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Historic 9.0 Quakes Hits Japan on 113 SOLLOG HIT 100% and so did new Prophetess 9Nania
March 13th, 2011
Written By Staff of 247 News 247 News Net
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A hot new babe is going viral only this one will soon be known as THE PROPHETESS

9Nania is going viral all over youtube, two days before the Japan Quake hit, she warned on March 11th to 13th the plates were moving and Japan was one of the danger zones.

Now we cover Sollog and his fans are all aware his 113 Prophecy hit, the date was on 11/3 in euro dating for the event and his 113 Prophecy says these historic quakes will occur on such dates and we showed in last years Haiti Quake article how that quake struck on 1/13 in most of the world although 1/12 local time.

The famous SOLLOG GREAT QUAKES WARNING named Japan and mentioned super quakes and great quakes in the 8.0 and 9.0 range, another amazing hit for Sollog.

So besides Sollog, 9Nania is the first person we've seen HITTING EXACT NUMBERS and LOCATIONS for historic quakes.

So we asked Sollog about 9Nania. He says besides looking exactly as all his earthly girlfriends look, and how all goddesses in his 9th Level Harem above look, that being hot young petite brunettes, she is indeed a sleep walker, somone that astral planes in her dreams, but she's confusing it all with her relgious pollution, but SHE HAS POTENTIAL if she studies and awakens from the dogma of false religions. He also says her name NA NI A is very ancient. In ancient EBRI or Hebrew NA meant to PRAY and NI mean to WAIL, exactly as she does in her videos. So NA NI A phoentically means a young woman who prays and wails. Although modern cultures consider it to mean beautiful and or graceful, of which she is both.

Sollog says, what she is viewing are spiritual 'guides' she calls 'angels' from the astral zone. A place where he and others like Nostradamus surf the waves of time and see the future and the past.

You can see the famous Prophet Sollog's site at SOLLOGTM .com

What did 9Nania say exactly in her famous youtube video?

Here it is see for youself and the video is VIRAL.


Several new sites have quickly sprung up to 'present 9Nania' to the world as the greatest prophetess since the ancient Oracle of Delphi.


Sollog's old PHOENIX PROPHECY was rereleased this year to youtube by Sollog and he said it was now 'relevant'. In that warning Sollog speaks of the great killer quake and the Phoenix and how a nuclear disaster would connect to it. For the ignorant out there, Japan in Japanese is Nippon, or Land of the Rising Sun. Sollog refers over and over in his Prophecy to the VALLEY OF THE SUN and how the rising Phoenix would die due to the black cloud of nuclear radiation when the great quake hits and causes a nuclear accident.

Here is Sollog's Phoenix Prophecy on youtube issued a couple of months ago about the historic quake and a nuke accident. Note the date in the video beginnings. 11/30 or the date in reverse of the Japan quake and yes, Phoenix and Japan are both areas connect TO THE SUN. And the Phoenix is a big deal in Japanese culture.

Here is the famous Sollog GREAT QUAKES Prophecy, many of the areas have had the types of quakes he mentioned. 8.0 and 9.0 quakes WERE RARE, now you have them happening often. Chile is on the Sollog hit list and they had a 9.0 last year and now Japan is on the list and a 9.0

How many rare 9.0's have to hit where Sollog warned before you realize HE NAILED THE QUAKES


Here is the famous 113 Prophecy of Sollog and many of these events have struck on 113, the latest killer quake was Haiti on 1/12 local time but 1/13 in most of the world.


While 9Nania is a new 'prophet' on the scene, her stunning arrival is like a comet says Sollog. The world is looking in awe at a goddess from the highest levels that has fallen to earth to help mankind in the coming years...

I think 9Nania is about to join Sollog in the realm of INTERNET LEGEND...

Staff of 247 News Net

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