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New Years Day Quake validates Sollog Quake Warning

Staff of 24 7 News

www.247News.Net 01/01/05

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The largest quake to hit anywhere in the world since the day the Super (9.0+) Sumatra Quake has struck. It was a 6.5+ quake and it hit in the same area as the Super Sumatra Quake. It struck New Years Day.  http://earthquake.usgs.gov/recenteqsww/Quakes/usstak.htm


What is special about this quake is that on November 23rd a famous quake predictor said a ‘great killer quake’ would hit on New Years Day 2005. Well a large quake did occur on New Years Day, in the same exact area where thousands were killed days before by the Super Sumatra Quake.


The quake predictor who hit the Super Sumatra Quake is Sollog (see www.Sollog.com). We’ve written several articles on his amazing quake predicting skills over the years. He has hit the exact hours of rare 7.0+ quakes before. He has hit exact locations where rare 7.0+ quakes struck within days of his warnings.


Two dates were given in the recent Sollog Quake Prophecy, they are 01/01/05 and 03/21/05. Sollog warned these dates would be when ‘killer great quakes’ take thousands of lives.


A great quake is defined by the USGS (US Geological Survey) as an earthquake having a magnitude of 8.0+. These are rare seismic events that usually occur less than one per year according to the USGS.


The Super Sumatra Killer Quake struck within one hour of the anniversary of the killer Bam Iran Quake. Both struck on Xmas Day if you use EST. In early December of 2003 Sollog warned that killer quakes would hit on Xmas Day. Two years in a row they have. This is a time stamped Xmas Killer Quake warning issued by Sollog before the first Xmas Killer Quake struck. http://groups.google.com/groups?hl=en&lr=&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&selm=f2967f4e.0312161736.30a9ca3c%40posting.google.com



The simple fact is a person who has a history of predicting rare quakes (see last years Bam Iran Quake article http://www.247news.net/2003/20031231-bam.shtml ) released a warning for a GREAT QUAKE to kill thousands this holiday season. Today that happened! This great quake was also less than one hour off from the exact time of last years killer quake that struck in Bam Iran as well. Again, the same person hit that quake last year by stating a great killer quake would hit on Xmas Day, it did at 9PM EST on Xmas Day, this new killer quake hit at 8PM EST on Xmas Day.



This is the Usenet post that has a time-stamp of 11/23/04 wherein Sollog warned of a ‘killer great quake’ that would kill thousands of people  http://groups-beta.google.com/group/alt.prophecies.nostradamus/msg/99de7ac658525a4c



Sollog’s famous site is  (see www.Sollog.com) Many consider Sollog to be a modern day Nostradamus, he is the founder of a religious movement named TOH an acronym for Temple Of ‘Hayah (www.TempleOfHayah.com)



Sollog is quite famous for warning of acts of terrorism as well. He put exact information about 911 into the public domain well before that tragedy happened. Here is one of the warnings about how a MAJOR EMERGENCY would hit Washington DC on 911. Three years to the exact date of that warning 911 occurred. Here s a time-stamped 911 warning from Sollog archived by Google.




Here is an article in Der Spiegel the largest paper in Germany about Sollog and his 911 warnings.




Sollog warned of a March 11th Terrorism attack, it was fulfilled when the March 11th Madrid Massacre occurred.




Last year Sollog warned a killer quake would hit on Xmas day 2003, around 9PM EST the great Bam Iran Quake hit and 50,000 died. The Super Sumatra Quake was the second Xmas Day Quake to kill tens of thousands of people in two years.










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