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Psychic Bets .com Psychic Sports Pics Watch out Las Vegas Sollog is gonna bankrupt you!
August 28th, 2010
Written By Staff of 247 News 247 News Net
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Sports Betting is a huge BILLION DOLLAR BUSINESS. Las Vegas is hone of the top sports books.

If a sports handicapper can pick 55% winners, he makes money. Some claim huge success ratios, most are BS.

Now we have a famous psychic we've followed for over a decade putting up a site for PSYCHIC BETS


Since 1995 Sollog the FAMOUS PSYCHIC behind Psychic Bets, has indeed put out cryptic 'predictions' about the Super Bowl each year. His fans claim he has hit 16 years in a row.

His earthquake warnings are amazing, he issued 7 in 2001 before 911 struck and he nailed the exact date 7 times in a row for earthquakes that happen 13 or so times a year, so for him to do that was literally MILLIONS TO ONE probable.

Some of his friends that have known him for years say years ago he used to clean up on craps tables in casinos.

The Secret Service has consulted with him over the years.

Now he says every week during the NFL season he will issue ONE LOCK.

He will give the over and under pick each week for one game.

How many games in a row will he hit his LOCK? If he hits 16 weeks in a row you could parlay a $1,000.00 bet into over ONE BILLION DOLLARS if you could find a casino to take the action.

We spoke to Sollog for this article, he says picking over/under games is cake, compared to giving exact dates for rare 7.0+ earthquakes.

He says all monies he makes from Psychic Bets will be donated to his Temple, he claims he no longer 'bets' since he went public in 1995 with his now infamous 'prophecies'.

Already fans of the greatest mystic since Nostradamus are buzzing about the new Sollog website.

Some say it is the vehicle to get Sollog and his WARNING about NUKE TERRORISM into the mainstream media.

If Sollog starts hitting week after week on NFL GAMES...

Yeah, a lot of people will be starting to listen to him.

He called the crash of the stock market twice, in late 1999 he predicted the bubble burst of Net Stocks. In the Summer of 2008 he called for the crash of stocks around the world.

We have a ton of articles on all these claims, so just go to the SOLLOG PAGE

What is the fee for Sollog to give his fans LOCKS to NFL GAMES?

Sollog says it hasn't been set yet, but it will be a weekly fee and probably high enough so most people cannot afford it. He says the site is geared to HIGH ROLLERS that understand such information about the future is PRICELESS.

Each week the Sollog lock will be publicly posted to usenet just before game time in different areas of usenet, so there will be a TIME STAMP on his LOCKS to show he knows THE FUTURE...

Sollog has used usenet for years on the net, to timestamp his infamous 'prophecies' about future events, such as earthquakes, hurricanes and acts of terrorism. Perhaps the most famous Sollog hit was 911. This is a TIME STAMPED warning about 911 and Washington DC issued on 9/11/1998 three years to the exact date of 911. It proves 100% that SOLLOG KNOWS THE FUTURE...


If you want to know the SOLLOG LOCK before the game, JOIN PSYCHIC BETS .com. If you are a gambler, you can afford to pay the weekly fee.

Sollog says gamblers should donate 10% of all winnings to his Temple, TOH, or Temple of Hayah.

Sollog says he is publicly doing this amazing feat of psychic ability to bring attention to his NUKE WARNING MESSAGE and to raise funds for TOH to buy land for the SAFE ZONES.


Watch out Vegas Sollog is out to BANKRUPT YOU...

Staff of 247 News Net

Sollog's main site is www.SOLLOG.com

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