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24 7 News Net - Aurora Massacre strikes THE PENTAGRAM of BLOOD another SOLLOG HIT
July 23rd 2012
Written By Staff of 247 News 247 News Net
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For all you SOLLOG Fans. The Mighty SOLLOG hit the recent THEATRE MASSACRE that struck during the midnight showing of the newest BATMAN film.

The shooting hit the PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD the bizarre 5 lines that seem to steer all EVIL in the USA and the five lines make a PENTAGRAM.

SOLLOG who is retired now a days, mentioned the shooting on his personal Facebook page today.

He explained how his famous 7 STARS PROPHECY written in 2002 mentioned a tragic shooting in a theatre, the same prophecy mentions a NEW MOON and the shooting struck on the first day of the NEW MOON, Aurora was the ancient roman GODDESS OF THE DAWN, and we all know how SOLLOG likes to write about THE MORNING STAR and DAWN.

Interestingly, the same prophecy mentions THE OPEN and TIGER WOODS, Tiger was in the news this weekend as was THE OPEN.

Here is SOLLOG and his comments on Facebook.


This is why hundreds and even thousands of years from now
My PROPHECIES are the most famous writings in history
So there's another 'tragic' shooting in the USA, another nutter who was programmed by a UFO goes on a shooting spree in AURORA (CO), you know the Batman massacre.
Gee wiz batman
ANOTHER TRAGEDY ON THE http://www.PentagramofBlood.com
Gee wiz batman, 10 years ago SOLLOG wrote his 7 STARS PROPHECIES mentioning a bunch of MOVIE STARS and THE OPEN and a NEW MOON and a MASSACRE IN A THEATRE.
So 4 exact hits in the 7 STARS PROPHECY pointed to that sad event
And it hit the damn PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD I've been warning about
Face it humanity, shit like this happens because higher intelligence can manipulate mans LITTLE BRAINS to do shit like this and they do it for AMUSEMENT.
I dare you to wake your dumb ass up and free your brain from the masters that CONTROL your lives.
Here's a time stamped PROPHECY from TEN YEARS ago that had enough details in it so my fans are saying SOLLOG HIT again.
So here is the PROPHECY from May 2002 and read the warnings.
THE OPEN (British Open)
MOVIE STARS mentioned
Tiger Woods mentioned (was news this week at open)
This is why generations from now humanity will still be reading my prophecies and connecting the dots.

Here is the prophecy time stamped by google 2002

So another puppet for UFO's, a human with a pea brain, shoots up a THEATRE on the PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD on the first day of the NEW MOON during THE OPEN. And yeah, one of my famous prophecies PREDICTED IT.

Oh, for those with no knowledge of MYTHOLOGY, Aurora was THE GODDESS OF THE DAWN, in latin mythos and her BROTHER was SOL and her sister LUNA, the sun, the moon and THE DAWN.

For you youngings that were brain dead 10 years ago, this is info on the big Russian theatre seige by TERRRORISTS that happened a few months after I warned of the TERRORISTS and the THEATRE. A major hit for me in 2002. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moscow_theater_hostage_crisis


You can find Sollog's Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/sollogs

Check out SOLLOG and PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD for REAL LIFE HORROR STORIES that are really happening...

Staff of 247 News Net

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