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24 7 News Net - ASTRAL CRYSTALS (tm) - Miracle Healing Crystals
August 13th 2013
Written By Staff of 247 News 247 News Net
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ASTRAL CRYSTALS - A miracle from the Astral Plane?

We've all heard of 'Crystal Healing', well most of us have. A 'New Age' practice grounded in Millennia's of practice.

Chakra Crystals go back thousands of years and are part of the oldest religion on earth, Hinduism.

Reiki Stones and Crystals are part of Buddhist Mysticism.

Now we have Astral Crystals .com (tm).

While Astral Energy and Astral Travel are not 'new', many believe the great mystics have used a higher level of energy or plane of knowledge for millennia, how to tap into this ASTRAL ENERGY (tm) and ASTRAL CRYSTALS (tm) are new, very new. They are now being promoted by a pretty famous figure in Internet Lore. That figure is SOLLOG, whom we have done many articles on over the years, since his Prophecies were back in the day the rage of the Net, when Usenet was the social media and SOLLOG was a master at manipulating usenet.

SOLLOG has clearly proven to most that have followed his Prophecies, he KNOWS THE FUTURE, now SOLLOG is reavealing how he KNOWS THE FUTURE in his latest book, Astral Crystals .com (tm).

This new book explains the history of Crystal Meditation and Healing and gives detailed instructions on how to access ASTRAL ENERGY (tm), the energy of the Universe. SOLLOG claims his methods will allow many humans to experience ASTRAL TRAVEL and ASTRAL ENERGY and ASTRAL HEALING first hand.

We spent a little time with SOLLOG the past couple of days and witnessed him HEALING many with his bag of Astral Crystals .com (tm). Sollog sees aura's around humans so he can tell what areas they have pain in, he then takes out a gemstone for that area of energy and massages the person while the instructs them what to visualize in their mind. Everyone he touches becomes quite happy and miraculously their migraines, arthritis and little aches and pains seem to go away after a few minutes of Astral Crystals .com (tm) touching their body.

SOLLOG says this is the first opportunity for humans to really tap into ASTRAL ENERGY and learn how to heal, obtain true wisdom and understanding and learn how gain knowledge and wisdom from the higher levels of the Universe.

Astral Crystals .com (tm) is operated by AstralHealers .com (tm) and Temple of Healers .com (tm) a non-profit religious organization.

The amazing LEGEND OF SOLLOG is now growing to include how SOLLOG may very well be the GREATEST HEALER in the History of Humanity...

Check out SOLLOG.com.

Staff of 247 News Net

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