POWER of PROPHECY is direct from GOD! That is how he hit 9 straight quake warnings since 1999.

Since 911 we have been reporting how OSAMA BIN LADEN has suitcase nukes and will use them on the USA! On 11/9 Osama announced he has NUCLEAR WEAPONS in an interview! Once again we were PROVEN to be accurate in our claims!

On 11/01/01 the same person that wrote the 902 PROPHECY released what he called THE FINAL SIGN before Nuclear Terrorism hits the US! The FINAL SIGN was said to be Hurricane Michelle hitting the Miami area.

Some say Miami was not hit by Hurricane Michelle so the WARNING released by the author of the 902 PROPHECY was wrong. Satellite images prove once again the person that wrote the 902 PROPHECY was in fact correct since most of Hurricane Michelle did hit South Florida and Miami.

The eye or center of Michelle missed Miami but no where in the Hurricane Michelle warning did it say the eye of Michelle would hit Miami. The warning stated Miami would be hit by Michelle as THE FINAL SIGN before Nuke Terrorism will hit the USA! The key date given in the Hurricane Michelle WARNING was 11/9.

The very same date that the world media reported OSAMA BIN LADEN claims to have NUKES! So while skeptics laugh at the warnings issued by the author of the 902 Prophecy. THE FACTS VALIDATE HE HAS HIT EXACT INFORMATION ABOUT THE FUTURE! He did hit 9 straight straight quake warnings for 7.0+ range quakes.

The first 5 Quake warnings gave the exact dates when such rare quakes then occured.

The last 4 Quake warnings gave the exact location where 7.0+ quakes then struck the month he warned.

The 902 PROPHECY once again connects to a major NEW YORK CITY airplane crash.

The fact is Hurricane Michelle did hit Miami (even though the eye didn't) and the key DATE in the warning about NUKE TERRORISM was the EXACT DATE when the world learned OSAMA has NUKES!

So what if the eye of Hurricane Michelle missed Miami, part of Michelle HIT MIAMI and the KEY DATE of the WARNING 11/9 then became a famous date in history connected to NUKE TERRORISM.

11/9 is the date the world learned OSAMA HAS NUKES FROM IS OWN MOUTH!

Oh, the person that told me about how OZAMA and OSAMA is the key to this crash is the same person that wrote the 902 PROPHECY! His name is SOLLOG

His web site is SOLLOG.com

If the 902 Prophecy is not accurate as some skeptics claim, then why does the FBI want to know what the SOURCE of the writer is.

The FBI admitted the 902 PROPHECY contains exact information about the 911 attacks, so exact that they are investigating it! Well FBI, read the 902 PROPHECY again.

Was a date ONE DAY OFF in the 902 PROPHECY that then connected to the crash of Flight 587? YES

Was the time of the crash ONE NUMBER OFF in the 902 Prophecy connected to Flight 587? YES

SOLLOG is well known to connect tragic events in the USA to a warning he gave in US Federal court in 1995.

In 1995 SOLLOG warned how a LINE OF TRAGEDY would occur that runs on a MAP of the USA from near Seattle through Oklahoma City through Miami through Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic.

Since that time many tragedies have hit the so called LINE OF SOLLOG . This plane crash like Valujet 592 connected to the SOLLOG LINE OF TRAGEDY.

Valujet 592 crashed on THE LINE OF SOLLOG near Miami, the same line passes directly through SANTO DOMINGO the destination of Flight 587.

Other events that occured on THE LINE were the murders of Versace and Jon Benet Ramsey.

The Oklahoma City Bombing occured on the same line. Hurricane Andrew the worst hurricane in US history hit the same line near Miami.

Four US school shootings hit the same line including the worst in US history at Littleton Colorado at Columbine High!

When I asked SOLLOG about the apparent miss of his recent MIAMI warning he stated, "The WARNING did not say that the eye of Hurricane Michelle would hit Miami. It just warned Hurricane Michelle would strike Miami and it did.

As to 11/9 being the key date in my WARNING about NUKE TERRORISM hitting the USA.

Now that 11/9 has passed this date is now known as the DATE when the WEST learned of the FACT THAT OSAMA HAS NUKES.

It is now clear to any that read the MIAMI - MICHELLE WARNING.

11/9 was given as THE FINAL SIGN before NUKE TERRORISM hits the USA!

That is now a date that is etched in HISTORY as the date THE WEST LEARNED OF IT'S FUTURE from OSAMA!



So there you have it, SOLLOG hits another PLANE CRASH with his 902 PROPHECY the same PROPHECY that clearly hit the 911 attacks as the interest of the FBI in it PROVES!

SOLLOG recently warned that THE FINAL SIGN before NUKE TERRORISM hits the USA would be Hurricane Michelle hitting the Miami area. The FACT IS PART OF HURRICANE MICHELLE HIT MIAMI.

And on 11/9 THE KEY DATE of the SOLLOG FINAL SIGN WARNING the world news reported OSAMA BIN LADEN HAS NUKES. How can anyone say 11/9 was not THE FINAL SIGN before NUKE TERRORISM hits the USA exactly as SOLLOG warned!

If you are in the media and want to verify THE FBI is investigating the AMAZING 902 PROPHECY of SOLLOG, the main numbers of the FBI investigating THE 902 PROPHECY are: Miami Bureau of the FBI run by Hector Pesquera.

His number is 305-944-9101

The Special Agent in charge of investigating the 902 PROPHECY is Anthony Velazquez. His personal cell number is 305-525-3196.

SOLLOG says the following about how OSAMA took down Flight 587. "In the near future you will hear many explainations as to how Flight 587 crashed.

Birds flying into the engine will be given as an initial explaination along with a possible bomb on the plane. The truth is a shoulder fired missle took down Flight 587.

Such missles will now be used frequently by Al Qadea around the world. Airports such as Newark and JFK are in urban areas where even a gun shot can take down a commercial jet!

Unknown to the general public, even a properly fired shot at a planes fuel tank from a gun can explode the fuel aboard a commercial jet. On the New Jersey Turnpike commercial jet airplanes routinely pass literally feet above turnpike traffic.

Flights at both Newark and JFK are all open to attack by both gun shots and shoulder launched missles.

Such a missle was used by Al Qaeda to hit Flight 587! This information about how Flight 587 was attacked is known to me via my abilities to use remote viewing as many other people have done for government agencies such as the CIA.

I am not a terrorist, nor do I have any contact with any terrorists. I am here merely to WARN THE MASSES of the coming age of NUKE TERRORISM! George Bush HEAR MY WARNING, NUKE TERRORISM WILL SOON BE HITTING WASHINGTON DC!

George Bush you must keep WASHINGTON DC evacuated! George Bush you must evactuate the major cities of the West!

George Bush you have been given THE FINAL SIGN before NUKE TERRORISM HITS the USA!

George Bush if you want my help to save many lives you must GUARANTEE MY PROTECTION!

George Bush you must have your staff email me a direct phone number to reach you!

George Bush I AM HE!"

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